Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes 9-ten

Romance is in the air and confessions abound everywhere. But it is not all sunshine and rainbows for some of our characters who reside in a globe outdoors of that which society deems as typical. With only a handful of men and women who actually realize them, how do these characters stroll the fine line of staying correct to themselves without having upsetting the societal expectations we are all governed by?


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

We get a Pied Piper-like case this week, and our defendant is BANG GU-PPONG a.k.a. Mr. Fart (guest look by Gu Kyo-hwan). As the self-proclaimed Commander-in-Chief of the Children’s Liberation Army, Gu-ppong diverts an following-college academy bound bus to the mountains for a entertaining day out, and he gets arrested for kidnapping the minors. Young-woo and Min-woo (ugh!) are place in charge of the case, but they quickly understand that they’re going to have a difficult time since Gu-ppong is pretty set in his approaches.

Despite the fact that the youngsters enjoyed their day out with Gu-ppong as it was a significantly required break from the rigors of studying in the prison-like academy, their parents do not share the identical opinion. Rather, the parents are slighted by Gu-ppong’s insinuation that they’re disregarding their children’s happiness by placing as well significantly academic stress on them. His mother – who takes place to be the director of the academy – apologizes on her son’s behalf and says that Gu-ppong is mentally unwell. But Young-woo disagrees and tells her that the youngsters realize Gu-ppong and his thought of liberation, it is only the adults who do not realize him.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10 Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

Min-woo also tries to use Gu-ppong’s megalomaniac diagnosis in their defense, but Young-woo, who fits appropriate into Gu-ppong and the children’s globe, provides a contrary argument and says that Gu-ppong just desires to adjust the method in his personal way. However, this is not adequate to sway the judge, specially given that Gu-ppong does not show remorse for his actions. It also annoys Min-woo who complains to Myeong-seok, wanting a penalty for Young-woo. But Myeong-seok tells him off and says variations in opinions ought to be discussed with his co-lawyer rather than arguments about penalties and whatnot.

Gu-ppong pleads with the lawyers to get the youngsters to attend his final trial, and their parents are only as well eager to release them on hearing that it’ll be an educational expertise for the youngsters. Pfft. The youngsters then have a entertaining ride to court with the lawyers who now go by nicknames just like Mr. Fart. Young-woo christens Jun-ho as Lee Butthole and herself as Woo Woodpecker’s Booger. Min-woo surprisingly joins the entertaining as Kwon Poop, and Myeong-seok becomes Jung Fart-Fart. At this point I’m in tears, since what in the toilet humor is going on right here?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10 Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

Gu-ppong solemnly tells the court that youngsters have to play now since it’ll be as well late to do that when they grow to be adults, and his words have an impact on the judge and jury. As Gu-ppong and the youngsters shout out their liberation mantra, the whole courtroom is taken by their power, though his mother is moved to tears. And even though we do not get to see Gu-ppong’s sentencing, from all indications, the case ends on a content note.

But I have to admit that this is a really idealistic case, since though I get the thought behind “rescuing” youngsters from the demands of college and parental expectations, Gu-ppong’s system was nevertheless incorrect. And I do not assume the presence of excited youngsters in court will make any distinction to a judge in reality. But hey, we all want content endings in fiction, and I can get behind this a single.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

Speaking of content endings, given that Young-woo didn’t get Jun-ho’s response to her confession final week, she spends the whole case getting really good to Jun-ho and confusing him at the identical time. She aids to pull out his chair, tends to make him stroll on the inside of the sidewalk, opens auto doors for him, and even tries to enable him carry heavy stuff. Lol. But as it turns out, Jun-ho’s non-response is since he’s worried about the aftermath of receiving into a connection with her, since he does not want to get started one thing that will not final. A really valid concern, if I could add.

