Yoon-ah tries to save Lee Jong-seok in MBC

July 25, 2022July 25, 2022

Yoon-ah tries to save Lee Jong-seok in MBC’s Significant Mouth
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With the premiere just a couple of days away, MBC’s Significant Mouth has released a new highlights teaser, providing us a fantastic peek at how the lives of our most important characters grow to be twistedly intertwined.

Our “Big Mouth” hero is the third-price lawyer Park Chang-ho – played by Lee Jong-seok (Romance Is a Bonus Book) – who gets pulled into a conspiracy surrounding a new murder case. Accused of becoming the notorious con artist identified as “Big Mouse,” Park finds himself taking on the moniker in order to defend himself and his family members.

The teaser opens with a credit sequence of the cast and production crew prior to transitioning to the drama’s title card. Our hero struts into a big warehouse as he narrates, “You know the saying, it appears like comedy from a distance, but it is tragedy when noticed up close? This spot is precisely like that. Do you know who the dirtiest of them is? Significant Mouse.” In the accompanying text screens, we study: “The globe calls him, Significant Mouse.”
Lawyer Park continues that, “There are lots of varieties of Significant Mouses in the globe,” and we reduce to his married life with Nurse Go Mi-ho – played by Yoon-ah (Hush) – who threatens, “If you drop the trial right now, do not even believe about coming back to my residence.” Alas, Park is bullied out of the courtroom and he sits sadly with his father-in-law Lee Ki-young (Business enterprise Proposal) afterwards.
We then reduce to Kim Joo-hun’s (Soundtrack #1) Mayor Choi Do-ha, who hires our hero for a murder case. Choi explains, “You’re an incompetent lawyer, but you know how to adhere to guidelines nicely. They want the verdict to be ‘innocent,’ but I want the truth.” Our heroine is rightly suspicious and a lady warns Park to be cautious: “Taking on this case could lead to a thing terrible.”
Upon investigating, Lawyer Park reports to the Mayor that there’s an accomplice who ordered the murder. Park then confronts Yang Kyung-won (1 Ordinary Day), who patronizes our hero for playing with toy knives. We then see our hero acquiring into a vehicle accident, waking up in the hospital, and rapidly acquiring arrested. In the news report, we hear that the con artist Significant Mouse has been captured.
Nurse Go reassures Park, “I think you, so remain powerful and trust us. I’m going to resolve all of this.” In prison, our hero muses on the irony of losing his reputation in this way. Significant Mouse fanboy Kwak Dong-yeon (Monstrous) is excited to show Park his mouse tattoo when a different inmate drawls, “Are you genuinely that so-known as renowned mouse?”
Facing off against each Mayor Choi and Hospital Director Hyun – played by Ok Ja-yeon (The Veil) – Nurse Go reveals that she thinks there’s a connection to the deceased Professor Seo’s unpublished dissertation. Suspecting that Director Hyun is hiding a thing, Go claims that she has the copy and snoops about the hospital for clues. She’s quickly apprehended and warned, but Nurse Go does not back down.
Back in prison, our hero despairs that the only point he can do is die. He can reveal the truth in his will and the insurance coverage payout will go to his wife. But a man cautions Park that these persons will go immediately after his family members then. With new resolve, Lawyer Park vows, “All these jerks who went immediately after me, pondering that they have been the savage beasts. I’m going to bite and kill them all.”
As the teaser draws to a close, we see a series of text screens: “Friday, July 29 at 9:50pm. In order to survive, the truth demands to be revealed. A desperate struggle against a large conspiracy has begun.” Regardless of the danger, Nurse Go continues investigating and causes, “Because I’m the particular person who knows him the finest in this globe.” Cycling by means of each and every of the most important characters, we finish on our hero who declares, “I’m going to show you loud and clear why I’m the Significant Mouse.”
Co-directed by PD Oh Choong-hwan (Get started-Up, Hotel Del Luna) and PD Bae Hyun-jin with scripts penned by Kim Ha-ram, MBC’s Significant Mouth premieres July 29 in the Friday-Saturday slot.

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