16th FIRST IFF 2022 Releases Competition Programmes for Xining

1st International Film Festival (1st IFF) is committed to preserving the diverse voice of young filmmakers in Chinese-language cinema and providing an productive and fair evaluation normal. From the viewpoint of market and art, 1st IFF aspires to supply the explorers of cinematic art with forward-searching guidance, encouragement and companionship.

The Official Selections for Xining&#8217s Competitors 2022 can be located here and 3 curated programmes are presented: Narrative, Quick Films and Documentary.

Competitors Chosen &#8211 Narrative

Summer time Diary (Globe Premiere)
Wu Shuang | 2022 | China | 90min | Fiction

Through a summer time vacation, Xiaohai, who lives alone in the desert with his father, becomes sick of his monotonous life style and decides to go into town to discover his mother and finish his composition. On the other hand, the road into town is not really smooth and the website traffic is a nightmare, producing his hometown a forgotten location in the globe. A strange encounter with Yuanyuan reveals Xiaohai’s sealed “identity”. The failed search for his mother drags him into a whirlpool of feelings. His unexpected experiences grow to be a wealthy supply of material for his composition which he entitles Summer time Diary. In reality, he has by no means left the desert, but in the composition, the complete family members embarks on a journey towards the sea. And in Xiaohai’s imagination, his father tends to make the desert hometown wonderful once more with his years of perseverance and devotion.

Vagrant Bebop (Globe Premiere)
Wang Xide | 2022 | China | 109min | Fiction

In the winter, space and time unfold in parallel in a smaller cafe. Seven guys and females of unique backgrounds meet and portion from every other.

Virgin Blue (China Premiere)
Niu Xiaoyu | 2021 | China | 101min | Fiction

Given that her grandfather passed away, Yezi’s grandmother has been living alone at house. Soon after her college graduation, Yezi returns house to devote her final summer time getaway with her grandmother. The home is complete of grandma’s memories that have steadily taken on actual types in true life. At times they seem as a cat, a plant, or as a total stranger, and from time to time they manifest themselves as her grandpa or even Yezi’s childhood self. Meanwhile, grandma gradually slips into the abyss of amnesia and time starts to shed all which means. Haunted by relentless memories, Yezi finds herself wandering amongst fragments of her family members history, exactly where she recollects a deserted childhood and revisits her personal previous. A single evening, everybody gathers by a flower fish pond for a grand farewell. It appears to be an additional a single of grandma’s dreams. On the other hand, alternatively of waving goodbye to every other, all her loved ones choose to remain with each other.

Go Fishing (Globe Premiere)
Nan Xin | 2022 | China | 73min | Fiction

Li Wei, a middle-aged man living in a smaller town, meets Miaomiao right after she walked into the incorrect area for the duration of a dinner celebration. Miaomiao is an on line pal whom he has by no means met in more than ten years of recognizing her. Initially, Li Wei just wanted to have a meal to celebrate their friendship, but Miaomiao invited her blind date to consume at the very same dinner table. Soon after this, Li Wei becomes immersed in an emotional entanglement.

Zhan Kaidi | 2021 | Taiwan, China | 93min | Fiction

Ray, an obsessive gambler, performs as a evening-shift safety guard in a division shop. He is desperate sufficient to borrow cash from his ex-wife from time to time, and the only a single to whom he could confide his inner sorrows is a mannequin of a shop window. Meanwhile, his son, who performs in a theater enterprise, harbors a crush on his colleague, but she herself is in appreciate with her foreigner boyfriend. No matter how difficult he performs at memorizing his lines, his appreciate for the lady of his dreams remains unrequited. Each father and son are mutually-dependent on a single an additional, however every is also unable to resolve the other’s life dilemmas. Certainly, when they accompany every other, silently or otherwise, it is but a mere type of false help. Zhan Kaidi’s function-length debut presents two generations’ wish to turn their lives about, each in terms of finances and in terms of communications with their loved ones. On the other hand, all they could truly reach is akin to going for a joyride in a car or truck that they can not afford.

