Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Physician Lawyer: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

The truth lastly comes to light, and our protagonists place up their final fight to bring evil to justice. Amongst predictable reveals and neat conclusions, there’s one particular final secret to shake issues up — can our hero hold steadfast via it all whilst balancing his dual identities?



Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Yi-han corners Jayden, accusing him of getting the VIP patient he unknowingly transplanted Seok-joo’s heart into. Jayden is not intimidated one particular bit, and he challenges Yi-han to prove his assertions.

As such, Yi-han and Seok-young meet with Michael, who tells them that Jayden and Chairman Gu usually held private meetings — in other words, they may possibly have worked out a deal below the table.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Jayden pays Chairman Gu a pay a visit to in prison, exactly where the old man is as smug as ever. He presents to hold mum about Jayden’s heart initially belonging to Seok-joo — properly, I guess there’s our confirmation — but only if Jayden provides up on acquiring Banseok Hospital.

Jayden is not happy with only the Banseok R&ampD Center, but Chairman Gu threatens that he’ll expose the truth and have Banseok go up in flames. He’d rather destroy it all than let Jayden steal Banseok from below his nose.

Contrary to expectations, although, Jayden laughs in his face — he knows Chairman Gu values his household. If Chairman Gu’s dirty crimes are revealed, will not his dear Hyun-sung be oh-so-disappointed in the father he appears up to?

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Of course, a flashback reveals that there’s a lot more to the evening of the surgery than we have been initially privy to. The day of his surgery, Jayden abruptly requests to postpone it to the following day, considering the fact that there’s somebody he wants to meet urgently.

Crafty as normally, Chairman Gu enables for the delay, prescribing Jayden a counter-agent to mitigate the effects of the pre-surgery medicine he’d taken. Nevertheless, the medicine had induced a heart attack as an alternative, causing Jayden’s accident and top to the illicit surgery at Banseokwon.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Yi-han and Seok-young program a meeting with Jung-hyun, but she does not show up. Worried, they pay a visit to her residence to uncover her son collapsed on the floor — Chairman Gu had ordered his aide CHUN HYUN-GU (Lee Gyu-bok) to kidnap Jung-hyun.

He’s about to escape overseas, but a telephone contact from Eun-shil stops him quick. She instructs him to take care of Jung-hyun and turn himself in, considering the fact that Chairman Gu has admitted to his charges in order to save Banseok. She reassures Hyun-gu that his sentence will be light. (Yeah, I can smell the manipulation from a mile away.)

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Of course, Chairman Gu switches tack and denies all the charges, claiming to have been place below unfair duress previously. He pins the blame for all his crimes on Hyun-gu, feigning total ignorance.

Appropriate then, a telephone rings — it is Eun-shil’s. Or a lot more particularly, it is the burner telephone that Chairman Gu gave her to get in touch with Hyun-gu with. Realizing the telephone is vital proof, Seok-young snatches it out of her hands and answers the contact for the complete courtroom to hear.

It is Hyun-gu on the other finish of the line, but he’s a lot closer than we believe — turns out he’s sitting in that incredibly courtroom, to everyone’s shock. But how did he get there?

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

To answer that query, we rewind back. Jung-hyun’s disappearance may possibly have posed a setback to the group, but Yi-han does not let that faze him. He confronts a guilt-ridden Yoon-jung about the autopsy report she fabricated for Seok-joo’s death, which is precisely the push she necessary to do the suitable issue.

Collectively with Seok-young, they reveal the complete extent of Chairman Gu’s crimes to his wife. Urging her to defend Banseok, Yi-han entreats her (and Hyun-sung) to track down Hyun-gu’s whereabouts just before Chairman Gu can get to him.

Fortunately, Hyun-sung comes via for them he’s identified out that Hyun-gu will be meeting the Banseok safety group to hand more than the burner telephone. Of course, Hyun-gu finds himself surrounded by them as an alternative, and he tends to make a desperate run for it — suitable as Yi-han pulls up in front of him to save him.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

That is how each Hyun-gu and Jung-hyun safely make it to court, to the dismay of Chairman Gu. Hyun-gu testifies that the telephone includes recordings of Chairman Gu ordering him to instigate or commit murder, and then Jung-hyun requires the stand to reveal the truth of Seok-joo’s surgery. Working with her son as leverage, Chairman Gu had coerced Jung-hyun into assisting him.

