Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12


Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Our heroes face their toughest challenge however: defining what their connection indicates to them. But, what’s a mage to do when his assassin master is intent on emotional self-sabotage? Meanwhile, there’s a corpse in Songrim, and it is not going to investigate itself…



Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Soon after the tenderest moment however in between our leads, the backlash is inevitable. Mu-deok recoils, urging Wook to overlook about her “letter,” and how difficult she would fight just to see him. She can not specifically unsend it, although. And Wook, obtaining discovered how to study invisible writing, has gotten far also fantastic at reading his master.

He measures close. Calls her name. To her horror, Mu-deok realizes she has fallen in enjoy.

Frightened, she steers them back to safer metaphorical ground. It appears, she snaps, that Wook has been foolish adequate to poison himself — and she is the only antidote. But, she does not bank on Wook unashamedly listing his symptoms. From morning to evening, he thinks about her continuously. He will not let her make light of his feelings.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Speedy on the heels of a single confession comes a different. Dang-gu discovers Yul’s bird whistle in Mu-deok’s bag, and — delightful meddler that he is — utilizes it to engineer a rendezvous. Meeting Mu-deok at their usual spot, a spot I like to contact the Bridge of Romantic Longing, Yul returns the keepsake. He’s currently half-convinced that Mu-deok loves Wook, but it is now or under no circumstances. He calls her usual bluff, insisting that if she definitely is in enjoy with him, she ought to attempt tougher to make him think it.

It is a bold move. Mu-deok dives in with an obligatory “I enjoy you,” but Yul’s not playing about. If she genuinely had been in enjoy, he says, she’d struggle to say it even after. I like you. That is what he should really have told the girl he gave the whistle. As Mu-deok processes this, he tells her that if she ever wants assistance, she knows exactly where to uncover him. It is a single heck of a mic drop.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Meanwhile, Wook, regardless of his a lot-vaunted Mu-deok-deciphering capabilities, has produced a translation error. Thanks to Dang-gu spilling to beans about the bird whistle, he’s convinced that his personal enjoy is unrequited. In ever-relatable Wook style, he drowns his sorrows in angry naps and unproductivity — a lot to Mu-deok’s distaste. Even fluttering her eyelashes at him — revealing a hitherto-undiscovered talent for aegyo — does absolutely nothing in addition to embarrass them each. Wook storms back property, taking refuge in his a single accurate enjoy: the bathtub.

Across town, Jin visits Ho-gyeong, concerned by her developing intimacy with Mu. Speak turns to Bu-yeon. Ho-gyeong reveals that she was pregnant for thirteen months prior to her daughter was born on a day the Gwanju pronounced blessed. A short flashback tells a unique story: the pregnant Ho-gyeong begged Jang Gang to save her baby’s life with the ice stone.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

It is this devotion that Mu is determined to exploit. Seasoned Bu-yeon imitator, So-yi, is specifically the bait he calls for. Problems is, he wants her to prove she can play blind.

So-yi knows failure indicates death. Mu sends pottery shards whistling via the air to slice at her face — even pausing, terrifyingly, prior to her open eye. No reaction. Lastly, he wheels about and swings his sword at her neck, slicing her hair to shoulder length. So-yi remains unmoved. Obtaining survived the audition from hell, she’s cast as Jin Bu-yeon.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

At Songrim, Mu-deok ponders what new peril she have to engineer to snap Wook out of his funk. Inspiration comes in the kind of Prince Won, sitting rakishly in a tree. He’s right here to brag about his newfound laundry capabilities — turns out, rice paste is a wonderful therapy for ink stains! — and grumble more than Wook, whose poor swordsmanship remains a point of bitterness. Mu-deok, sensing chance, proposes a bet.

Ironically, Wook’s undertaking fine right after a loving pep speak from Do-joo, he’s fired up and raring to go. It is hence even a lot more jarring when he walks into the Songrim instruction center only to be set upon by a man with a sword — and to be told he just lost his initially duel. Mu-deok’s bet is devastating: if Wook fails to defeat at least a single of ten mages, she’ll give Won her jade egg charm.

Wook does not thoughts getting flung into danger, but he draws the line at this cavalier therapy of his symbolic not-wedding-ring! The row that follows is their ugliest considering the fact that Danhyanggok. Mu-deok insists that placing her most valuable belonging — and their connection — on the line was her only indicates of motivating him. Savagely, Wook says he regrets providing her the jade at all.