Increasing Apart (Globe Premiere)
Lengthy Lingyun | 2022 | China | 90min | Fiction

18-year old Cheng Fei has been raised by his father and grandmother alternatively of his mother ever because he was a youngster. He is a rebellious youth who is really fond of skateboarding, and is determined to grow to be a experienced skateboarder. On the other hand, his father Cheng Jianguo can not accept that. In the summer time of 2007, he finds a missing particular person notice in his father’s area. The particular person in the notice is his on line pal “Swallowtail Butterfly”, He Sheng, who had gone missing two years ago. He disguises himself and moves in with He Sheng’s mother. He later discovers the difficult partnership among the mother and daughter who reside with him. The mysterious disappearance of his half sister, her eccentric mother, and the deeply hidden secrets that Cheng Fei’s father kept from him shatter Cheng Fei’s peaceful life in a series of dramatic events. In the fog of the two families’ pasts, he steadily approaches the dusty truth that has accumulated more than several years…

Gaey Wa&#8217R aka Streetwise
Na Jiazuo | 2021 | China | 96min | Fiction

Dongzi, a young guy from a smaller-town, becomes the henchmen of a debt-collector, Xi Jun, in an try to spend off his sick father’s hospital bills. The film characteristics a cold and estranged parent-youngster partnership, an unsettling life on the streets, and an ambiguous partnership with a young lady. In Dongzi’s footwear, this is what it is like to be 21.

The Fantastic Distance Delivers Crane (Globe Premiere)
Lhapal Gya | 2022 | China | 90min | Fiction

This is a story of a Tibetan teenager searching for a habitat for a wounded black-necked crane and a house of his personal inner heart.

Each and every Dog Has HIs Day (Globe Premiere)
Wang Heze | 2021 | China | 90min | Fiction

Xiao Xia is a laid-off worker from a tree farm who goes to a fortune-teller named Zhao, who is also a single of her relatives, in an work to turn her life about. On her way back house, Xiao Xia accidentally falls more than. Her husband, Mantou says he’s just met a new pal and that his fortunes are searching up. In the middle of the evening, Xiao Xia wakes up from her dreams. This carries on for numerous days. In her confusion, she goes to take a look at Zhao once more and is told that she need to grow to be a fortune-teller. Damingbai recommends Piao to Xiao Xia, and asks if she can discover his pal. She promises to do this and is paid a enormous sum of cash. Mantou makes use of this cash to invest in Xing’s education agency (pyramid scheme). Xiao Xia tends to make no progress and has to give the cash back to Piao. Mantou is driven into a desperate scenario right after getting detained and tortured by Xing, and desperately tries to escape. Xiao Xia hears somebody knock at house, realizing that she is nonetheless lying in the snow…

A single and 4 (China Premiere)
Jigme Trinley | 2021 | China | 88min | Fiction

A single day in the late 1990s, a blizzard is about to strike a forest on the Tibetan Plateau. There, 3 uninvited guests break into a forest ranger’s cabin. The ranger gets involved in a police case that includes tracking down poachers. Upon confronting the uninvited guests, the ranger can not ascertain the truth, and the complete incident becomes really complicated…

A Wolf on Watch (Globe Premiere)
Dasung | 2022 | China | 103min | Fiction

Wang Wei, a university undergraduate and enterprise trainee preparing for a company trip, is illegally detained by a neighbor couple with a gangster. Soon after a evening of wrangling, Wang Wei lastly escapes the handle of the outlaws and regains his freedom.

Farewell, My Hometown
Wang Erzhuo | 2021 | China | 86min | Fiction

In a village, a suffering grandmother heads towards the finish of her life. In a contemporary city, a young girl has to leave her hometown and reside on her personal. In a smaller town, a middle-aged mother is living a peaceful life. They reside in their personal approaches and have some memories from their pasts that they can not let go of. She began to appear back at these struggles among reality and ambition, appreciate and hate. She had met several men and women who loved her, but all her relationships ended in sadness. The globe is fully new to her and she nonetheless has a lengthy way left to go, and an endless youth to devote. This is a story about 3 generations of females from a Chinese family members, recalling their experiences and the modifications of time more than 70 years.

