In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 1


In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 1

In the mood for a relaxing watch that feels additional like you are hanging out with your favored celebrities, who all take place to be BFFs? Pull up a chair and join me for In the Soop: Friendcation, which follows the famed Wooga Squad on a quick but memorable winter trip that promises to be complete of laughter, inside jokes, and these warm and fuzzy feelings you get from hanging with close friends who really feel like household.



Even if you are not familiar with the Wooga Squad, you likely know 1 (or additional) of its members, most of whom are mega stars each in and outdoors of Korea: actors Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-shik, and Park Seo-joon, along with BTS member V (Kim Tae-hyung) and musician and producer Peakboy (Kwon Sung-hwan).

In this newest spin-off of the In the Soop series, the squad heads to Goseung in Gwangwondo province for a four-day three-evening getaway, exactly where they are tasked with the incredibly tough job of obtaining enjoyable and creating memories (albeit, in front of a lot of cameras for the complete globe to see.)

1 of the major draws of the show is finding a front row seat to the endearing, every day dynamics involving the 5 close friends, who describe themselves in terms of household. Seo-joon is the dad who supplies emotional assistance Hyung-shik is the sort and gentle mom energetic Peakboy is the youngest daughter Woo-shik is the caring eldest and V is the infant of the group.

We see the guys settle naturally into these roles on day 1 of the trip, when Seo-joon, Peakboy, and V head to Goseung (due to schedules, Woo-shik and Hyung-shik are set to arrive later). Seo-joon requires the wheel for the drive and just after a even though, the trio stops for lunch. We’re treated to a bunch of close-ups of each and every dish they order, from pork belly slices to potato pancakes to heaping bowls of noodles… and wonderful, now I’m starving.

Aside from the mukbang, it is cute to see all the approaches Seo-joon and Peakboy treat V like he’s actually their youngest sibling. There’s the continuous teasing, of course, but there’s also the way the older guys are constantly game for whatever’s on V’s thoughts.

1 of the highlights of the lunch, for instance, is watching V struggle to spot a familiar tune he hears from a restaurant worker’s cell telephone. Seo-joon and Peakboy jump in to enable resolve the mystery, going as far as asking the ajumma for her quantity (fortunate her!) to record her ringtone and attempt to determine the song. (V gets it in the finish – it is Humoresque by ​​Dvořák, and now our trio has a soundtrack for the final leg of their trip.)

After the 3 arrive at their trip rental, they take us on a tour, delivering a preview of what’s in shop for the subsequent handful of episodes. There’s a good outside space (a necessity for their day-to-day plans to veg out in front of a roaring fire), along with a luxurious indoor pool and a game space filled with all sorts of goodies. Every single guest is also treated to a welcome kit, which to my delight involves matching outfits.

The guys choose to all sleep in the identical space and unpack their luggage. Afterwards, they all curl up collectively in bed for a nap, since traveling is tiring.

It is close to dinner time when the 3 wake up, so they head out to get groceries. Seo-joon is head chef for the evening, but prior to the group begins cooking, they alter into their matching sweats.

In involving kitchen tasks, the guys choose to add labels to their sweatshirts with their names and nicknames they make up on the spot: Seo-joon is “clown,” Peakboy is “giant,” (he’s apparently 193 cm tall!) and V is “world star.” They obtain these newfound monikers hilarious, and choose to create them in even larger lettering on everyone’s backs, along with their birth year. So they’re just going to create, in marker, all more than their new outfits?

As Seo-joon finishes up dinner preparations, V and Peakboy are adorably impressed at Seo-joon’s know-how in the kitchen, whipping out their phones to capture him in action. And even though Seo-joon says he’s not a incredibly superior cook, the final item appears scrumptious, and every person scarfs down the meals.

Just after cleaning up the kitchen, the guys obtain themselves in the game space. They bring out a Go board and take turns attempting to flick each and every other’s Go pieces off the board. There is a punishment for the loser, of course: the classic forehead flick. Peakboy ends up on the getting finish twice in a row, and the 3 shed it afterward, collapsing on the floor with laughter.

All of that activity ends up creating the guys hungry once again, so they head back to the kitchen for a late evening snack. As the food’s cooking, Woo-shik arrives, closing out the 1st episode. Hopefully, Hyung-shik will not be also far behind, and we’ll get some superior, top quality time with our Wooga Squad in complete strength subsequent week.

What I appreciate most about the In the Soop series is that it is incredibly substantially created to give each the cast and its viewers some type of reprieve from the hustle and bustle of every day life. As a longtime ARMY and fan of the 3 actors in Wooga, I’m glad to see that this version is set to provide on what I’ve loved from preceding seasons: the quiet, silly, spontaneous, and joyful moments of spending unstructured, unhurried time with individuals you genuinely like, exactly where you can truly witness the bonds of friendship getting strengthened. Here’s to living vicariously via our squad as they continue their friendcation more than the subsequent handful of weeks!

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