How the tables have turned considering the fact that final week: although our heroes refuse to hear a single a different, Master Lee has ultimately discovered his voice with Do-joo. Scarf-clad and earnest, he surprises her with a bunch of flowers. The reality that Do-joo has a secret admirer is disturbing news for a jealous Jin, but fantastic news for Daeho’s florists as he promptly buys up half their stock. Do-joo is left with intense emotional whiplash, about sixty billion flowers, and nonetheless no apology for their fight.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Nearby, Dang-gu and Cho-yeon frolic amid the stalls. When Dang-gu confesses his enjoy, it is refreshingly easy: he’s just a boy, standing in front of a girl to whom he’s fake-engaged, asking her to get actual-engaged. She accepts! It is so cute it ought to be forbidden.

Problems is, as heirs to their respective households, it sort of is — and when Jin, fresh from his ludicrous flower-amassing gambit, spots them holding hands, it is game more than for Daeho’s least difficult couple. Even though Cho-yeon holds out hope for her sister’s reappearance, Dang-gu gets chased out of the space when he asks if Jin has a secret kid stashed away who could inherit Songrim… so, he can only assume the answer is no.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Meanwhile, Mu oversees the smaller matter of developing a cult. Cheonbugwan’s secret space hides a multitude of sins: Mu’s allies have accomplished grim immortality by means of the alchemy of souls. One particular such follower, MASTER KANG (Kim Ik-tae), has brought his unsuspecting pupil (Jang Sung-bum) to Mu for precisely this objective. The poor man is ripped from his personal physique into that of his dying master — all although So-yi watches, appalled. She have to necessarily be complicit in this.

Misuse of the ice stone runs rampant all through Daeho’s upper echelons also complicit is Cho-yeon’s father, JIN WOO-TAK (Joo Seok-tae). The Danju’s influence only grows. Master Lee suspects that Wook, born beneath the King’s Star, is destined to repair this crisis.

Of course, at the moment, Wook’s struggling to win a single fight. Mu-deok’s scheme to assistance him find out from ten formidable magic customers is paying dividends — but the eighth defeat is in particular ignominious. Just when Wook thinks he’s got the upper hand, he’s flung unceremoniously into a pond, which is a quite fantastic metaphor for his life, when you believe about it. As he stalks away, Mu-deok, who promptly waded into the water herself to assistance him — also a fantastic metaphor — runs to fetch him a towel.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Arriving at Wook’s space, she finds Yun-ok waiting with snacks. Mu-deok promptly recognizes her as the “egret” Do-joo talked about — Wook’s preferred suitor. Disheartened, she leaves to uncover Wook.

…Who, as it turns out, is not disheartened at all. In reality, he’s picked up a nifty magical trick from his most up-to-date fight! He was so immersed although practicing that he’s nonetheless in sopping wet battle gear. Mu-deok beams with pride. They share a prickly, intimate moment exactly where she alternates in between doling out stern combat guidance and gently toweling him down.

As Wook turns to leave, Mu-deok remembers Yun-ok, and indulges in a moment of selfishness: she grabs him by the sleeve. Wook, although mystified, finds an excuse to remain he sits her down and sponges the mud from her footwear, fondly lecturing her about functioning also difficult. It is adequate to make your breath catch. There’s soft eye get in touch with! There’s tender wound touching! All may possibly not be totally forgiven, but they’re nicely on their way. Meanwhile, poor Yun-ok is left sitting alone once more, with absolutely nothing but a lot more empty peanut shells to show for her patience.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Elsewhere, Won examines the yin jade. His master, Mu, has alerted him to the reality that it is a single of two, prompting some extremely enviously furrowed eyebrows. Experimentally, he tries flooding it with magic. It responds.

Pulsing softly to the beat of a heart, it leads him out onto the streets. Back in his space, Wook notices his yang jade glowing also. Rapt, each males comply with the magical pull of the relics, which appear to be irresistibly top them to… a single a different.

Not to be a killjoy, but I dislike the prevalence of jokes that hinge on how “hilarious” it would be if a romantic moment occurred in between two males. In any case, when Wook and Won come face to face on a bridge, hearts racing, it is embarrassing for everybody involved.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Later, news hits Songrim: Master Kang has been assassinated by a group of mysterious assailants! Or, so the story goes. Truly, it is an excuse to get his old physique out of the way — and the apprentice who dwells inside it. It is not the initially time Daeho’s loved ones heads have practically come to blows more than a corpse, but this time Jin reacts rapidly. He demands that the physique be preserved for investigation. Alas, he’s overridden: Ho-gyeong sides with Mu, insisting on instant cremation.

In the aftermath, Wook overhears an urgent conversation in between Jin and Master Lee. Jin has place the pieces collectively: disposing of soul-shifted bodies have to have been Naksu’s objective. Mu, he suspects, lured her in with the prospect of vengeance for her father — then, when she’d outlived her usefulness, aimed her at Songrim in the hopes that they’d finish her off.

