Adamas: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


Adamas: Episode 1 (1st Impressions)

Ji Sung extravaganza Adamas is off to an ~intriguing~ start out with a terrific tone, suspenseful vibes, and lots of area to play about for maximum thrills and twists. I liked this drama’s intro way much more than I was expecting to.

Editor’s note: Continued drama coverage is pending primarily based on Beanie feedback.

The drama opens with 1 of our twin heroes eerily hinting at the drama’s setup through narration: Mother’s final words. An Anonymous letter. He claimed innocence. It all ties to Inmate #2006 somehow, and we come across ourselves briefly in the penitentiary, exactly where we hit a super gory opening that produced my stomach turn (study: bloodbath).

But all’s not lost, simply because the intrigue level is ten/ten and all the things we see is purposeful — that a lot is clear. The mass murder that requires spot in the prison sets off a chain reaction in the nation about reinstating the death penalty (abolished in 1997), and that will be the linchpin upon which our plot turns.

Immediately after a 1 month skip, we are (fortunately) on to greener pastures as we pan by way of a fancy apartment featuring a gigantic photograph of 1 of the twins (okay, now I really feel like I’m watching a K-drama).

The montage that follows introduces us to each twins simultaneously, and we’ll meet them shortly as novelist HA WOO-SHIN (Ji Sung) and prosecutor SONG SOO-HYUN (also Ji Sung). As we watch the brothers wake up and get prepared for their day, there’s an intentional contrast drawn among them: 1 appears meticulous and significant, sleeps ramrod straight completely pajamaed, and lives in a swank apartment. The other brother appears to reside much more sloppily, sleeping in his boxers, falling (actually) out of bed, and so on.

Drama logic would promptly recommend that the significant and productive twin is the prosecutor, and that the messy and much more playful 1 is the novelist. Nevertheless, the drama is quite sneaky in that it quite a lot appears the opposite is correct. And from what we see of the brothers in the initial episode, it does look like they’re in the opposite personalities/careers 1 would anticipate.

This is confirmed for us when we meet them each (separately) at operate. Woo-shin — who’s well-known and productive — is reviewing an offer you to ghostwrite a memoir for CHAIRMAN KWON (the ubiquitous Lee Kyung-young) of Haesong Group. The offer you comes with a large paycheck and super creepy guidelines. But Woo-shin surprises his agent by signing the contract she assumes he’s performing it for the income, but we know superior.

In contrast, we meet Soo-hyun as he’s known as into a gathering of larger-ups at the prosecution workplace. As they do their wheeling and dealing, he’s standing there attempting not to crack up — it is hilarious. And when they contact him out, he calls them out for their clearly biased assistance of CANDIDATE HWANG (Kim Jong-goo), a presidential hopeful that is riding higher on his guarantee to reinstate the death penalty. There are sooo numerous strings getting pulled currently and we’re only a couple of minutes into the drama.

Later that day, we are treated to the brothers interacting — and by that I imply bickering more than burgers as they speak about losing their mother, Woo-shin mentions the month-lengthy “trip” he’s going on, and then they fight more than whether or not Woo-shin will recognize Soo-hyun as hyung or not. It nevertheless blows my thoughts to see an actor playing two roles side-by-side, and this drama actually nails it. It is dumbfoundingly true, and it actually feels like there are two distinctive Ji Sungs chomping burgers on a park bench.

The rest of the episode turns primarily to Woo-shin, as we comply with him on his ghostwriting project, which is a lot much more creepy than it should really be. Upon arrival at the Haesong mansion-compound-palace, he’s scanned and probed and biometrically logged so that the intense safety technique (and employees) can confirm his identity, place, and biometric information at all occasions. He’s also prohibited from taking any individual products with him, from contacting the outdoors globe, and so forth. If the red flags are not flying absolutely free, then I do not know what to say.

As suspected, although, Woo-shin knows complete properly what he’s having into. As a super productive novelist (with fanboys flocking about him even amongst the safety group), he does not will need to ghostwrite anything… but he desires to be there, simply because motives.

As if the setup wasn’t sus sufficient, tons of weird points continue to occur. 1st, Woo-shin’s assistant writer LEE DONG-RIM (upcoming newbie Shin Hyun-seung) seems in his chambers — turns out they will be operating with each other, and Woo-shin is none as well pleased, given that this wasn’t a component of the strategy, and he does not will need a fresh-faced puppy to have to shield.

