Insider: Episodes 13-14


Insider: Episodes 13-14

Lies upon lies upon lies — deception is the name of the game this week. Our protagonist draws up an ambitious subterfuge to outwit his enemies, but they’re busy enacting their personal schemes, as well. Ever the master manipulator, our hero appears to have his opponents in the palm of his hand — but does he actually?



Insider Episodes 13-14 Insider Episodes 13-14

Byung-wook meets up with Annie to claim the prosecutors’ share of the slush fund, but she hangs him out to dry. Citing the current funds laundering failure at the casino, Annie relays the Deep Pockets’ refusal to spend the prosecutors. She advises Byung-wook to treat Yo-han properly because he’s now the casino manager, substantially to Byung-wook’s ire.

As such, Jae-sun shows up at the casino without having warning, intentionally creating a fuss to draw Yo-han out. He delivers him straight to Byung-wook, who presses Yo-han about his motives — why is he going this far?

Byung-wook is a difficult nut to crack, and he is not swayed by Yo-han’s try at a pathos appeal. In the end, Yo-han gives to turn Byung-wook into 1 of the Deep Pockets — not only will he obtain a sizable sum from the casino’s funds laundering, but he’ll also have Yo-han’s help in his political endeavors.

Insider Episodes 13-14

Now that Yo-han’s risen to a position of energy, Jin-hyung realizes he’s been utterly played for a fool. Determined to regain the upper hand, Jin-hyung approaches Yang Hwa in the interrogation space exactly where he’s becoming held.

Jin-hyung gives the possibility to make a single telephone contact, thereby establishing their alliance, and Yang Hwa requires it. He phones tiny bro Chairman Yang, calmly advising him to lay low till he offers a signal.

Chairman Yang’s not alone, even though Chairman Do incessantly goads him, asserting that the individual who goes all-in through a time of crisis often ends up winning the battle. Impressionable as often, Chairman Yang finds himself swayed by Chairman Do’s persuasion.

Insider Episodes 13-14 Insider Episodes 13-14

Soo-yeon’s unhappy that Yo-han is not taking extra proactive measures against Byung-wook, in particular now that they have close access to him and can simply kill him. Having said that, Yo-han desires to lessen any prospective collateral harm.

Rather of facing off straight against Byung-wook, he plans to earn his trust and carry out his dirty operate — and then he’ll expose it all to the globe. In quick, he’ll turn into an insider. (Heh, title drop!)

Insider Episodes 13-14

Frustrated by his passive solutions, Soo-yeon resolves to go her personal way, but Yo-han confronts her for maintaining him in the dark. A series of flashbacks reveal that she’d approached him incredibly deliberately she’d colluded with Chairman Do in order to take Yo-han below her wing.

Yo-han notes that about the time when Chairman Do started displaying an interest in him, his grandmother was killed. Soo-yeon knew that Yo-han’s grandmother had a target on her back, but she didn’t defend her.

Cornered, Soo-yeon challenges Yo-han to take revenge and kill her, but Yo-han basically entreats her to trust him. He desires to punish Byung-wook in his personal way, so that there will not be any extra victims like them.

Insider Episodes 13-14

Oh no — Jin-hyung’s heard that whole conversation, obtaining previously wiretapped the space through the chaos of the casino fiasco.

As per Yo-han’s request, Byung-wook transfers Jin-hyung to a faraway province. Smarting at becoming cast aside immediately after serving his goal, Jin-hyung decides against warning Byung-wook of Yo-han’s program.

Rather, he meets with KIM JUNG-GYU (Yoo Ha-bok), commissioner candidate for the Corruption Investigation Agency. Jung-gyu astutely notes that Jin-hyung’s attempting to jump ship away from Byung-wook, and Jin-hyung does not deny it he gives to help Jung-gyu in establishing his position.

Insider Episodes 13-14

As a reward for Jin-hyung’s cooperation and help as a result far, Yo-han gives a tantalizing reward — he gets to lead the charge to take down Shinseondong.

Having said that, immediately after Jin-hyung barges into the prison, he belatedly realizes that Shinseondong has currently swapped out the actual VIPs for mere stand-ins. It is the operate of Soo-yeon, who tipped off Shinseondong that Yo-han was going to expose them.

In exchange, she desires to turn into Shinseondong’s new correct-hand man. Soo-yeon claims that she’s cast Yo-han aside, now that she no longer has a use for him.

Insider Episodes 13-14

Has Soo-yeon actually severed ties with Yo-han, even though? To answer that query, we flashback to 4 days ago. Yo-han requires Soo-yeon aside, top her into the casino’s VIP space — the only space that is not bugged. Turns out Yo-han was properly conscious of Jin-hyung’s eavesdropping, and the pair’s argument had merely been for show.

Yo-han does certainly program to turn into an insider, but his purpose is loftier he’s going to manipulate the Deep Pockets into cutting ties with Byung-wook and handing him more than. As soon as Byung-wook is in their hands, Yo-han will make him confess his personal sins in court.

