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Group What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for much more (or agonizing when there was no much more), and what created you want to throw your remote via the screen? Time to weigh in…



Cafe Minamdang: I believe I’m nevertheless watching this drama? There are moments I enjoy (study: SIG) and then there are sections exactly where I just do not spend focus at all. 1 issue I’ve loved from the begin, even though, is the awesome OST by Jo Gwang-il.

Alchemy of Souls: In contrast to the above, I believe I could sit and watch straight via Episode 20 proper now if they’d let me. Every single week I enjoy the cast much more and much more the globe is so wealthy and enjoyable, I just enjoy “living” there even though I watch.



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Alchemy of Souls: This drama continues to be a highlight of my week (even though sorry, Alchemy, ATEEZ beat you on that front this week with their new album!). As an alternative of jumping on the subsequent episode as quickly as it is released, I uncover myself saving it for when I seriously have time to savor it, or when I know I’ll require a choose-me-up. With the action and intrigue choosing up, even though, I may possibly uncover myself getting a lot significantly less patience ahead of also lengthy.



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Today’s Webtoon: I was eagerly anticipating the begin of this drama, and Episode 1 didn’t disappoint. I adore Ma-eum’s character and uncover her tiny fangirl moments particularly relatable, specifically in the course of the scene when she was operating safety at the webtoon occasion. With all the cosplayers and cardboard cutouts, it felt a lot like the anime and comic book conventions I’ve attended. And I’m not certain if there will be any romance in this drama, but I’m currently swooning for Daniel Choi’s character.

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: I was questioning how this drama would manage the budding romance in between Young-woo and Jun-ho as soon as it escalated previous the crush stage, and I believe the writers did effectively to address the challenges that their romance is currently facing or probably to encounter in the future. The road ahead will not be simple for them, but Jun-ho appears ready to tackle the challenges — and his crappy close friends — in order to be with Young-woo. That stated, the second trial seriously hit challenging, and I’m nevertheless processing my feelings. I just know I wanted to attain via my tv screen, hug Young-woo, and assure her that she’s deserving of enjoy, also.



At the moment covering: Today’s Webtoon

Transit Really like two: I caught up to the most recent episode (Ep five), and I’m loving how wholesome the show is, just like the preceding season. Gyu-min shopping for medicine for a sick Won-bin was such an endearingly thoughtful gesture, and the surprise birthday celebration every person threw for Gyu-min was so cute. Tae-yi’s character is unexpectedly endearing, and Ji-yeon has a quite likable disposition. And then the twist came! Gasp. Also, shoutout to this season’s opening OST — it is so superior! I’m completely not biased or something, heh. (Seung-sik’s voice is so lovely♡)

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