Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6


Dear X Who Does not Really like Me: Episodes four-six

As our enjoy-addicted heroine settles into dating her present flavor of the month, her extended-time bestie’s developing disapproval creates a rift in their friendship. Will they be in a position to patch issues up, or will he move on to discover enjoy with an individual else?


Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

Now that Hee-soo is dating Joon-young, Shi-ho grows increasingly jealous and disgusted as he watches his very best buddy (and crush) canoodle with a man she clearly does not enjoy. Though component of him desires to stay clear of her so he does not have to witness the consequences of her poor choices, he has a challenging time staying away for the reason that he’s also concerned as her “friend.” So when he’s invited to tag along on a trip to the beach — exactly where the handsy Joon-young clearly has some X-rated activities in thoughts — Shi-ho reluctantly agrees to join them.

Se-jin is invited on the trip for the reason that her parents run the holiday cabin exactly where they’re staying, but she’s also there to even out the numbers and be Shi-ho’s pseudo date. Sadly (for her) he’d rather be the other couple’s third wheel than spend focus to Se-jin. She buzzes about him like a pesky mosquito in heat, and I can not inform if she’s getting overly confident or woefully pathetic in her 1-sided pursuit. Either way, she’s annoying, and I want she’d remained a flat secondary character that didn’t get adequate screen time.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

Throughout the trip, when Shi-ho has a private moment with Hee-soo, he expresses his developing issues about the notebook and begs her not to use it once more. Currently feeling apathetic about her present romance, she promises to ride out her partnership with Joon-young, and when it ends, she agrees to abstain from writing any a lot more magical lyrics. Shi-ho is relieved, and there’s in all probability a component of him that hopes she will fall for him when she’s completed dating her string of losers.

Regrettably, what he does not know is that Se-jin has privately told Hee-soo that she has a crush on Shi-ho and is preparing to confess her feelings. Hee-soo is noticeably uncomfortable with the subject, but if she has feelings for Shi-ho that extend beyond friendship, she’s not prepared to admit it. Alternatively, she encourages Se-jin’s romantic pursuit, and when Hee-soo accidentally witnesses Se-jin’s enjoy confession, she turns to Joon-young for physical and emotional comfort.

It is clear — even to Se-jin — that Hee-soo is unhappy with Joon-young, but Hee-soo does not want to finish the partnership, specially when she finds out that Shi-ho agreed to devote time with Se-jin and give her a month to attempt and sway his heart. The trial run does not appear to be operating in Se-jin’s favor, even though, for the reason that Shi-ho is nonetheless at Hee-soo’s beck and contact.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6 Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

Rumors about Hee-soo’s promiscuity have been floating about college, and immediately after she receives texts from a random guy who heard that she will date any individual who asks her out, she contacts Shi-ho — not Joon-young — and shows him the messages. He’s appropriately incensed on her behalf, but his mood shifts when he hears that Hee-soo is hesitant to break up with Joon-young.

See, her partnership has miraculously passed the 1 month mark with out any sign of Joon-young wanting to break up with her, which should imply that he truly fell for her, correct? Even even though she is miserable with Joon-young, she desires to stick it out, believing that his feelings are adequate of a purpose to preserve dating. And then, regardless of her personal jadedness, she wishes for Shi-ho to discover happiness with Se-jin.

Effectively, as you can picture, Shi-ho is annoyed with her hypocrisy, and he lastly reaches his breaking point. He explains that he requirements some time apart from her for the reason that, as her “friend” he can no longer stand to witness her self-destructive behavior. He can not preserve getting her shoulder to cry on — not when she constantly ignores his assistance and tends to make poor possibilities that lead her unhappiness.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

His feelings are completely understandable, but sadly he grew a backbone at the worst feasible time for the reason that it turns out Joon-young is an asshole. Hee-soo is in such an awful headspace that he’s in a position to emotionally blackmail her into getting sex with him, and if sleeping with a parasite wasn’t negative adequate, she realizes the subsequent morning that her period is also late.

