Han Ji-eun pins her hopes on the stock market in Stock Struck

July 30, 2022July 30, 2022

Han Ji-eun pins her hopes on the stock market place in Stock Struck
by solstices

In the rat race that characterizes today’s society, even just staying afloat can be a struggle. TVING’s upcoming drama Stock Struck centers about a ragtag group of 5 eclectic people, comparing them to diligent worker ants — they may possibly function tough, but they do not necessarily reap considerably reward in return. Tired of their bleak prospects and eager to earn massive bucks, they turn to the volatile but promising stock market place.

The drama’s initial teaser starts with a narration by our spirited protagonist Yoo Mi-seo, played by Han Ji-eun (Negative and Crazy). Faced with the increasingly competitive job market place, ever-increasing housing rates, and dwindling bank interest prices, she turns to the stock market place as her final hope. But it has her cursing prior to extended — the stocks she invested in plunge drastically, and her cash evaporates into thin air. It is as devastating as her dud lottery tickets.
By way of a montage, we’re introduced to the rest of our most important cast. Very first up is comfort shop worker Choi Sun-woo — played by Hong Jong-hyun (My Absolute Boyfriend) — whose residence is akin to a pigsty. Subsequent is the free of charge-spirited hippie Kang San — played by Jung Moon-sung (The Fantastic Detective two) — who spends his days partying. Then we have our sharply-dressed restaurant owner Jung Haeng-ja — played by Kim Sun-young (The Silent Sea) — and affable retiree Kim Jin-bae — played by Jang Kwang (Remarriage &amp Desires). A small kid joins the quintet, bemusedly asking why they invest in stocks. Their answer: by way of stocks, they can finish their days of toiling away. Onward to happiness!
In a befuddling bonus scene, Mi-seo has 1 leg more than a bridge’s railing when a stranger yanks her back from the brink. She screams at him in a panic that she practically died, prompting him to point out that he actually just saved her life, LOL. I have no notion what’s going on, but it is kinda hilarious.

In the drama’s second teaser, our quintet celebrates as their stocks rise. We’re introduced to our most important cast 1 by 1 — Mi-seo’s the ant that is generally down on her luck, but bounces back with renewed determination each and every time. Getting had a poor encounter with stocks prior to, Sun-woo is the traumatized ant a flashback shows him standing forlornly on a bridge with scruffy stubble on his chin.
Lengthy-haired celebration animal San is the YOLO ant, but it appears like he may possibly have far more depth to him. A relative of his is in the hospital, and he’s functioning as an added on a historical film set to make ends meet. (He’s not undertaking a pretty excellent job at it even though, provided he knocks himself out with his personal slingshot.)
Haeng-ja relies on her gut feeling to make her stock market place choices, earning her the nickname of the intuition ant. And ultimately, Jin-bae’s the ant that is old in age, but young at heart — he rides a scooter fearlessly, tests out lipstick colors, and even tries his hand at illustrating.
Of course, the essential trait of the stock market place is that it is unpredictable, and it has our characters screaming each in despair and then in elation. Nevertheless, they’re determined to locate results with their investments, and Mi-seo even watches an on the net lecture to understand some guidelines.
Written by Im Yeon-soo (SNL Korea, Birthcare Center) and directed by Choi Ji-young (who worked on What’s Incorrect With Secretary Kim and Beyond Evil), the TVING original comedy premieres August 12, airing Friday nights for a total of 12 episodes.

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