Chairman Gu lastly confesses to removing Seok-joo’s heart with his personal two hands, and destroying Seok-joo’s ECMO the subsequent morning so that he’d drop his life. Grief twists its claws into Seok-young — and then she’s clutching at her heart, gasping in discomfort as her heart situation acts up.

Seok-young is rushed to the hospital, and her untimely collapse causes the trial to be suspended till the subsequent hearing.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Justice is starting to deal her hand, and Eun-shil’s about to get disbarred for her component in Chairman Gu’s crimes. Left with no a lawyer, Chairman Gu has no decision but to accept Yi-han’s visitation request.

He apologizes for what he did to Yi-han, admitting that he hoped to kill two birds with one particular stone — save his VIP client, and get rid of Yi-han so Hyun-sung could lastly step out of his shadow.

Chairman Gu reveals his accurate motive quickly adequate, although. Claiming to have hidden a video that proves Jayden was the recipient of Seok-joo’s heart, he entreats Yi-han to uncover it and defend Banseok.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Post-visitation, Chairman Gu visits the prison physician, who’s supposed to give him a non-lethal injection to simulate dizziness and get him transferred to (the a lot a lot more comfy) Banseokwon.

Alternatively, the shot tends to make Chairman Gu pass out totally, and when he wakes up he’s chained to a health-related cot — just as Yi-han after was. How the tables have turned.

It is the function of Jayden, who wields a syringe containing numerous instances the dosage of the heart-attack-inducing drug Chairman Gu gave him that evening. He’s right here for revenge.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Meanwhile, Yi-han discovers the video that Chairman Gu hid, which includes the conversation about delaying Jayden’s surgery. Pairing that with Jayden’s accident report, Yi-han realizes that there had been somebody in the passenger seat — KIM JUNG-HYE (Lee Kyung-jin), a 63-year-old lady.

Via a flashback, we see her conversation with Jayden. Claiming to be a buddy of her son Jae-hyuk, Jayden asks why she didn’t appear for her son if she missed him so a lot. Jung-hye replies tearfully that she hadn’t had the courage to, not right after sending him away when it became challenging to make ends meet.

She confesses that she misses her son, even although she does not believe she deserves to see him once more. Tears welling up in his eyes, Jayden admits that he resented her for abandoning him — but in spite of it all, he missed her, also.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Just after so several years of separation, Jayden lastly gets to contact her “mom,” but Chairman Gu’s drug kicks in at that precise moment. Clutching his chest in agony, Jayden barely manages to swerve away from site visitors and pull more than.

It is no use, although, due to the fact Hyun-gu shows up to ram his auto straight into Jayden’s. Jung-hye instinctively throws herself more than her son to defend him, and when Jayden regains consciousness post-accident, he’s informed by Chairman Gu that his surgery was productive — but that the passenger died.

Back in the present, Yi-han realizes that Chairman Gu deceived Jayden into getting the illegal heart transplant surgery, so that Honours Hand would have to invest in Banseok. That is why Jayden has been hell-bent on revenge all these years, considering the fact that Chairman Gu killed the only household he had left. In the prison, Jayden injects Chairman Gu with the drug, wishing him a slow and painful death.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

The subsequent morning, Chairman Gu is rushed to the hospital. He requests for a meeting with Yi-han, but he barely gets to say a handful of words to him just before he flatlines.

Elsewhere, Jayden clears out his penthouse and heads to the airport with Yoo-na. Each Hyun-sung and Yi-han simultaneously recognize that Jayden’s arranging to flee the nation, and they rush to catch him at the airport.

Hyun-sung tends to make it to him initial, and he grabs his lapels in anguish, accusing him of killing his father. Jayden merely smirks, difficult Hyun-sung to prove his crime and chase right after him to take revenge.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Except that is not what Hyun-sung has in thoughts. Emotional and impulsive as ever, Hyun-sung stabs a scalpel suitable into Jayden’s heart.

Yi-han arrives at that incredibly moment (handy timing, as normally), and he rushes to staunch the flow of blood. Pushing previous the discomfort, Jayden ekes out that he hadn’t identified how Chairman Gu would acquire the heart, and he asks Yi-han to convey his apology to Seok-young.

Jayden is rushed to Yi-han’s clinic, exactly where the group prepares for surgery. Seok-young urges Yi-han to save Jayden’s life, so that he can stand trial and acquire his due punishment.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

A single year later. At Yi-han’s clinic, So-yeon undergoes a productive throat surgery, regaining her voice thanks to Yo-seob. Yi-han gets exonerated at his retrial for the malpractice allegations, and the group celebrates with Seok-young in her hospital ward.