Guanbu A Week (Globe Premiere)
Lu Xiaohao | 2022 | China | 71min | Fiction

Lin Yanting is a senior-3 student who coasts via all her classes each and every day. She skips class to meet a excellent pal who performs portion-time, and plans to give up the college entrance examination to operate with her. Soon after booking a higher-speed train to Guangzhou a week later, they start their final week in the town together…

Smartphone (Globe Premiere)
Xu Shen | 2021 | China | 70min | Fiction

This is a story of men and women and smartphones. The story requires location a single evening in a car or truck. It is a monologue supported by an actor. Soon after divorcing his wife, Lao Wu becomes an “online car or truck hailing” driver in order to though away the time. A single evening, he accidentally picks up a smartphone in his car or truck. Unexpectedly, on his way to return the smartphone, it rings continuously. To discover out who the true owner is, Lao Wu practically effortlessly makes use of his personal smartphone’s “intelligence” to turn the smartphone owner into a transparent particular person with out privacy. At the very same time, for the duration of this procedure, he lastly wakes up to the truth of his divorce.

Competitors Chosen &#8211 Quick Films

Drowning to Turn out to be Ophelia (Globe Premiere)
Qu Siqin | 2021 | China | 19min | Quick

The film tells the story of a ten-year-old boy’s silent struggle to imitate his ideal pal and replace her as the model for their teacher’s painting of Ophelia, in an try to reach recognition and a sense of identification. In the finish, he lastly puts on the white dress and white pantyhose that he has been secretly yearning for, only to learn the ulterior motive behind the teacher’s apparent favoritism for the girl.

The Loach (Asia Premiere)
Chen Xi | 2022 | China | 7min | Quick

A lady is crying out for support from two guys, with a youngster in her arms. But what comes subsequent is mixed with excellent omen and misfortune, as effectively as felicity and fatality.

The Spring Breeze Kisses Me
Shu Hui | 2021 | China | 30min | Quick

When Yanan, who majors in screenwriting and directing, is lost for his final year project, he returns to his hometown exactly where his family members runs a meals shop close to manufacturing factories and middle schools. His original program is to shoot a documentary about the life of the much less-privileged youngsters in a smaller town. On the other hand, as his project goes on, he finds some thing uncommon about a girl who performs for his family members. The ulterior yearning deep in his heart starts to unfold…

A Dog below Bridge (China Premiere)
Tang Lihao | 2022 | China | 12min | Quick

In a humorous way, the film is presented from the point of view of the “dog” to portray the resignation of “me” seeing the conflicts among humans and life.

The 1st Taste (Globe Premiere)
&nbspFang Xitong | 2022 | China | 16min | Quick

It was a boring summer time vacation, and Bao stayed at grandpa’s home. When on the way back from grocery purchasing, a sudden concept from grandpa aroused Bao’s excitement. They planned to secretly choose the osmanthus along the wayside. When they had been caught stealing the flowers, she left grandpa and ran away alone. That evening, grandpa came house with two bags of osmanthus, but she didn’t know how to face grandpa.

The Way Winter Comes (Globe Premiere)
Wang Zichen | 2022 | China | 15min | Quick

This is a story about a solitary and wild boy with a hearing disorder who lives in the village. On a single of the dull days for the duration of his youth, he decided to sneak into someone’s home and steal, which led to his later encounters. On that really “ordinary” day, he felt additional lonely than ever…

How I Grew Up
Liu Yufei | 2021 | China | 7min | Quick

There are several unobserved feelings in us. In this film, “I” has a feeling of worry of getting doubted by other individuals mainly because of a cup of coffee that has not been thrown away. The complete film revolves about the observation of this emotion. By depicting 4 trivial events that come about when “I” is expanding up, we trace the causes for the formation of the emotion. Lastly, “I” sees what the emotion specifically appears like.

Broken Potato
Shui Yuan | 2021 | China | 7min | Quick

With booms coming a single right after an additional, numerous substantial holes abruptly appeared in the town. No a single knew what the holes had been and exactly where these came from. Curiosity seekers had been swarming all more than the town, and everybody attempted to take benefit of these holes to do what they wanted all the time.

