Yumi’s Cells two: Episodes 13-14 (Final)

As we attain the close of our tale, we finish quite considerably exactly where we began: following our heroine on her journey, all with the feeling that even though we’ve shared a couple of valuable years with her, her story is not more than but. Somehow, we come to a strong ending that is really hard to be displeased with, but at the exact same time leaves me feeling unsatisfied.


Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

This sort of drama — and its ending bunch of episodes — are the sort that I would generally sit on for a couple of weeks till they settled in and I was certain how I felt about them (considerably like with Twenty 5 Twenty 1). Nonetheless, right here we are, gathered to share our feelings on the ending of Yumi’s Cells. And at threat of sounding like a spoiled brat, this was my knee jerk reaction to the ending: it ended the way I believed it should really, but for some explanation I’m nonetheless not pleased. I do not adore spending the afternoon sighing following finishing a drama.

It is really hard to judge the ending episodes (and by that I imply the final six episodes of season two) devoid of searching at each seasons of the drama as a entire, so I’ll do that at the finish. But initially, a rapid recap of how our finale episodes went down.

We open up a bit following the tearful and romantic marriage proposal, not understanding how it concluded till Ruby and Yi-da do: Yumi and Bobby are engaged! A lot like their whole romance, it is all magical and delightful, from Bobby’s sweet guarantee that they’ll be pleased collectively, to the truth that they each want a smaller Hawaii wedding.

To make this engagement even extra valuable, Yumi ultimately meets Bobby’s tteokbokki-generating father (cameo by Jeon No-min) sans the hilarious chaebol reenactments this time. In reality, his father is standoffish but type Yumi speedily wins more than “Scrooge Jung” thanks to her genuine appetite — and an intentional projecting of herself as a sweet and doe-eyed young lady (which calls for a hilarious Sailor Moon-esque transformation).

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

And the sweetness just continues! In our subsequent vignette, Yumi has a cold, and we linger right here for pretty a bit longer than needed (is it just me or am I saying that a lot lately?) as her cells fight the invading virus. What we truly came to see, of course, is Bobby nursing her like a devoted husband. He’s so tender with her. They really feel married currently. I’m loving anything about this. Rinse and repeat.

In the exact same vignette, Yumi meets up with Woong once more exactly where he forces himself to congratulate her on her engagement. As usual, we see extra of Woong’s cells than Bobby’s… and it is generating me mighty nervous. As does the truth that when she’s asked if she loves Bobby, Yumi actually can not answer (since the cell that wants to reply is nonetheless lost in space). Oh no, what is this show even carrying out proper now? I really feel like I’m getting toyed with.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

And that feeling only continues when Yumi later sees Bobby’s telephone ring, and it’s… Intern Da-eun. Yumi does not bring it up (that we know of), but Bobby sees it and is visibly unhappy and deletes Da-eun from his telephone forever. We even find out that Da-eun was drunk and horrified that she even referred to as him. Nonetheless, it is meant to show us the crack is nonetheless there in their connection.

Right here the story does a issue I hate, creating up the tension of this wait-is-some thing-incorrect-in between-our-couple, but then not displaying us a issue, and generating us wait to figure out what occurred. We then skip eight months into the future, which is adequate to send any typical drama watcher into a complete-fledged panic.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

Confident adequate, exactly where we land at this point feels like an Answer Me-esque game of Guess the Husband. Our camera turns once more to Woong, who can not precisely bring himself to open the wedding invite Yumi sent him, and he’s visibly distraught when he sees her apartment getting emptied and marches in there himself to see what’s up.

Yumi and Woong meet and he learns that — shocker — Yumi and Bobby have broken up. Once more. She’s bought and is remodeling her dear apartment. And the wedding invite? It was for Dae-young and Yi-da (make that make sense!). It is about this point exactly where I sighed sadly and mentioned to no one particular, “I consider I hate this show.”

I adore a story that keeps me guessing, and that brings a one of a kind lens, which is precisely how I felt throughout all of season 1. But I do not adore a story that feels like it place a choke collar on me and is dragging me about just for entertaining. And that is quite considerably how I felt from our time jump onward.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

But wait, was all of that intentional? In our subsequent vignette, we see Yumi struggling to total her sequel novel, and the on the net comments play out in a way that is fabulously self-referential. The on the net commenters complain: “Why did you even make a sequel? Just finish it if you do not have something to say!” It is as if the drama writers can study my thoughts.