An oblivious Min-woo encourages his roommate to just go for it if he likes the girl, and off Jun-ho goes to confess his feelings to Young-woo. He even confesses appropriate in front of the revolving door exactly where they initial met at perform! Squee!!! Geu-ra-mi and her boss, KIM MIN-SHIK (Im Sung-jae) join in the squeeing celebration when Young-woo tells them the excellent news, and the romance in the air also tends to make them want to date. Young-woo promises to set Min-shik up with Su-yeon, and Geu-ra-mi is left to locate her personal date. Heh. Anyway, now that the feelings are clear on each sides, it is time for our whale couple to move forward.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

The defendant in Young-woo’s subsequent case is charged with quasi-rape of a particular person with disabilities, but he claims that the sex was consensual since he and the victim are in like. From the victim’s statement, she wasn’t precisely forced, but there are issues that she may well have been incapable of saying no at the time. Myeong-seok and Su-yeon are really hesitant to take on the case, but Young-woo agrees to defend him.

I assume that Young-woo is sort of emotionally attached to this case since as a particular person with autism, she has usually believed that it’ll be challenging for a person to like her. But with this case, she sees an typical guy who seems to be in like with a person like her, and she desires to think that their like is correct. Due to the fact in a way, if theirs is a profitable like story, it is an assurance that the identical can also be the case for her and Jun-ho.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

But as the case proceeds, we understand that it is not the defendant’s initial rodeo. He volunteers at organizations for men and women with intellectual disabilities and like the gigolo he is, he fools the girls into believing he’s in like with them just so they can devote their dollars on him. Young-woo initially withdraws from the case in disappointment, but she goes back to defending him following the victim pleads on his behalf. According to the victim, she knows he’s a gigolo, but she loves him all the identical, and does not want him to go to prison.

In the finish, the defendant is (rightfully) sent to prison, but Young-woo is left to wonder if it is adequate for men and women with disabilities to be in like since other men and women could not assume their feelings are valid. And more than the course of the case, we see this play out – from the reaction of Jun-ho’s close friends when they saw him out on a date with Young-woo, to their insinuation later on that Young-woo is a pitiful girl, and it is just sympathy he feels for her rather than like (earning that pal a deserved punch in the face from Jun-ho).

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10 Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

Young-woo and Jun-ho agree that loving her is going to be difficult, but Jun-ho says he’s nevertheless going to do it. A nervous Young-woo leans in for a tentative kiss, not entirely positive on how to proceed, but teacher Jun-ho gently guides her, and they go for a second round. It is longer this time, and excuse me though I “whoa, whoa” and shed some content shipper tears since my heart is about to burst! I had unique scenarios in my head for what their initial kiss was going to be like, but this, this was perfection! I honestly cannot envision something greater than this.

I cannot more than-emphasize on how significantly I like Jun-ho’s consistency and patience (and micro-expressions) when it comes to Young-woo. He comes into her globe really respectfully, is genuinely interested in studying new items about her, and respects her boundaries. Similarly, Young-woo recognizes that she also requirements to come into his globe, and I like that she tends to make an try to do it when it comes to skinship. We know she’s not a huge fan of physical make contact with, but she initiated the 57 seconds hand-holding as properly as their kiss, and this compromise on each sides is a single of the motives why they’re the greenest flag couple in all of dramaland at this moment.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

But though our whale couple basks in the euphoria of their like, the sea that is Young-woo’s birth secret is about to be hit with a storm. CEO Tae visits Young-woo’s dad at his kimbap shop and tells him to go with Young-woo to the Taesan branch in the US. Dad flares up and orders her out, but a reporter who covered the highway case final week (courtesy of Hanbada) has been following CEO Tae about. He recognizes Young-woo’s name – which is also the name of the kimbap shop — and infers that she’s CEO Tae’s rumored illegitimate daughter. To confirm his suspicion, he calls Min-woo, and this tends to make me uncomfortable since Min-woo is not a single to maintain his mouth shut when it comes to problems like this.

I wonder if Min-woo does not have something else to do with his spare time other than poking about in Young-woo’s company. I imply, Su-yeon is busy going on blind dates (like the epic fail with Min-shik who kept producing terrible meals puns), Myeong-seok is busy getting the most effective boss ever — but Min-woo is just busy attempting to a single-up Young-woo. Tsk. Anyway, I trust the story not to go overboard with the complete birth secret arc. But far more importantly, I trust Young-woo. No matter what life or any person else throws at her, she is far more than capable of overcoming. Right after all, she is the extraordinary lawyer Woo!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 9-10

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