It is going to be an uphill battle, but they’re not alone. Yo-han has the backing of Jung-gyu, who had supplied him a win-win deal if they teamed up — Yo-han gets Byung-wook, and Jung-gyu can take more than the CID.

Insider Episodes 13-14

As such, Yo-han and Soo-yeon program to split forces and turn the prosecutors and Shinseondong against each and every other. Killing two birds with 1 stone, Yo-han escapes from Bon-chul’s surveillance by obtaining Jin-hyung kidnap him to use as a hostage against Shinseondong.

In an work to extract facts on Shinseondong out of Bon-chul, on the other hand, Jin-hyung shoots him up with arrhythmia-inducing drugs. He does not handle to get something helpful out of him, but either way, Bon-chul’s down for the count.

Insider Episodes 13-14

There’s a new player in the game, and it is KIM WOO-JAE (Lee Ha-yool), an upright prosecutor who’s been tenaciously going immediately after a higher-profile CEO for embezzlement and fraud.

Incorruptible prosecutors are a dying breed, and Woo-jae appears like the fantastic candidate to lead the legal battle against Byung-wook, so Yo-han engineers a meeting with him.

Revealing Chief Prosecutor Hong and Byung-wook’s collusion with the casino’s funds laundering operation, Yo-han gives to inform him extra — and Woo-jae accepts.

Insider Episodes 13-14 Insider Episodes 13-14

Due to the fact Bon-chul is incapacitated, Soo-yeon gives his vacated position to Jin-hyung. She reaches out to Chairman Yang, extending an olive branch and claiming to share a widespread purpose of taking Yo-han down.

Chairman Yang’s understandably hesitant to mend the bridge, provided how Soo-yeon backstabbed him just before. So when she asks to meet, a not too long ago-escaped Yang Hwa sends Chairman Do more than alternatively — he’s their wildcard, and their only hope at shaking up the playing field.

Insider Episodes 13-14

To their credit, their program operates. Chairman Do sniffs out Soo-yeon’s pretense inside mere minutes, speedily seeing by means of her deceit and realizing she’s nevertheless on Yo-han’s side.

Chairman Do texts Yang Hwa to inform him as such, but Soo-yeon pulls on a glove and aims her gun at him just before he can contact Byung-wook. Having said that, she can not kill Chairman Do without having incriminating herself, and he ends up taking the gun from her.

Soo-yeon hangs her head in defeat as Chairman Do saunters out — but she’s merely acting, since he collapses just as he reaches the elevator. Soo-yeon had coated the gun with a liberal dose of animal tranquilizer, and as Chairman Do struggles to breathe, she presses her gloved hand more than his face till he loses consciousness.

Insider Episodes 13-14 Insider Episodes 13-14

Meanwhile, Yo-han enacts the subsequent component of his program — namely, manipulating Byung-wook into instigating murder, so that he can expose him for it and take him to court. He reveals to Byung-wook that Soo-yeon is essentially the Yeon-soo from his previous in other words, she knows his component in the framing and cover-up of her mother’s death.

Yo-han knows that this will not be sufficient to push Byung-wook into taking such drastic measures, which indicates his strategy’s accomplishment is contingent on Soo-yeon making use of Yang Hwa to stress Byung-wook. But now that her deception has been exposed, it remains to be noticed whether or not they nevertheless have a fighting possibility, or if they’ll have to switch tack.

Insider Episodes 13-14

Worse but, there’s yet another even extra formidable foe on the scene. Obtaining received Chairman Yang’s tip-off about Yo-han and Soo-yeon’s scheme, the Macau triad has grown tired of all the instability, and LAM (cameo by Fan Bingbing) shows up to relieve Annie of her position and take more than.

She does not hold back 1 bit — her initial order is to send out the message that whoever kills Yo-han will turn into the new manager of the Goldman casino. The hunt is on.

Insider Episodes 13-14

One particular factor this show in no way fails to do is to hold its viewers on our toes practically nothing can be taken at face worth. This week is no various, with reversal immediately after reversal, throwing our protagonists’ tactic into flux. It can get difficult to hold up with it all, even though this drama undoubtedly needs a hefty dose of concentration and then some.

Nonetheless, what tends to make this drama so captivating is how its characters are often locked in a tense battle of wits. The thoughts games are intricately layered and complicated, opening up a multitude of prospective outcomes. Our hero does not get accomplishment served to him on a silver platter by way of protagonist plot armor, nor does he fail basically since the story requires an underdog tale.

Insider Episodes 13-14

Rather, he earns his triumphant victories by means of his personal tenacity and merit, and he falters since his opponents are equally shrewd and competent. It is what keeps me engaged week immediately after week, since I can in no way predict who’s going to come out on leading.

As we head into the drama’s final week, I’m a tiny apprehensive at how substantially there is left to tie up, but I also have faith in the drama to weave it all into a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. There are nevertheless so a lot of characters waiting in the wings — Sun-oh is 1 instance, and so are Woo-jae and Seung-hwan — and I’m excited to see how they tie in to Yo-han’s program.

Insider Episodes 13-14

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