Ahead of Yi-han joins them, he visits somebody in prison — it is Jayden. Yi-han asks why Jayden didn’t inform him about his previous sooner, and why he is not filing an appeal he can potentially acquire a lighter sentence due to extenuating situations.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Yi-han presents to defend him in court, but Jayden turns him down. Considering the fact that he’s taken revenge in his personal way, he now has to spend the cost, and he’s resolved to carry out his sentence with no operating away.

Extending a hand for a final goodbye, Jayden thanks Yi-han for all the things he’s accomplished. With one thing like regret and respect in his gaze, Yi-han shakes Jayden’s hand.

Ahead of they component methods, Jayden asks why Yi-han chose to save him a second time. Merely, Yi-han replies that he’s a physician.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

All’s properly that ends properly a heart donor has lastly been identified for Seok-young, and Yi-han proposes marriage after she’s healthful once more.

Back in his clinic, Yi-han surveys the health-related supplies that Jayden purchased for him, then picks up a scalpel. He gazes at it for a lengthy moment, no doubt contemplating how it can either save lives or kill individuals based on whose hand it is in.

Just then, he gets a contact, and he answers as Lawyer Han Yi-han, scalpel in hand. Our Physician Lawyer is back to function.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Effectively, that is definitely a neat ending. I cannot say this drama’s finale shocked me, and I do want it took a unique path rather than such a predictable route. The uneven pacing didn’t do the show any favors, and I’m left wanting a lot more emotional payoff.

The drama had lots of possible at initial — so several achievable antagonists, each and every with their personal vested interests! A precarious (but electrifying) partnership in between two capable males, one particular of whom is an absolute wild card! A premise that could have explored how medicine and law save individuals in unique methods!

Alternatively, what we got was a half-baked and properly-worn tale, in which the plot tended to drag its characters along and shove them into pigeonholes of cliches. So several possibilities have been produced purely for theatrics, rather than possessing them be believable and character-driven.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

The essential cast is not even that sprawling when compared to specific other dramas (Insider, I’m hunting at you), but the script didn’t know how to adequately make use of them all. Characters have been spotlighted and then abruptly sidelined — for instance, I believed Michael was going to play a larger function in Jayden’s downfall, but he was primarily relegated to getting an info messenger pigeon.

I want the characters have been written as totally-created people in their personal suitable, rather than getting decreased to one particular-dimensional archetypes. I did attempt to decrease my requirements and just delight in the ride, but when you handle to make even So Ji-sub appear bland, that is when you know something’s seriously lacking in your show.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

I do not want to be also a lot of a downer, although — the show did have its very good moments, and I genuinely enjoyed the uplifting messages of hope it conveyed via the principled physicians that under no circumstances hesitated to save a life.

Nonetheless, it is precisely due to the fact I liked some components that I want the drama did greater. It set up such fascinating foils — for instance, the steadfast Yi-han, praised by all, versus the insecure Hyun-sung, shamed for his lacking expertise by his incredibly personal father.

There’s also so a lot to discover in between Yi-han and Jayden. Yi-han is staunchly principled, but that limits his capability to pursue revenge with no compromising his morals, usually placing his allies in danger due to how slow their plans move. Contrast that to Jayden, who is decidedly a lot more amoral, permitting him the freedom to beat his enemies at their personal game and swiftly resolve circumstances just before they can escalate.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Whose strategy ought to be taken? Is it ever justified to manipulate individuals like pawns if all turns out properly in the finish? Or really should one particular strive to uphold ethics even in the face of unscrupulous evil? How far can one particular possibly go whilst staying inside the bounds of the law, when the technique itself is flawed, corrupt, and quickly manipulated by the wealthy?

I want a lot more time was devoted to fleshing out the conflict in their solutions, as properly as establishing a deeper connection in between the two. The revelation of Jayden’s involvement in the surgery, and the subsequent dissolution of their partnership, would have landed a lot tougher.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

Eventually, the drama sacrificed depth in favor of pulling off dramatic reversals (which seriously weren’t that surprising) and manufacturing conflict (which didn’t really feel all that organic). It is a shame, due to the fact I do believe the drama touched upon some incredibly pertinent concerns, however it didn’t handle to answer them with enough complexity.

At the finish of this lengthy, winding ride, I’m not pretty happy with how the drama turned out, but I do not totally lament the time I spent on it, either. I’ll surely miss seeing Shin Sung-rok as the captivating Jayden, that is for confident!

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 15-16

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