Why Her?: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Why Her?: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

The most anticipated finale of the year has lastly arrived, and although most of us have been waiting to be place out of our misery, our top lady’s angst has only grown exponentially every week. Will she ultimately obtain peace and happiness with her young paramour, or will she set fire to TK Law Firm and go out in a blaze of vengeful glory?


Following final week’s unnecessarily gruesome and tragic final moments, I located myself simultaneously eager to rip off this K-drama Band-Help and fearful of what I could obtain underneath the metaphorical bandage. How would the story deal with Soo-jae’s grief? Would it be glossed more than, or would the writers give it the suitable interest it deserved?

Properly, I’d say it was additional of the latter — assuming we’re measuring solely primarily based on screen time. I sat by means of around thirty minutes of achingly slow — but properly acted — scenes depicting Soo-jae’s feelings as she grappled with the tragedy of her daughter’s death. By the time she attends Jae-yi’s funeral, she’s virtually a zombie, and she barely flinches when Joo-wan publicly screams at her and blames her for their daughter’s death.

I imply, yeah, the entire Truck of Doom incident could have been avoided if Soo-jae had been holding Jae-yi’s hand, but like all tragic accidents, there’s a lot of should’ve-could’ve-would’ves to be tossed about. As they say, hindsight — and makjang writers — are a b*tch.

Sung-beom and In-soo attend the funeral with their sons, and probably a single of my favourite scenes of the finale week is when they all sit down with Tae-kook. Dang-oh and Shi-hyuk commence griping about their present scandals, and Tae-kook splashes them with soju, reminding them that they are at his granddaughter’s funeral. I seriously hate these sniveling twerps, and it was satisfying to see them cower and be place in their spot, even if it is unlikely that they felt accurate remorse. Either way, Tae-kook has a intimidating “you disgust me” face.

Even though Soo-jae is out of commission, the Group eight students plow ahead with their investigation and attempt to obtain added proof to determine Na-jung’s killer. A essential piece of proof that they’ve however to find is Na-jung’s vest, which Eun-seo was wearing when she was admitted to the hospital following getting hit by the automobile. If they obtain the vest, they can tie the two incidents with each other and establish a motive for Na-jung’s murder. Fortunately, Joon-hee is a pack rat and has held onto it for ten years.

Soo-jae’s discomfort and sorrow have consumed her, and she disappears without the need of telling any person exactly where she’s headed. The longer she’s missing, the additional Chan worries for her wellbeing. His instincts prove appropriate since Soo-jae has traveled to the beach exactly where she and Chan as soon as had their spontaneous date with each other, and she plans to finish her life.

Even even though she had a enormous head begin, Chan is in a position to obtain her and pull her from the ocean. She puts up a fight, but Chan coaxes her out of her pit of despair with a rousing speech about how she really should take duty for her wrongdoings if she’s so ashamed of them. And, although she’s at it, she really should bring down the persons who trampled on her and Chan. She’s powerful and cool, and she can do something if she sets her thoughts to it.

Apparently, Chan’s words have been specifically what Soo-jae required to hear. When we see her subsequent, she has her game face on as she meets with her rag-tag group of student investigators on the eve of her disciplinary trial, which is to be televised (at her request) the exact same day as Jin-ki’s confirmation hearing as the new Minister of Justice.

Jin-ki and Se-pil strategy to use Jin-ki’s hearing to publicize the cover-up of Eun-seo’s rape and (hopefully) present DNA proof that proves she was in Sung-beom’s home the evening of the incident. However, ahead of the confirmation hearing, Il-goo identifies Eun-seo and discovers her connection to Jin-ki and Se-pil.

As a outcome, Tae-kook has time to come up with a counter attack, and so he exposes Jin-ki’s bribery scandal, proactively discrediting all of Jin-ki’s accusations. Sung-beom’s home, which Se-pil bought beneath his American name, is also burned to the ground, and the blood located on Eun-seo’s earring was as well old to analyze for DNA.

Back at Soo-jae’s disciplinary hearing, issues appear to be going just as poorly. Not only has Tae-kook filled several of the spots on the committee with his personal persons, but the trial begins with the committee presenting some relatively incriminating proof that proves Soo-jae has defended her consumers applying slightly amoral and illegal indicates. Case in point: the illegally obtained DNA test she applied to prove that the plaintiffs suing Hansu Biomedical have been frauds — never ever thoughts the reality that they have been abusing their adoptive son and Soo-jae has been sponsoring the boy ever given that.

Soo-jae and her lawyer Mi-rim request an adjournment, and to all eyes watching the trial, it seems to be a final ditch work to obtain time. But we know improved. When the trial resumes the subsequent day, Tae-kook watches from the comfort of his workplace, not suspecting that Soo-jae and Mi-rim will lastly go on the offensive and destroy his ass.

They wait for Joon-myung, the chairman of the committee, to mention So-young’s death, and that is when they unveil their personal proof, beginning with a pretty telling photo of Tae-kook with his arm about So-young. The photograph is not adequate to prove Tae-kook murdered So-young, but with every new counter argument that the committee — and Joon-wan, who’s permitted to yell issues from the audience for some explanation — proposes, Soo-jae unveils a new piece of proof additional damning than the final.

It all builds till Soo-jae lastly plays a literal video of Tae-kook pushing So-young off the roof… Uhm, why didn’t they just lead with that? Ah, ideal, gotta make it dramatic.

The video, along with a crap ton of added audio and video files, have been acquired from Il-goo. Following his son’s current death, he was no longer beholden to Tae-kook’s economic help, and he decided to repent and lead a additional honorable life. Thank goodness for Il-goo’s modify of heart since, even even though they matched Tae-kook’s fingerprint to the unidentified a single located on the murder weapon, it was Il-goo’s testimony that cinched the case — in particular in regards to what occurred ten years ago.