Her very first instinct is to contact Shi-ho, but she hangs up immediately after 1 ring, remembering that he asked for space. Shi-ho should nonetheless be operating on the similar wavelength as Hee-soo, even though, and that 1 ring was adequate to make him suspect that Hee-soo was in difficulty. Substantially to Se-jin’s annoyance, Shi-ho asks her to contact Hee-soo, just in case she requirements one thing. And that is how Se-jin ends up accompanying Hee-soo to the physician. Fortunately, Hee-soo’s late period is a false alarm.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

Hee-soo returns property to discover Joon-young nonetheless at her apartment, consuming her snacks and getting a total bum, but that is not the worst of it. When he methods out of the area, she sees his incoming texts and realizes that he does not basically enjoy her. Alternatively, he’s been utilizing her for sex, which is the genuine purpose he didn’t break up with her immediately after the journal’s magic wore off.

A post about Hee-soo on the college forum fuels the currently buzzing rumor mill, and everywhere Hee-soo walks, folks are whispering openly about her. Shi-ho can not stand by and watch silently from the sidelines when he knows she requirements him, and it is throughout their period of reconciliation that we also study a lot more about how they met, like the reality that Hee-soo was on the verge of quitting college when she met Shi-ho.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6 Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

With time, she also grew to worth their friendship, but in contrast to Shi-ho, who wanted to take their friendship to the subsequent level, Hee-soo’s pessimistic view of romantic relationships produced her fearful that she would drop him if they dated. It seems the seeds of romance have been there all along for Hee-soo, but she’s been also afraid to let them develop.

And why does she really feel this way? Effectively, it is nonetheless a bit of a mystery, but there are adequate clues to recommend that her mother died in childbirth. Her father never ever got more than her death, and Hee-soo grew up hearing her grandmother blame her for her father’s unhappiness. With a childhood like that, it is no wonder she now has a skewed point of view of enjoy and romance — but now that her most up-to-date ex-boyfriend is behind her, Hee-soo seems to be coming out of her depression.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

Not only is Shi-ho by her side once more and eager to burn the journal, but Hee-soo realizes that she is not the only victim of sexual harassment at the college, and numerous of her classmates and club members stand by her side when she goes to administration report her story. Regrettably, although Hee-soo appears to be gaining new friendships, she’s also gained a frenemy.

Following Se-jin’s 1-month trial partnership with Shi-ho ends, he officially cancels his dating subscription, and Se-jin’s jealousy requires root. There’d been a couple of not-so-subtle hints that she was a imply girl at heart, and certain adequate, her current rejection brings out her evil, manipulative side.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

She gets Hee-soo drunk in hopes that the soju will loosen her lips and bring about her to spill all her dating secrets, presumably so she can use them on Shi-ho. Drunk Hee-soo reveals extremely small of the truth, but Se-jin somehow realizes that the secret to Hee-soo’s achievement should be inside her lyrics journal.

At very first, Se-jin is distracted by the reality that Hee-soo’s lyrics appear to be about her succession of meet-cutes, but then she notices the dates and realizes that Hee-soo supposedly wrote about Gang-wook’s confession days just before it basically occurred. It is odd, but it does not precisely set off alarm bells or reveal the journal’s magic.

Annoyed, Se-jin scratches by way of Hee-soo’s name on the journal’s title web page, and that is when the journal’s energy is unveiled. Painful, bloody wounds seem on Se-jin’s forearm, and as Se-jin’s ink disappears from the journal’s pages, so do the marks on her arm.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

Effectively, that got dark rapidly, and it does not bode extremely properly for our heroine that our new antagonist has information of the journal’s energy. At least we can be comforted by the reality that the journal was seemingly cursed by Professor Umbridge, and Se-jin will not be in a position to make Shi-ho fall for her by writing in the journal.

But I can not say that I’m content with this week’s turn of events. Se-jin turning out to be a jealous imply girl was painfully predictable, and I miss the dark humor that peppered the very first 3 episodes of this dramavella. Admittedly, I do assume the lower in comedic moments was an intentional option that reflected Hee-soo’s emotional decline as her partnership with Joon-young became a lot more toxic and the story touched on really serious subjects like date rape. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch, even though, so I’m selfishly eager to see Hee-soo’s character overcome her emotional hurdles and discover the self-assurance to enjoy herself — and Shi-ho.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 4-6

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