Insider: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Insider: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

The final battle is a bloody and brutal a single, with just about every a single of the game’s players ultimately going all in to duke it out. Sacrifices are inevitable, but they’ll quit at practically nothing to attain their ambitions — such as our hero, whose plans are a single step away from coming to fruition.


Insider Episodes 15-16

Soo-yeon wraps up a freshly-dead Chairman Do in plastic, dragging him into a secret area. When the corpse is safely hidden away, that is when the weight of what she’s accomplished ultimately sinks in as the adrenaline wears off, the tears ultimately effectively up in the privacy of her vehicle.

There’s no time to wallow in feelings, even though. Soo-yeon finds out about Lam’s intention to have Yo-han killed, which brings us back to the starting of the initially episode. More than a payphone contact, Soo-yeon warns Yo-han that the males escorting him are out for his head.

Hence starts a breakneck chase, ended only by the timely arrival of Soo-yeon. Yo-han escapes in her vehicle, exactly where he speedily notices that she’s behaving oddly.

Insider Episodes 15-16 Insider Episodes 15-16

Nonetheless, a contact from Hae-do interrupts him prior to he can query her about it. Hae-do’s holding Seung-hwan hostage, forcing Yo-han and Soo-yeon to head back to the casino.

Although Soo-yeon waits for Ro-sa’s backup, Yo-han heads into the casino’s principal workplace alone. Fortunately, Seung-hwan’s potential to study lips comes in handy, and he realizes that Hae-do instructed his minion to assassinate Yo-han from behind.

With a subtle flick of his eyes, Seung-hwan ideas Yo-han off — and just as the minion raises his knife, the lights reduce out, enabling Yo-han to achieve the upper hand.

Insider Episodes 15-16

It turns out the blackout was the perform of the Yang brothers, who have come to reclaim their throne. A complete-out brawl breaks out in between Yang’s and Hae-do’s males, when Chairman Yang and his henchman head to the workplace and make fast perform of Hae-do’s minions.

Except in a surprise move, the henchman abruptly turns against Chairman Yang and stabs him many occasions, prior to Yang ultimately manages to shove him off. Seung-hwan urges Yo-han to safe Chairman Yang as leverage against Yang Hwa, who’s steadily producing his way upstairs as well.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Yo-han cannot do a lot when Hae-do pulls him into a fierce tussle, even though, leaving the henchman totally free to advance upon Chairman Yang — but Seung-hwan moves more quickly, and the knife plunges into his abdomen as an alternative. Noooooo! Seung-hwan!!

Seung-hwan grimaces in discomfort, but he does not falter, even when the henchman drives the blade into him once again. In a flashback, we see that Seung-hwan had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, leaving him with tiny time to reside.

Bleeding out, Seung-hwan sooner or later collapses to the floor, and the henchman ends up stabbing Chairman Yang anyway. But Yang Hwa arrives just then, and he yanks the henchman off prior to brutally bludgeoning him to death.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Hae-do flees in terror, and Yo-han scrambles more than to Seung-hwan in a panic. Gasping for breath, Seung-hwan ekes out that Yo-han must have listened to him, back when he initially advised Yo-han to keep out of this seedy underworld.

With a trembling hand, Seung-hwan offers Yo-han a USB and asks him to take care of his daughter. Then he falls limp, eyes turning glassy, and it is all Yo-han can do to take the USB with renewed resolve.

Insider Episodes 15-16 Insider Episodes 15-16

Meanwhile, Jae-sun arrives at the casino lobby in the aftermath of the carnage. However, that puts him in the great position to be stabbed by Hae-do as he charges blindly out of the elevator. Hae-do belatedly realizes who he just assaulted, and then he stabs Jae-sun many much more occasions prior to operating off.

Honoring Seung-hwan’s dedication to the lead to, Yo-han heads straight for the injured Chairman Yang. He cuts a deal with Yang Hwa — hold off the incoming police squads, and he’ll make certain Chairman Yang’s life is saved.

Insider Episodes 15-16

They make it out, but the subsequent morning, Yo-han and Soo-yeon’s faces are plastered all more than the news as wanted criminals. Believing that this spells the finish of their strategy, Soo-yeon ultimately confronts Byung-wook head-on.

She recounts the heinous way he ruined the lives of her and her mother, but he’s utterly unrepentant, asserting that the planet is merely unfair. Patronizingly, he advises her to run when she nonetheless can — to which she aims a gun at him in response.

Byung-wook’s lowered to a panicked, pathetic mess in front of the gun’s muzzle, as he snivels and pleads for her not to shoot. It is a tense moment, and Soo-yeon steels herself to pull the trigger — only to be stopped by Yo-han.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Coaxing the gun from her hands, Yo-han kneels in surrender, and the pair are taken into custody by prosecutor Woo-jae. The two are afforded privacy in an interrogation area, exactly where Yo-han reveals that he’s uncovered the whereabouts of Lee Tae-gwang’s elusive video.