Wook wastes no time. He finds Mu-deok. When she asks right after his wounds, he lifts his arms up for perusal — and hugs her. No judgement. Just enjoy, and sympathy.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Teasingly, he tells her that he’s discovered some thing fascinating about the yin-and-yang jade he’ll show her when he wins hers back. Mu-deok, in a striking moment of vulnerability, asks if he intends to return it to her. He nods. As she adorably enthuses about the prospect of it getting a lethal weapon, Wook grins — ultimately, they’re back to what passes for typical in between them.

Jin attends Master Kang’s funeral armed with a scheme. He instructs Yul to examine the corpse for a soul mark, then carry out the risky job of channeling his power to make it run wild. This component proceeds with out a hitch: the physique is revealed to be totally petrified, a lot to the mourners’ horror.

Confronting the actual Master Kang proves dicier. Jin orders Yul to take him in alive — although Mu, equally rapid off the bat, commands that he be killed. In the finish, Mu’s mooks succeed prior to Yul can intervene. The corpse, at least, is taken into Songrim’s custody. The only other casualty is Yul’s peace of thoughts — he’s tormented by the prospect of fighting a rogue Mu-deok a single day.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

At the palace, the soul-shifter inhabiting the physique of EUNUCH KIM (Jung Ji-quickly) approaches Ha-sun with — nicely, not so a lot a request as a demand. He’s operating out of power. He desires the ice stone to heal him, but he’ll settle for a new physique. This is garnished with a hint of blackmail as he reminds the snarling Queen that he knows her accurate identity: Shaman Choi.

The subsequent day, Jin receives two guests, only a single of whom is welcome: Do-joo and Mu. Does it count as third-wheeling when you are only right here to stare down your nemesis? Either way, it tends to make for an ultra tense tea celebration, in particular when Do-joo breaks out her homemade honey biscuits. Jin point blank refuses to let Mu consume a single. For Mu, it is a galling reminder of the drudgery he faced functioning for the Gwanju. For Do-joo, it is basically rude! Later she sends Mu-deok to Cheonbugwan with a different box of biscuits. Wook opts to comply with.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

It is a negative day for a field trip. Mu, incensed by Kim’s presumption — not to mention, furious on the Danju’s behalf, for getting forcibly reminded of her humble beginnings as a dan’gol — has turned to his favourite answer: murder. Kim dodges a killing blow, fleeing semi-petrified.

Meanwhile, Wook, displaying characteristic sensitivity in all issues Mu-deok, decides she’d appreciate a go to to the constellation-recording chamber in which her father employed to operate. However, there’s small likelihood for nostalgia they’re swiftly interrupted by a rampaging soul-shifter — followed by Mu himself.

Playing the bumbling student and his obsequious maid will not operate — they’ve observed also a lot. Mu hits Wook with a potent spell, imprisoning him inside a magical barrier that, to the captive, feels like a cliff overlooking a roiling sea.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

Mu gives Kim a lifeline: he can drain Mu-deok to replenish his power. Afterwards, Wook’s physique is his for the taking.

Mu-deok puts up an admirable fight, but she lacks the strength to fend off a rampaging soul-shifter. As Kim bleeds her of life force, she starts to drop consciousness, murmuring Wook’s name. Wook, calling upon his master for strength, marshals his self-confidence and leaps cost-free of the illusion…

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

… Only to recognize that Mu-deok does not want assistance at all. He finds her gripping Kim by the forehead, suffused with eerie light as she leeches his power away.

Mu-deok falls back, anguished. Is she operating wild? She begs for Wook to remain back in case she kills him, but Wook will not abandon her. He pulls her into a determined hug.

As she is held, Mu-deok’s hand trails into the water basin exactly where constellations are recorded. Tendrils of mysterious light ripple via the air.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

If there’s a single issue at which Alchemy of Souls excels, it is in delivering the most emotionally devastating hugs. But, who am I kidding? You know how numerous issues I reckon this show excels at. Here’s a single: I enjoy that absolutely nothing comes uncomplicated for our heroes. Mu-deok’s struggle with her new physique is treated a lot more respectfully than a plot gimmick it impacts her profoundly. Her journey entails discovering new kinds of strength, and picking to rely on an individual other than herself. Meanwhile, Wook’s achievements invariably take work: he’s sensible, but he’s not a genius he lags behind his peers, but he’s finding out how tenacious he can be.

To me, this is the show’s defining theme. At the finish of the day, it is not about getting the world’s most potent mage, or performing feats of amazing strength. It is about undertaking your finest when the deck’s stacked against you. Alchemy of Souls definitely gets what adult finding out appears like! It is messy. It is frustrating. You are going to commit the day in bed from time to time, taking angry naps and extended, depressed baths — none of which invalidates the difficult operate. And finding out how to be intimate with an individual? To trust them with your life? That is a minefield. Nonetheless, some thing tells me our leads will rise to the challenge.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 11-12

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