The secret of my birth
Li Jing | 2022 | China | 30min | Quick

Living in a tropical coastal town of Southern China, an 11-year-old girl hides her secret deep in her heart, just like the roaring waves hidden beneath the sea. Soon after the introduction of the two-youngster policy, Lily, the only youngster in her family members, abruptly discovers on her birthday that her parents are expecting a second child with out her information. Additionally, with a privately tested gender identification, the child is believed to be a boy. In the humid and cicadas-connected summer time, a “vicious” concept tends to make its way into Lily’s thoughts, and she begins a program to “kill her brother”…

A Passing Cloud (Globe Premiere)
Tang Peiyan | 2022 | China | 14min | Quick

Though functioning as a rideshare driver to help her family members, Zhao Mei provides a lift to a higher college student, Yu Yiyi. On the way to their location, they speak to every other like they know a single an additional. They are neither mother and daughter, nor passenger and driver. The partnership among the two ladies is steadily revealed for the duration of this journey…

Huang Rongjun | 2021 | Macao, China | 8min | Quick

Through a brief trip, a young man faces his grandma’s non-cease nagging, and horrible memories emerge in his thoughts. The unhappy conjunction of the previous and the present tends to make him endure.

Homones (Globe Premiere)
Yang Chenning | 2021 | China | 20min | Quick

Early summer time in a smaller town, the proliferation of hormones ripens waxberry fruit, at the very same time spawning an intimate partnership among two girls. As the midsummer approaches, the bitter-sweet feelings steadily melt into a stain of purple mark.

Southern afternoon (Globe Premiere)
Lan Tian | 2022 | China | 15min | Quick

Saramu, a Uyghur father living in Southern China, accidentally discovers that his 14-year-old elder daughter has possibly received a appreciate letter. Desperate to resolve his doubt but unable to study Chinese mandarin, Saramu can only ask his younger daughter for support to study him the letter.

Meal on the Plate (Asia Premiere)
Xie Chenglin | 2021 | China | 7min | Quick

Someplace in the globe, men and women start out to turn into their preferred meals. They develop fish tails, pig noses, as effectively as cow and goat horns. It is correct that you are what you consume. The arrival of a newcomer appears to bring some modifications, but factors start out to get out of handle.

I Have No Legs, and I Should Run (Asia Premiere)
Li Yue | 2022 | China | 14min | Quick

This is a brief story about a brief-distance runner. With track operating as the beginning point, he spends his youth operating. He is like a tireless machine, operating back and forth on the sports track. He has the very same dream as other athletes, wishing to run more quickly, browsing for his limits, and pursuing the not possible. On the other hand, as time goes by, his physique is unable to help his profession. At that time, a higher-spirited and vigorous freshman joins the group, reminding him of himself several years ago. The freshman is so athletic and vigorous that he even claims to break the hero’s brief-distance operating record. With regret intertwined with agony, the hero loses path in life. If he can not run any longer, exactly where will his journey take him subsequent?

Daughter and son (Globe Premiere)
Cheng Yu | 2022 | China | 30min | Quick

Degenerate sons and daughters, Life is also sturdy for you &#8211 It requires life to appreciate Life.

Déjà Rêvé (Globe Premiere)
Lu Xiaomeng | 2022 | China | 13min | Quick

This is a story about a medieval nobleman lost in the woods and out of water, deciding to ask a peasant passing by for some water to quench his thirst.

Fantastic City: The Mother (China Premiere)
Zhou Shengwai | 2022 | China | 12min | Quick

This is a story about the best universe. Lured by Fantastic Spray, a wood mother tries to carve her root child into a human doll.

Children of Paradise (China Premiere)
Sha Mo | 2021 | China | 13min | Quick

The forgotten youngsters of paradise stage a crazy noir fable.

The Morning Sun
Li Zexi | 2021 | China | 10min | Quick

It is an ordinary evening for an ordinary family members. The young children who are afraid of the evening look to have grown up, and the parents who are busy producing a living look to be happier. Most of our lives are gradually produced up of these inconspicuous small transitions.

The Issue with Feathers (Globe Premiere)
Xu Tianlin | 2022 | Germany | 20min | Quick

An Iranian-Afghan family’s life in Germany can be solely observed via their hands. Iranian medical professional Maryam came with her family members to Germany for asylum two years ago. She sticks to a strict each day studying routine, hoping to return to her health-related profession, though her husband Hossain requires care of their child at house. On this day, Hossain has a job interview at a photo studio, and Maryam, who has to appear right after her youngster by herself, has to reschedule her day.