Flashback time. With only the restricted supplies of Yo-han’s underground physician, Chairman Yang is on the verge of death. With his dying breath, he asks to see his brother, then tells Yo-han to come across Lee Tae-gwang’s video — it consists of incriminating proof against Byung-wook.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Heeding Chairman Yang’s suggestions, Yo-han visits Tae-gwang in the hospital, exactly where he’s seeking a lot healthier than prior to. Tae-gwang reveals that gambling den operators use debts to hide their secrets, which prompts Yo-han to investigate Seongju Prison’s debt ledgers.

Ah, that is what was in the USB that Seung-hwan gave to Yo-han! Right after Woo-jae secretly releases her from detention, Soo-yeon tracks down the debts till they ultimately lead her to a secure with Tae-gwang’s USB.

Insider Episodes 15-16

That proof is adequate for Woo-jae to indict Byung-wook for aiding, abetting, and instigating murder. Byung-wook receives a text from Woo-jae inviting him to meet Yo-han and Soo-yeon at the Goldman Casino, and he heads more than, stepping more than the police lines. It is practically laughable how Byung-wook squeamishly tiptoes about the bloodstains on the floor, as if his personal two hands are not currently stained with the blood of the innocent.

In the manager’s workplace, Yo-han presents Byung-wook with in depth proof of his crimes — from the debt ledgers, to Yang Hwa’s recorded confession, and ultimately Tae-gwang’s video of Byung-wook’s illicit dealings with the Macau triad.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Byung-wook sneers, pondering himself invincible with Annie’s backing. Except a bruised and beaten Annie is dragged into the area, and Lam emerges from the shadows. She’s on Yo-han’s side now, just after he supplied to bury Tae-gwang’s video in exchange for her cutting Byung-wook loose.

Desperately, Byung-wook calls Chief Prosecutor Hong, but the only response he gets is an automated dial tone — Chief Prosecutor Hong has reduce ties with him, as well.

In the wake of his son’s sudden death, Chief Prosecutor Hong’s suspicions about Byung-wook had taken root. His investigations uncovered a recording of Byung-wook instructing Jae-sun to go to the casino and verify Soo-yeon’s identity, which led him to his demise.

Insider Episodes 15-16

It is all more than for Byung-wook, who’s taken to court. He admits to all his crimes, vowing internally to survive at all charges and take revenge on Yo-han. How the tables have turned.

Ahead of the judge can provide his verdict, nevertheless, prosecutor Woo-jae requests to play a single final piece of proof — Tae-gwang’s video. Wait, they’re releasing it just after all?

Yo-han requires the witness stand to clarify that Byung-wook was merely a cog in the method controlled by the Deep Pockets. In order to eradicate their insidious grip on society, he pledges to expose their inner workings with his expertise as an insider.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Later on, Byung-wook is kidnapped on the way to prison. He comes face-to-face with Hae-do in an abandoned warehouse, but Soo-yeon quickly requires more than, scaring Hae-do and his males off with her gun.

With zero hesitation, she shoots Byung-wook in the knees, efficiently crippling him. Because he refused to kneel in penance till the really finish, she’ll make him endure just like she had to. Injecting him with a higher dosage of meth, she condemns him to a life of suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Yo-han meets with Seung-hwan’s wife and daughter, informing them of the lifelong care system they’re now recipients for. Thanks to Soo-yeon’s foundation, they’ll in no way have to be concerned about revenue once again.

Ohmygod, the cause Seung-hwan knew sign language wasn’t merely for his undercover persona in prison — he’d learnt it for his deaf daughter. Sobs, my heart. Seung-hwan, why’d you have to gooooo!

Insider Episodes 15-16

Now that Soo-yeon’s ultimately gotten her revenge, Yo-han urges her to stroll away from the vicious cycle and reside peacefully. The Deep Pockets cannot get to them now, not when their identities have been exposed. Soo-yeon thanks him for all that he’s accomplished for her, and they element approaches.

Then she walks into a police station, seeking much more at peace than she’s ever been, and turns herself in for murder. Soo-yeon ends up in prison, ganged up on by intimidating cellmates, but somehow I have a feeling she’ll pull by means of — just as she often has.

Insider Episodes 15-16 Insider Episodes 15-16

Yay, Woo-jae gets promoted to the Corruption Investigation Agency. In his spacious new workplace, he banters lightheartedly with Yo-han, till a news report catches their focus. CIA commissioner candidate Jung-gyu has been pulled out of the operating due to criminal charges, and taking his spot is none other than Jin-hyung. What??

We rewind, and it turns out that Jin-hyung has been additional ahead of the game than he’d seemed. He was the a single who instigated Chairman Yang’s henchman to turn on him, in order to manipulate Yo-han into bartering with Yang Hwa for his testimony. When Byung-wook was ousted, a spot naturally opened up for Jin-hyung to usurp, enabling him to come to be Shinseondong’s new proper-hand man.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Yo-han heads out to resolve this matter, but prior to he can get in his vehicle, a person catches his eye. It is a masked man — seeking specifically like Sun-oh — who tilts his head at Yo-han as if in greeting.

