Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-ten

At the show’s halfway mark, our heroes double down on the suspect and get a small extra critical. Meeting extra individuals behind the elaborate internet of corruption and nepotism is set to confuse us all about the identity of our culprit.


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Selecting up exactly where we left off, poor tased Han-jun faints as anticipated. I do not know why Jae-hui is seeking worried (and however not apologizing) when she was the one particular who tased him, even though accidentally. I do not even know how lots of occasions she hit him. I must have produced a hit counter from the incredibly very first week.

At the police station, Gyeong-cheol sticks to his story and denies any involvement with Eun-hye’s murder, in spite of Jae-hui, Do-won, and Detective Jang presenting a slew of incriminating proof. And thanks to the powers that be (a.k.a. connections and corruption), the police group is forced to let Gyeong-cheol stroll.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

So who else can come to the rescue but the Minamdang crew? They set a trap for Gyeong-cheol in their usual shaman style. Han-jun approaches the gangster, warning him of a series of “bad luck” — all of which are very orchestrated by the entire group, namely through Hye-jun obtaining his car or truck towed away, Na-dan taking his wallet and draining his telephone battery, wigged Su-cheol leaving him in the middle of nowhere, and some higher college girls accusing him of becoming a pervert and beating him up. Oh wait. The final is not element of the crew’s strategy. Oops. Higher college girls are scary!

Believing Han-jun, a scared Gyeong-cheol visits Minamdang, exactly where he tends to make a slip of the tongue and confirms Han-jun’s suspicions on Assistant Gu. However, that is all Han-jun gets from Gyeong-cheol. Mainly because the gangster is scared for his life. Far more scared of Gopuri than he is of ghosts.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Back at his hideout, Gyeong-cheol calls Assistant Gu, asking for dollars. When he does not budge, the gangster threatens him with a video file implicating one particular of their consumers in Eun-hye’s murder.

Elsewhere, Assistant Gu visits his boss, the lady shaman AUNTIE IM (Jung Da-eun), who is in the middle of a ritual to curse the rival candidate of one particular of her patrons, guaranteeing his win in the mayoral elections. What an intro!

Assistant Gu reports his suspicions on Gyeong-cheol possibly spilling the secrets. Auntie Im just hands a gopuri knot to Assistant Gu and tells him to take care of it. Gyeong-cheol’s going to die, is not he?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Just after listening in on the get in touch with, the Minamdang crew rushes to his hideout. However, they locate the gangster currently dead, with the crime scene set up to appear like a suicide. Han-jun and Su-cheol split up to appear for leads, but that is when Assistant Gu ambushes Han-jun. Oh no, get away from the exploding microwave, Han-jun!

The police group arrives just in time to catch Assistant Gu operating away outdoors. Do-won offers chase, but in the end loses him. So Gopuri gets away. Once again. Exactly where is Jae-hui’s ~supernatural~ strength and speed when you need to have it? Did the show just neglect how a great deal it hyped her physical skills?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

As the police collect proof, Jae-hui insists Han-jun requires to be detained. Apparently, he’s a suspect. Jae-hui justifies it as a way to maintain Han-jun close, even even though she knows he’s not the murderer.

Regardless of this setback, our dynamic duo keeps items light as they bicker like kindergarteners, with Su-cheol sighing in relief that he’s not obtaining arrested when Han-jun glares at him as he’s becoming handcuffed. These two absolutely have one particular of the ideal (if not the incredibly ideal) dynamics in the show. Far more please!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

At the police station, Han-jun lays out the details. But Jae-hui stubbornly demands for extra: forensic hypnosis. Oh no, all the warning sirens are going off in my head!!!

Just after becoming threatened with sharing a cell with a smelly drunkard, Han-jun is forced to agree. Funnily adequate, in spite of repeated attempts by the forensic hypnotist (cameo by Heo Jung-min), it does not operate at all, allegedly since perfectionist Han-jun is also in manage of himself to be tricked. That is, till he’s focused on discomfort immediately after Jae-hui accidentally bonks his head on the chair, and then deliberately hits him in the face. Twice this time?! Poor Han-jun! When will she cease?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

At least the hypnosis lastly performs. Tormented, Han-jun cries out, reliving the dreadful evening of Jae-jeong’s murder. But they discover absolutely nothing new, except that Han-jun is nevertheless tormented to this day. Mainly because in spite of becoming delighted now with the Minamdang crew, he’s also deathly afraid of becoming unable to safeguard them. Nooooo, my heart! I did not count on to tear up this week.