And then, Yumi’s editor wisely says the comments are harsh since the story is ending and her audience is worried it will not be a pleased ending. At this point, I changed my thoughts — perhaps I do not hate this drama. Perhaps they are going to pull it all collectively considering that they’re clearly poking at us proper now. But that feeling didn’t final extended, since even as the final episode ties up, we are nonetheless shoved into the guessing game of who Yumi ends up with.

When she loses her laptop with her manuscript (which she didn’t backup, which I can not even think about any writer not carrying out), she goes into a tailspin… but each of her charming and supportive exes are there to support her. Woong sends her a major of the line replacement, although it is Bobby (whom we haven’t noticed for eight months considering that the dreaded Da-eun contact) who comes to her rescue, thanks to some serendipity.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

Bobby’s contacted by the cafe exactly where Yumi left the laptop, and the two go on a wild goose chase of attempting to exchange the laptop — all although beneath the stress of time, since not only is Bobby about to miss his flight to Singapore (exactly where he’s now been stationed), but this dang drama is about to finish and there is nonetheless not a pinch of commitment in sight from our writers. They just hold bouncing back and forth in between Bobby and Woong, generating each look equally viable as finish game. And so, if you are like me, at this point you are on the edge of your couch, waiting for them to land this plane.

Ultimately, we attain what feels like our final arc. Ultimately, our camera lingers solely on Yumi as we watch her struggle to create and sooner or later craft the best ending for her sequel. And the thriving ending of her novel — and the year-finish celebration celebration — is the mechanism that is supposed to pull collectively the entire issue.

Yumi’s good results and self-confidence is strong now, and as her cells host their annual Year-Finish Cell Awards, we see how considerably gratefulness and warmth Yumi has towards her two exes: Bobby (with whom she’s been sharing thankful texts) as the one particular who inspired her to dream and supported her Woong (following she finds out he’s been commenting on her novel) as the other one particular that generally supported her. So, they each win Greatest Cell awards lol. I’m pleased by this, so why do I really feel so… flat?

Yumi muses that even even though her relationships with each males are more than, their history will generally exist. Even though this is beautiful, it also appears unrealistic since at this point Yumi has Woong tripping more than himself to support her (pretty actually), and Bobby nonetheless single but fibbing that he’s not so as not to stress her. Even though I can love the truth that each males cherish/cherished Yumi so considerably, it also appears to me that they would have moved on by now… since Yumi is about to.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

Soon after just about a year considering that Like cell disappeared, she ultimately finds her way back to Yumi’s village and is welcomed with open arms (particularly following Writer cell abandoned his throne). We are promised that she will now be pleased.

Simultaneously, Yumi is introduced to her new editor — a seemingly uptight dude by the name of SHIN Quickly-ROK whose presence is only teased at. I do not have to know the original webtoon to know what’s up right here the drama tends to make it extra than clear. And with that, our drama ends. And right here is exactly where I have to attempt to wrangle all my thoughts, since although I truly like exactly where we ended (theoretically) — with Yumi at our center and her cells adoringly supporting her — the path we took to get there tends to make much less than best sense.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

When Woong was reintroduced to the story a couple of episodes ago, and our drama began flip-flopping in between Yumi’s two suitors, I questioned why. I mentioned I’d rather have the story be about Yumi as the sole hero as was promised in season 1. Properly, we type of landed there in the finish, so I’m pleased in one particular sense, but also, why all the teasing and red herrings and time jumps and scene cuts, all which pretty plainly forced us to concentrate on Yumi’s ending getting about which guy she winds up with? If the heroes have been supposed to come and go to support Yumi develop into an even extra epic heroine, why didn’t we concentrate extra on that? And if the drama rather yanked our hearts about from Woong to Bobby and back once more a million instances, ultimately deciding that the camera was only supposed to be on Yumi, why tease suitor #three at the finish?

Complaints and storytelling confusion aside, I do not want to finish Yumi on a sour note, since it truly was a beautiful and imaginative drama. With a tiny extra cohesion and a clearer trajectory I consider I could have loved it by means of and by means of, but sadly, the drama’s vignette-like format began to perform against it.

All in all, even though, the very good outweighed the negative, and I’ll undoubtedly take all the laughs, swoons, and amazing metaphors with me to hold in my personal cell village archive… after my Sensitivity cell gets more than this finale week, that is.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 13-14

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