In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2


In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode two

I can not be the only 1 who spent most of this episode with my hands clutched at my heart, dying of the cuteness and hilarity unleashed upon us by the now-total Wooga Squad, ideal? This week had triple the quantity of every thing I loved about the very first episode – the camaraderie, the sweetness, the teasing, the stories – and I’m 1 delighted gal.



In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

Woo-shik arrives in Goseung late that very first evening, bringing with him 3 suitcases (V: “Are you immigrating someplace?”). Ahead of he can even get his bearings, Woo-shik is ushered into his matching sweats, and Seo-joon has the honor of writing Woo-shik’s new nickname – “Rom-com King” – onto his back.

The subsequent morning, we see Hyung-shik enter the residence, bringing the Wooga Squad back to its complete strength. Woo-shik wakes up to greet him, and the two get pleasure from some steamed buns outdoors just before they head in to wake the other people. Even half asleep, the rest of the group welcomes Hyung-shik happily, and it is all pretty sweet.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

Considering the fact that they’re on trip, every person decides to indulge in a different hour of sleep — but not devoid of some requisite cuddling in bed beforehand.

Later, Seo-joon wakes up very first to prepare breakfast for the group. When I see him in the kitchen, quietly taking duty for feeding every person, it feels like I’m watching 1 of his K-drama characters – swoon! By the reactions we see from the other people when they sit down to breakfast, I’m quite confident the guys agree with me.

The significant agenda item for the day is a trip out to the ocean for some deep sea fishing. There’s a lot of excited chatter as they get prepared and make their way to the port. A single pretty essential detail that is revealed in the automobile ride more than – the squad has friendship rings! How cute is that?

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2 In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

It appears to be a stunning, cold day on the water, and according to the boat captain, there’s a lot of fish to be caught. Now that the guys are in fact on the boat, some of their initial excitement turn into nerves, especially for Peakboy and Woo-shik.

As the boat gets additional out into sea, it appears like their concern is effectively-warranted – it is rough out there! The water is violently choppy, causing the boys to flop about the cabin (is that the ideal term? I know nothing at all about boats).

Lastly, it is time to fish. In spite of the boat rocking back and forth constantly, the outing is prosperous, with every single member catching lots of halibut.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

Back at the rental, every person enjoys the fruits of their labor and stuffs their faces with fresh sashimi. Immediately after a brief nap to recharge themselves, they choose to verify out the pool.

Peakboy is the very first to get ready… and he’s in a wetsuit. LOL.

When in the pool, Woo-shik suggests a contest to see who can hold their breath underwater the longest. Though most of the guys just dip the reduce half of their faces into the water, for some purpose Peakboy is face down, his whole upper physique floating in the water. The contest comes to a swift finish when the other people can not cease themselves from bursting into laughter at the sight.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

Ahead of we know it, it is time to consume once more. They’ve decided to grill tonight, and everyone’s in particular seeking forward to Woo-shik’s contribution: beer can chicken.

The crew gathers about Woo-shik to watch him very carefully prep the dish, which involves sitting and posing the chicken artfully on top rated of a beer can. The appear of wonder on the guys’ faces is adorable – they’re just so curious and eager to find out from 1 a different.

The chicken requires a couple of hours to cook, but every thing else is prepared for dinner. As they consume, they speak about how delighted and appreciative they all are to have this time to loosen up with each other.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

Their conversation offers us far more of the backstory on how the 5 became the Wooga Squad. The widespread denominator in the group is Seo-joon, who introduced the rest of the guys to every single other. He reminds them that on the internet gaming is how they very first became friendly, and Woo-shik laughs about how awkward it was when they met every single other in true life.

This leads to speak about very first impressions inside the group – for instance, Peakboy and Woo-shik claim they had been so intimidated by Hyung-shik’s handsomeness that they had a challenging time speaking to him in the starting. But in among the jokes and the laughter, there’s also lots of speak about when they discovered every single other to be “cool” and how a great deal they admire and respect every single other, each as pros and as people today.

The guys close out their outside dinner with sparklers and a stunning fire, and I’m nevertheless sitting right here, grinning like a fool.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2 In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

It is so quick to see what tends to make every single of the Wooga Squad so loveable in this episode, especially our two newest arrivals. I’m not shocked at all that Hyung-shik was dubbed as the “mom” of the group – he’s so sweet, from the way he makes use of terms of endearment for his good friends to the way he’s so swift to laugh (I wonder what his nickname will be, as he’s the only 1 devoid of 1 for now). Woo-shik’s a tiny goofy and a lot corny, and his facial expressions and reaction shots are just adorable.

The most effective moments continue to be the random, 1-off conversations among the guys and the jokes they lob at 1 a different. From bonding more than the reality that all of them have monolids, to embarrassing Woo-shik by saying they’re all going to watch Our Beloved Summer time with each other, to imitating the beer can chicken’s pose every single time they verify on the dish – I enjoy it all. It tends to make me want to be a fly on the wall for every single single 1 of their friendcations from right here on out – or at least plead for a second season of In the Soop with this crew.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 2

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