Ideal on cue, a bag is pulled more than Yo-han’s head and he’s yanked into a van. The unidentified kidnappers provide him to a temple (what a way to come complete circle), exactly where he’s greeted by National Intelligence Service agent IM HEE-SOO (Ha Joon).

Insider Episodes 15-16

The NIS is just after Lam, and Yo-han is their only avenue to get to her. In voiceover, Yo-han narrates that the cycle of corruption only continues on, no matter how a lot of occasions it is torn apart. But if a single does practically nothing and merely offers up, practically nothing adjustments.

Yo-han chuckles, then gazes straight at the camera, as if readying himself to take down his subsequent enemy. Our insider is back in action.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Phew, what a show. When evil is so deeply ingrained and intertwined into the upper echelons of society, protected by their sheer wealth and effective connections, how can they be taken down? How can a flawed method bring to justice the really folks it is controlled by?

Insider asks these inquiries, and answers with a vigilante hero forced to operate outdoors of the law. Left to fend for himself by a legal method that could not — or would not — save him, Yo-han had to seek his vengeance and provide his justice with his personal hands.

Insider Episodes 15-16

It is in the end very a bleak outlook even when our group brought Byung-wook to trial, that was only created attainable by Woo-jae’s below-the-table help. Yo-han wouldn’t have been in a position to get this far without the need of Soo-yeon, Seung-hwan, or even Bon-chul, suggesting that in order to counter these who break the law, a single desires to be prepared to do the exact same.

It is clear that Yo-han’s time in prison was a harsh awakening to the cruel brutality of the planet. Employing Byung-wook’s personal words against him, Yo-han had declared that he was ultimately holding the hilt of the sword that is the law, and would ultimately declare judgment upon him.

But judgment is not for any single person to mete out it ought to be handed down by the law. There’s a cause justice is represented by a set of scales, not a sword.

Insider Episodes 15-16

I wonder how a lot of Yo-han’s conscience weighs on him it is a single aspect I want the show committed much more time to exploring, given that Yo-han’s emotional landscape is so interestingly complicated. He grieved deeply more than the death of tiny Min-ho, however he was prepared to sacrifice former ally Bon-chul — he couldn’t not have recognized that providing him up to Jin-hyung was akin to sending him to his death.

Even so, our protagonists are heartbreakingly sympathetic in their quests for revenge characters like Yo-han, Soo-yeon, and Sun-oh had been forsaken by the law, unable to come across salvation in it, and as an alternative had to take matters into their personal hands. But that begs the query — can vigilante justice be correct justice, or does it veer into effectively-intentioned extremism?

Insider Episodes 15-16

I believe the scene exactly where Yo-han confronted Jin-hyung about his murder of Detective Kwon also ties into this theme — Jin-hyung kept referring to his actions as a “mistake,” except murder definitely is not a mere slip-up. It was chilling how tiny Jin-hyung believed of a life, adequate to do away with a single for standing in his path to profession ascension.

Jin-hyung had justified it as a necessity, a mere removal of an obstacle to stop it from jeopardizing every little thing he’s worked so really hard for. But this is the exact same excuse that led folks like Byung-wook, Chairman Do, and the Yang brothers additional into sin as their crimes snowballed. Chasing blindly just after greed (or revenge, or something actually) can quickly morph into a slippery slope down to hell.

What’s to say that this line of reasoning will not finish up getting co-opted by vigilante heroes as well? A life sacrificed for a higher lead to, a villain extinguished to uphold the morals of society. Does this not merely perpetuate the cycle of revenge and murder?

Insider Episodes 15-16

Anyway, if you have created it this far, I’d like to thank you for your patience as my weecaps grew longer and longer every week — there was just so a lot taking place in this show, and so a lot of layers to just about every plot, that I often struggled to opt for what I could trim out. Admittedly, there had been occasions even I struggled to preserve up I do believe the show could have benefited from slightly much less confusing editing, provided its convoluted plot.

Nevertheless, the show delivered twist just after twist with satisfying payoffs, delving into the depths of depravity in order for our hero to claw his way back up. Yo-han was principled but morally gray, maintaining us viewers on our toes and outmaneuvering his enemies when in no way losing his compassionate side.

Insider Episodes 15-16

Soo-yeon was an equally formidable character in her personal proper I respected her courage in fighting her battles, and her resilience regardless of all that she’d been forced to endure.

And of course, Seung-hwan’s staunch loyalty created me shed tears for him, and Sun-oh played really hard to get till the really finish, haha. Even though that ending does hint at him returning to play a bigger part in a second season, if it ever gets created. (I’ll certainly be maintaining an eye out for Kang Young-seok’s future operates, regardless of whether they’re on the modest screen or the theatrical stage!)

All in all, I completely enjoyed Insider — it was a heavy watch every week, but its thoughts games kept me intrigued, its characters had me captivated, and its story raises some really poignant and timely inquiries.

Insider Episodes 15-16

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