Watching him wake up from the hypnosis and sob in despair, Jae-hui tears up and hugs him in comfort. “It ought to have been so challenging on your personal this entire time,” she says warmly.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

On the way back house, Han-jun is uncharacteristically quiet immediately after the attempting ordeal. But humor instantaneously bounces back into the show after he begins hallucinating Jae-hui comforting him, forcing him to slap some sense into himself.

Stopping by a pharmacy, Jae-hui tends to Han-jun’s wound, which he got immediately after he knocked more than a lamp through his hypnosis. Stuck in however one more moment, Han-jun recalls Jae-hui’s comforting words once more. So he shouts into the void to shake some sense into himself once more. LOL.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Having said that, our leads can not get a break. Assistant Gu has gone to the station to report Han-jun as a suspect of Gyeong-cheol’s death. Frustrated, Han-jun punches him ideal in the face. So back to the holding cell he goes.

The punch is not totally useless, since he got Assistant Gu’s blood that they can use to match with the DNA from Jae-jeong’s murder. He asks Jae-hui to pass it on to Su-cheol, since Han-jun knows it will be tampered with. Whilst the police’s forensic test comes back as a adverse, Han-jun and Su-cheol get a one hundred% DNA match. As generally, our shaman is one particular step ahead of every person. If only individuals weren’t energy-tripping their way about him, he in all probability would’ve caught every person currently.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Meanwhile, Jae-hui and Detective Jang interrogate Assistant Gu, exactly where Jae-hui asks straight-forward concerns. You will not get answers like that, Jae-hui, please use subtler techniques.

Ultimately, the police group is forced to let him go immediately after the powers that be interfere in their investigation. In addition, the police chief removes her group from the case and suspends Jae-hui. Oh no.

In the holding cell, Han-jun amazes the entire precinct with his ~mystic shaman~ powers, figuring out the murderer amongst squabbling gangsters and even advising a police officer about investing. Han-jun mainly did all that on a whim, but every person is nevertheless so in awe — even Police Chief KIM CHEOL-GUN (Jung Eun-pyo).

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

At evening, Jae-hui lastly releases Han-jun, providing him updates on Assistant Gu. Nicely, Han-jun’s not disappointed, since he didn’t actually count on something from the police. But Jae-hui is so desperate that asks him if they can cooperate rather. But she gets an instant rejection! Ouch.

Han-jun says her sense of justice is also sturdy and she will not be in a position to bend the guidelines as necessary. “I’m so desperate to catch the culprit I’d even group up with the devil. But not you,” Han-jun says. “Leave the thrilling stuff to me, and just maintain becoming a fantastic cop as you generally have.” Double ouch.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Back at Cafe Minamdang, the crew huddles collectively to strategy their subsequent measures. Han-jun relays his observations on Chief Kim, zeroing in on him as the subsequent lead. As Hye-jun prepares to hack into the police chief’s telephone, Su-cheol shyly asks if he can attempt hacking. But with Hye-jun’s unwashed hair obtaining into his face, Su-cheol accidentally charges the card with so a great deal extra than they agreed upon. Yikes! Han-jun says it is fine even though, since a larger quantity is a superior bait.

Their plotting is place to a sudden cease when Na-dan rushes in. Deaconess Kim is right here! I actually believed it was going to be Jae-hui barging in once more, but we absolutely got one thing even superior. Mainly because Deaconess Kim brought along with her an actual sincere-to-goodness priest (cameo by Cha Tae-hyun) — comprehensive with a cute piglet — to exorcize the spirits from her son. The way I burst into laughter at this scene is a small embarrassing, and that is not even the final of it.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Inside the shaman lair, they get started the exorcism. But this time, Han-jun is extra ready for his mother: he adjustments the LED screen behind him into a religious image, crying that he’s nevertheless a believer. So he’s in a position to convince his mom to go out of the space, providing him a possibility to clarify to the priest what they’re actually carrying out.

The priest agrees to his request to maintain the truth a secret from Deaconess Kim, but he also raises a fantastic query: what would come about to Han-jun’s life immediately after catching the culprit when individuals will try to remember him as a shaman? Han-jun waves his worries away, since his priority is catching the culprit. And he tends to make a fantastic buck anyway so he can just appreciate life afterwards.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Meanwhile, at Jae-hui’s residence, Do-won and her teammates arrive one particular by one particular. Detective Jang apparently identified false testimony in Han-jun’s case. The false testifier only not too long ago confessed, but it was dismissed by the police since you know, there are powers that be.

Do-won has also been in a position to obtain Assistant Gu’s DNA and he had the test run himself, which showed one hundred% match. They also lastly figure out all the Minamdang schemes and discoveries from the incredibly very first week. It only took them half the series to make the connections when Han-jun has been repeating himself like a broken record this entire time… I know the authorities becoming useless is a operating gag in the film/Television business, but the police group right here is on one more level. Sigh.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

With their crisis averted, the Minamdang crew gets back on track. Han-jun and Su-cheol set up a trap for Chief Kim, asking about the “spirits” lingering about him. It turns out Chief Kim’s son has a huuuge gambling debt and is becoming held hostage till the debt is paid.