Woo-shin is also nearly promptly aggressed against by the dragon lady housekeeper MS. KWON (Hwang Jung-min) who later complains to her ~beloved~ chairman that Woo-shin wasn’t intimidated by her like she hoped. I dunno what’s going on there.

The weirdness continues when Woo-shin wanders about in the evening (being aware of he’s been forbidden to enter specific places of the home, all quite fairy-tale-esque) to come across a maid collapsing and convulsing on the floor. No 1 appears to care everybody that functions there either appears to reside in sheer terror, or be sheer terror incarnate.

The entertaining of the setup, of course, is that we are utterly clueless and just following Woo-shin about as he explores — it feels nearly like a video game as we comply with him into rooms and he notices points, from the cameras that are everywhere, to the writing instruments they’ve supplied for him (identical to his personal), to the quite illegal opium poppies that are getting grown onsite.

The poppies lead Woo-shin to the greenhouse which leads him to our heroine (of sorts?) EUN HYE-SOO (Seo Ji-hye) who appears quite a lot the unhinged and captured princess. Nevertheless, she tends to make no attempts to hide the truth, and not only confirms that the she is increasing the opium poppies (“nothing is illegal in this house”), but that — wanting to do her interview for the memoir suitable then and there — announces that Chairman Kwon is capable of any despicable issue you can think about for the fantastic of his business. She also hints that the helicopter crash that killed his second son may possibly not have been an accident.

Woo-shin does not look to know how to take any of that, and it only gets stranger when Chairman Kwon tends to make his return to the palace (as it is known as) and is treated each and every bit like the king returning to his castle.

In his initial meeting with Woo-shin, Chairman Kwon not only knows he’s currently met his daughter-in-law in the greenhouse, but essentially asks him to relay all the things that she mentioned, or will say, about him. I come across it strange that with all the omniscient surveillance about, they didn’t also tap the greenhouse so they could listen in on the conversation.

But possibly Chairman Kwon is just testing Woo-shin primarily based on what he will say (that she mentioned he’s capable of terrific evil) and what he will not say (that she queries the helicopter accident).

We quickly get much more information on the circumstance, although, when Woo-shin’s terrific wit finds its match in Haesong’s head of safety CHOI TAE-SUNG (Heo Sung-tae). Apparently, Woo-shin knows a complete lot much more than he has let on (and far much more than we know), and he confronts Tae-sung on getting a corrupt cop that was purchased by Haesong. But was he actually?

Woo-shin then says that that is just the cover story, and that Tae-sung is truly an undercover cop that is been maintaining an eye on the chairman. Which 1 is correct? It is type of difficult to think with his fancy suit, intimidating presence, and shotgun perched more than his shoulder that he’s a fantastic-undesirable guy, but I enjoy that the drama is currently poking holes in the alliances we may possibly anticipate. Retain us on the edge of our seats, please!

Although Woo-shin announces (not certain why) that he’s going to steal “adamas” — a Haesong relic that is a golden arrow with a diamond arrowhead), his brother is also uncovering some mysterious points.

Reporter KIM SEO-HEE (Lee Soo-kyung) has been aggressively following Soo-hyun about, and when she lastly gets his interest it is by calling out all the media manipulation that is going on about Candidate Hwang and his seeming assistance by the powers that be.

Soo-hyun may possibly not know it however, but each and every word Seo-hee says is appropriate, and as we meet much more baddies, we see that not only is Candidate Hwang only a pawn of Haesong, but there’s a freakin’ ton of media and online manipulation going on to turn the election in Hwang’s favor.

As our new baddie Group LEADER LEE (Oh Dae-hwan) says: the online is the catalyst for all events. And his group — on behalf of Haesong, it appears — is controlling essentially all the things.

It is a ton of setup for 1 episode, but it somehow didn’t really feel like it, probably simply because we are following the brothers about for most of it, and understanding as they study. If there’s 1 issue the drama entirely nailed it was the tone — each and every scene, each and every character, each and every bit of sinister dialogue constructed the globe of this drama, and left me wanting much more.

It is just the suitable level of intrigue and suspense for me, as well — sufficient to retain me on the edge of my seat, but not as well a lot to make me want to turn it off. Our twins are also rather likable, and I’m seeking forward to understanding much more about them, from their intricacies to their history. Their father’s murder is at the crux of the story, and I suspect the much more they unravel the mystery, the much more there will be to unravel. If the tone and intrigue retain up, and the twists retain unfurling, this could shape up to be a pretty addictive tale.

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