Five drama recommendations… without romance


5 drama recommendations… with out romance

Let’s face it, occasionally you require a break from dramaland’s endless provide of fated lovers who knew every single other from the previous and have to deal with traumas or family members difficulties or needy side characters prior to they can get collectively. At times what you want rather is just a great old-fashioned drama — all the items you appreciate about K-drama, but hold the romance. Right here are some of our favorites.


Navillera (2021)

A poignant story about an elderly man lastly pursuing his lifelong dream, Navillera has no space for romance for the reason that its most important characters only have eyes for ballet. Shim Deok-chul (Park In-hwan) is at an age exactly where death has begun to steadily claim his buddies 1 by 1, and as he faces his personal mortality, Deok-chul realizes he has 1 regret — that he under no circumstances discovered how to dance ballet. The road to becoming a ballerino — particularly at his age — is not an simple 1 for Deok-chul, and he faces a lot of opposition from family members members, his personal aging physique, and from Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang), his reluctant instructor.

At the other finish of the age spectrum, twenty-anything Chae-rok has the possible to come to be a ballet star, but his dance profession has plateaued. He’s reluctant to take time from his personal coaching to teach a 70-year-old man how to dance, but with a tiny time — and Deok-chul’s endless persistence — the two guys type an unlikely friendship, bonding more than their shared appreciate of ballet. While components of this story are shadowed by the reality of Deok-chul’s age and limitations, this drama is really a celebration of life and a reminder that we’re under no circumstances also old to stick to our dreams. –@daebakgrits


The Fiery Priest (2019)


The Fiery Priest is one more delightful watch, and what it lacks in romance, it tends to make up for with the interactions in between its colorful and quirky characters. A drama catnip of mine is watching a diverse set of characters banding collectively to fight a prevalent enemy. So when you give me an ex-NIS agent turned priest with anger problems, an ambitious prosecutor, a timid detective and his enthusiastic rookie companion coming collectively in an action/crime comedy, I’m sold! But I’m also a really basic particular person, so the sight of Kim Nam-gil swinging his extended legs as he does a flying kick is adequate explanation for me to watch something. Hehe.

Following his spiritual father is framed and murdered by a group of gangsters and corrupt officials, our priest and the rest of his (initially really reluctant) Tsunami Squad go on a quest for justice. They group up with other entertaining side characters to sweep and rid the town of the undesirable guys, and they deliver us with a lot of humor along the way. The Fiery Priest is 1 of these dramas that prove that you do not require romance to sell a drama. All you require is an thrilling and quick-paced story, and intriguing characters (plus the appropriate actors to play these characters), and you have got oneself a challenging-to-pass-on drama. –@unit


Mother (2018)

Mother might not be a romance, but that does not imply it is not a appreciate story. As the title suggests, this is a drama all about mothers – great, undesirable, and in-in between. It is a strong exploration of what it indicates to be a mother and who gets to claim that title. Fair warning, this is not an simple drama to watch due to the fact it centers heavily about youngster abuse. But if you can deal with that, it is superb. Lee Bo-young is fantastic as the substitute teacher who notices anything off with her student – played by the impressive young actress Ha Yul – and decides to take matters into her personal hands to save the tiny girl from her abusive household. The two have fantastic chemistry as selected mother and daughter on the run attempting to start out their lives anew.

This is 1 of these dramas that truly stuck with me. I’m the sort to commonly neglect the information of a show soon after a although, but though I haven’t observed this drama due to the fact it aired in 2018, I try to remember it vividly. I felt so invested in these characters and their heartbreaking however hopeful journey toward appreciate and family members. For any one seeking for a non-romantic, suspenseful drama all about appreciate of a distinct sort, I can not propose Mother extremely adequate. –@quirkycase


Forest of Secrets (2017)

At the forefront of this densely-woven mystery are Shi-mok and Yeo-jin, an upright prosecutor and a headstrong police officer who perform collectively to untangle the titular forest of secrets. The pair share a rapport that does not require to be defined — it does not matter regardless of whether their partnership is platonic, qualified, or romantic. Above all, they’re partners, drawn collectively by shared ideals and a resolute determination to pursue the truth. They bring out the very best in every single other, usually noticing if the other particular person falters and under no circumstances hesitating to steer the other back onto the appropriate path. It is adorably endearing how Shi-mok usually fails to (or just does not bother to) choose up on social cues, and how Yeo-jin under no circumstances holds it against him. Rather, she learns his idiosyncrasies, and embraces him for who he is.

It is a testament to Jo Seung-woo and Bae Doona’s riveting portrayals of our most important duo that each intricate character detail is brought to life by means of such subtle expressions, captivating us and creating us root for them. The two serve as such great foils to every single other, with their opposite demeanors and contrasting approaches of approaching a case. Regardless of their variations, they converge in their unwavering integrity and resolve they inspire every single other to develop and do far better.

Their nuanced dynamic and stellar characterization serves to elevate a story that would be phenomenal even on its personal. Via a realistic appear at the slippery spiral of corruption, the drama tells a compelling and believed-provoking story, with a deftly-written script that under no circumstances wasted a single line of dialogue. The drama raised various philosophical and societal inquiries but trusted its audience to formulate their personal answers, exploring its central themes in a manner that under no circumstances veered into becoming didactic or convoluted. There’s a explanation Forest of Secrets received so substantially crucial acclaim, and I would wholeheartedly give it far more if I could. –@solstices


Chief Kim (2017)

I have to admit that when I watched the initially episode of this drama, I took a pause for the reason that I’ve only ever observed Namgoong Min play evil and psychopathic characters. Definitely nothing at all could have ready me for his comedic timing as the titular character in Chief Kim! He was truly all-natural and really impressive as the crooked accountant who joined a organization to steal but ended up becoming a “righteous man” lol. Chief Kim is your common workplace drama, but laced with humor which worked its way naturally into the story with out becoming also more than the leading. For a 20-episode drama, it was engaging from starting to finish, and for an ensemble cast, all the characters have been multi-dimensional, appropriately utilized, and had visible character development (minus the undesirable guys even though, these ones have been unrepentant till the finish).

And in the absence of romance, the drama supplied us with 1 of the very best bromances of all time in between Namgoong Min and Lee Jun-ho a.k.a the TQ Psycho and the Gluttonous Sociopath – seriously, these two have been 1 of the highlights of the show! Chief Kim also ticks off the boxes of workplace dramas such as: workplace style (Jun-ho’s suits), relatable characters, significant undesirable chaebol bosses and their evil minions, tax evasion and shell organizations, visits from the prosecution with their significant blue boxes of doom, departmental rivalry, Subway PPL, and lots far more. So, what’s not to appreciate about this drama? –@unit

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