The Blessing (Asia Premiere)
Liu Ziyao | 2022 | China | 6min | Quick

This is a story of a Chinese student studying abroad in the United States who can not attend her mother’s wedding in China due to the pandemic, struggling to record a video to send her blessings.

Competitors Chosen &#8211 Documentary

Trashy Boy (Globe Premiere)
Zheng Yifei | 2022 | China | 97min | Documentary

Major Sponge is a young man living in a smaller town in western China who lengthy ago left college and his parents, and struck out on his personal. He wanders the streets, aimlessly obtaining via a single lengthy evening right after an additional. When he has a excellent mood, he will merely sing songs he likes. He lives a free of charge but lonely life. Major Sponge loves rap music and he has terrific musical talent. He spreads his joys and disappointments in his music, but reality does not permit him to reside a one of a kind and thriving life. He fell in appreciate with a girl on the Net, but she rejected him for getting obese. His wandering life is lastly out of handle. Later, he was involved in a theft and served with a lawsuit. The stress from the court case and the troubles in life produced it not possible for him to bear his present life any longer. In order to win a opportunity for his life, he starts to make some modifications.

Hei Qi (Globe Premiere)
Zhang Ping | 2021 | China | 101min | Documentary

My parents reside in a mountain village, whose name is like a spell and is unknown to the outsiders. Right here, my father is walking towards the finish of his life. The shadow of death shows an additional aspect of life. The dead family members members reunite with the living ones. When death comes, the physique as a container steadily opens, and the gate of a synesthesia globe opens.

Parkland of Decay and Fantasy (Asia Premiere)
Zhu Chenliang | 2022 | China | 104min | Documentary

If at the moment of death, the final obsession in life will grow to be the final factor to exist, and the high quality of the soul will be transmitted to unknown dimensions in waves, like text messages sent from mobile phones then the abandoned amusement park on an unknown island in China will obtain the waves from unique dimensions like a signal tower, developing a subtle resonance with its residents who nonetheless reside a difficult life. Seeking only at the desolation nowadays, it is difficult to think about that it was after a Xanadu for entertainment and consumption, or a paradise for underground art. It is a microcosm of society and a specific case.

Wild Ball (Globe Premiere)
Li Hongquan | Ding Beichen | 2022 | China | 89min | Documentary

Lee Benson is a legendary basketball player in China, identified as the “Basketball King in Prison” as he missed the NBA due to his imprisonment. He is identified to be brief-tempered and challenging to deal with, but that does not cease him from developing unbreakable records in the CBA games. Soon after he retires from CBA, he begins to play self-organized basketball games, also identified as ‘wild ball’, in the villages of China exactly where the nearby bosses will spend lots of cash to invite effectively-identified players. By playing wild ball, Lee is capable to earn 2–3 million yuan a year. On the other hand, as his abilities deteriorate, the adverse side of wild ball starts: the bosses cease paying him, and some agents scam his cash. For his profession, family members, and dignity, is he going to roll the dice or go with the flow?

Lengthy Reside the Soul (Globe Premiere)
Yang Hao | 2022 | China | 85min | Documentary

In 2020, “short video + livestreaming” has grow to be a new and hot trend in the e-commerce market. In Yiwu City of Zhejiang Province, there had been no leading net celebrities, but with the “9.9 yuan, free of charge postage” provide model, numerous grassroots from the bottom had been abruptly attracted. Yiwu was then identified as “the paradise for grassroots counterattacks”. Mr. Guan is a “grassroots director” who shoots brief videos to sell items in Yiwu. “Besides displaying you the supply of the items, I will also introduce you to the spiritual globe of the smaller characters in China via the products”, he mentioned. As opposed to the mainstream model and brief-video shooting style of “9.9 yuan, free of charge postage” in Yiwu, he had a dream of becoming “Stephen Chow of Tik Tok in China”. On the other hand, as time went on, his best blueprint became elusive right after the invasion of capitalists. Getting lost, he attempted to discover an additional way out. To pursue a spiritual globe or monetize website traffic and acquire wealth, which will be his subsequent step?



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