For ten years, Il-goo held onto a handkerchief covered in Na-jung’s blood. It is also stamped with an image of Tae-kook’s ring — which he conveniently nonetheless wears to this day. But wait! There’s additional!

The evening Na-jung was murdered, Il-goo’s gut told him not to trust the shady, murderous lawyer who was bound to make him a fall guy at the very first sign of difficulty. And so, Il-goo wore a hidden camera when he showed up to enable Tae-kook dispose of Na-jung’s physique, and footage from that evening is played for absolutely everyone to see. I feel it is secure to say that Tae-kook will not be in a position to weasel his way out of difficulty this time.

The most surprising portion of this reveal is Joon-wan’s response. Apparently, Joon-wan has spent the final ten years considering he and his buddies have been the ones who killed Na-jung, and he’s been kissing his father’s butt ever given that as a sort of penance for screwing up so horribly. Since, you know, murder is just a small oopsie, but producing his father clean up his mess is the actual crime. Ugh, props to this drama for developing some really despicable villains it is a single of the couple of issues it did properly.

Soo-jae’s trial ultimately comes to a close since — to place it merely — it was rigged from the begin. Considering that the proceedings exposed the corrupt dealings of several of the committee members, the committee lost the ideal to punish Soo-jae.

And what of our primary villain? Properly, following watching his reputation and empire crumble through reside tv, Tae-kook swallowed a bottle of tablets and chased it with french fries and soju. In his final moments, he calls Soo-jae to ponder how issues would have turned out if he’d accepted her as his daughter-in-law, and his final words are to inform Soo-jae that she shouldn’t really feel confident that she’s won. Who am I to query a dying man’s unfounded and delusional sense of grandeur, but, yeah — he’s incorrect. He won a lot of battles, but he surely lost the war.

Our other poor guys do not get any jail time for their crimes, and rather they face a trial by public opinion. It is a rather frustrating outcome since Jin-ki, on the other hand, does go to prison for his a single criminal act.

Admittedly, Jin-ki did face the judge and ask him to situation a extreme punishment in order to make an instance of him. As a lawyer, Jin-ki believed he really should be held to a greater typical, and he wanted his punishment to serve as a reminder to other legal pros that they really should abide by the laws they’re sworn to uphold.

Six months pass — oh, yay, a final minute time skip — and Soo-jae is noticeably happier. Se-pil delivers to invest in her law firm and have her on retainer for his business — since Hansu Biomedical is nonetheless hounding him following he canceled the buyout — but she rejects his provide. She’s located peace operating her personal little firm exactly where she has the freedom and autonomy to reside for herself and in the moment.

She’s also nonetheless teaching, and our drama comes complete circle as Soo-jae arrives late to her very first class of the semester. After once more she writes “I will never ever send my client to jail” on the board and faces her students. All the members of Group eight are seated in the front row, and we understand that Gang-ja was the a single with the highest grades final semester. Of course, rather of an internship with TK Law Firm, she will be interning at Soo-jae’s smaller sized firm — not that she’s upset about it.

Class ends and Soo-jae finds herself without the need of an umbrella in the middle of a downpour, but fortunately she’s kept Chan about for the duration of the final six months. He shows up with an umbrella — a callback to an earlier episode — but rather of handing it off to her, he puts his arm about her and they stroll ~with each other~ by means of the rain.

I’m really pleased that the romance plot ended on a subtle, content note. Something additional would have just emphasized how glaringly mismatched Soo-jae and Chan have been as a couple, and something significantly less would have produced me angry that they incorporated the romance in the very first spot. I know a lot of persons have criticized Hwang In-yub’s acting and placed the lack of chemistry completely on him, but Seo Hyun-jin didn’t sell the romance either, which leads me to think the fault lies with the writing.

There have been a lot of components operating against these characters and their romantic connection: the student-teacher energy imbalance, age and way of life variations, Chan’s blind hero worship, and Soo-jae’s disproportionate maturity and jadedness. Maybe the worst offense of all, even though, was how intimacy was manufactured by means of the repetitive formula of possessing Chan comfort Soo-jae anytime an external conflict — and there have been a lot of them — produced Soo-jae vulnerable and emotional. Aside from (perhaps) their date on the beach, I legitimately struggle to feel of any scenes exactly where Chan was not acting as either her student or her human handkerchief.

Honestly, this drama dropped the ball on a lot of issues — not just the arguably unnecessary romance. The most clear is Soo-jae’s stint as a law professor, which was inexplicably shoehorned into the plot, but I didn’t predict that Yoon-sang’s character would finish up getting so disappointing. His connection with his father and brother was only addressed superficially, and the epic betrayal that I believed we have been developing up to turned out to be a enormous flop. What was the point of possessing him break into his father’s man-cave if Il-goo was going to swoop in with improved, additional incriminating proof?

And speaking of Il-goo, we never ever revisited the reality that he supposedly hit Chan with a Truck of Doom. I have so several inquiries about that a single flashback scene, but the drama never ever references it once more. It is like it never ever occurred, which is not only an exceptionally weird oversight but a missed chance. It would have been a fantastic way for the writers to clarify that Chan had reconstructive surgery, which resulted in a significantly altered look — a pretty absurd detail that has bugged me from the pretty starting of this story.

General, I’m unabashedly disappointed with the decline of Why Her? more than the course of its run, but I do want to acknowledge Seo Hyun-jin and Heo Jun-ho’s excellent acting. The two of them — and their properly rounded characters — carried this drama, and it is a pity that the script did not match their star energy. Offered the surprisingly constant ratings for Why Her?, I can only hope that the drama gods took notice, and perhaps a single day they will bless us with a improved drama starring this duo.

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