The chief asks for their assistance, so sleek-seeking Han-jun and vibrant red hanbok-wearing Su-cheol infiltrate the gambling den. Na-dan heads in very first to set up a hacking device beneath the table — which confirms to the group that the gambling den is complete of cheaters.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Just after swiftly clearing out the spot. Han-jun lastly meets gambling den boss DAE-TONG (Eum Moon-suk), who gets cornered into a higher-stakes game without the need of any tricks. The nerve-wracking battle of wits is complete of tension and nevertheless some tricks, but of course, Han-jun wins with Su-cheol’s assistance and a small sleight of hand.

So the Minamdang crew leaves with the son in tow and Chief Kim in their debt. As an alternative of accepting the presented handwritten letter and finger heart, Han-jun asks Chief Kim to reinstate Jae-hui in the case to “ward off” the spirits lingering about.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

And so we locate Jae-hui and her group returning to the case. Nicely, she in no way did cease her investigation. Just after seeing the false testifier, she and Do-won are pointed to Internal Inspector Cheong-gi. But in spite of promising witness protection, they only get turned away. Like Gyeong-cheol, Cheong-gi is certainly scared of Gopuri.

Nonetheless, immediately after mastering Han-jun helped her, Jae-hui smiles like she can not assistance it, producing Do-won jealous. He tries to discourage her from functioning with Han-jun, but Jae-hui is insistent, leaving Do-won seeking heartbroken.

This small like triangle feels so out of spot. Is it even a like triangle? Can Jae-hui and Do-won just get collectively so we can get in touch with it a day for the like line and just concentrate on the enjoyable components? Plus, I actually do not see a connection amongst Han-jun and Jae-hui other than him teaching her taekwondo… it is just Jae-hui who appears obsessed with Han-jun. Can they just bond more than their like for Jae-jeong? The beach scene exactly where they reminisced about him was the ideal scene they had collectively.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Anyway, back at the cafe, the Minamdang crew critiques their digital map of individuals. They jump in surprise when Jae-hui enters undetected. Breaking and getting into, actually?

Left alone with Han-jun, Jae-hui insists on functioning collectively, even threatening arrest if he does not accept. Nevertheless, Han-jun stands by his firm no. But it appears Jae-hui can not take a hint and cuffs them to one particular one more. Ma’am, are not you a police officer?!

Jae-hui tells him she has figured him out: as Jae-jeong’s ideal pal, he’s desperate to catch the killer. Han-jun asks who she is to bring up Jae-jeong, enabling Jae-hui to lastly inform him that she’s Jae-jeong’s sister. Not positive why the show constructed up to that moment when we all know that Han-jun knows she’s Jae-jeong’s sister… Not the significant reveal it is supposed to be.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

In this week’s final epilogue, we see a gathering of critical-seeking individuals instructing Chief Kim to get rid of Jae-hui from the case. They all appear toward an even extra critical-seeking man by the window — it is Choekang Group heir CHA SEUNG-WON (Lee Jae-woon)!

Regardless of mastering extra this week, we’ve nevertheless got some loose ends, beginning with who actually is the best dog amongst the powers that be. It is in all probability a person in Choekang. But what is Do-won’s partnership to these individuals? Appears like he’s not the villain, but he’s nevertheless a small bit sus on virtue of his familial connections. Even Assistant Gu was bowing to him…

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

Aside from the shaman shenanigans and profiling ingenuity (that gambling scene!), the ideal — if heart-wrenching — element of this week is when Han-jun admitted he’s scared for his identified family’s security. I hate that he was forced to relive that dreadful evening for absolutely nothing, since every little thing he mentioned about the case was currently what he has been repeatedly telling Jae-hui considering the fact that the get started. The only factor it did was make Han-jun open up his extra vulnerable side to Jae-hui, which I locate really unnecessary — and even grossly invasive and non-consensual.

Nevertheless, that scene also broke all of our hearts, specially when Han-jun recounted how delighted he is with the Minamdang crew and how afraid he is of possibly failing to safeguard them. Other than endearing me extra to Han-jun and the Minamdang crew, I really feel like that scene has accomplished the opposite of what it must, since it just produced me dislike Jae-hui even extra. I liked the beach scene superior, since at least then, Han-jun himself initiated (and consented to) the emotional connection, rather of becoming forced into it like this. Can we just do away with the loveline and stick with crime solving and Minamdang schemes? Please, Show!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 9-10

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