Park Ho-san makes a grave misfire in Wild Boar Hunting

July 22, 2022July 22, 2022

Park Ho-san tends to make a grave misfire in Wild Boar Hunting
by solstices

MBC’s Wild Boar Hunting is shaping up to be just as intriguing as its title. Possessing received an award at the MBC Drama Screenplay Contest for its uncommon storyline and evocative feelings, the script promises a thrilling tale with unpredictable twists and turns.
It all starts when protagonist Young-soo (Park Ho-san) accidentally misfires even though wild boar hunting, hitting a individual as an alternative. On that similar evening, Young-soo’s son goes missing — and as a result starts Young-soo’s desperate quest to obtain his son and uncover the mystery surrounding the village.

Billed as a countryside mystery thriller, the drama’s very first teaser requires on an amusing tone. On a vibrant and sunny day, the village chief (Yoo Quickly-woong) comes across a pair of villagers staring despondently at their trampled crops. He asks them what’s occurred, and the two farmers — Jin-kook (Lee Kyu-hee) and Man-seok (Kwak Ja-hyung) — clarify that the unsalvageable harm is the operate of a wild boar but once again.
The wild boars are an incessant issue that plagues the village, as evidenced by the exasperated way the villagers utter the phrase “wild boar” like the words themselves are a pest. This types the basis for Young-soo’s resolve to get rid of the issue after and for all — it is time to go wild boar hunting.

Young-soo teams up with Jin-kook and Man-seok in the drama’s second teaser, and they head to the back of the mountains with their hunting rifles. The rustling of bushes catches Young-soo’s interest, and he raises his gun to fire — but the sound of his shot is quickly met with a pained grunt that is quite a lot human.
A shell-shocked Young-soo returns property, but his son In-seong (Lee Hyo-je) does not, and the bone-deep terror that he might have shot his personal son starts to creep up on him. Wracked with grief, Young-soo returns to the mountain to unearth what occurred. As he treks by means of the foliage, evening falls, and he calls out In-seong’s name — only to be abruptly yanked away by an unknown force.

The final teaser requires on a darker edge, opening with a somber voiceover from village granny Ok-quickly (Yeh Soo-jung). Calling the villagers crazy, she reveals to missing-persons detective Doo-man (Hwang Jae-yeol) that a fire after broke out in her residence, killing each her son and daughter-in-law. She now lives with her grandson Hyun-min (Lee Min-jae), but there’s additional problems brewing on the horizon — Hyun-min’s homeroom teacher, Yeon-chae (Lee Ji-won), notes that he hasn’t returned property considering that yesterday.
Unwilling to shed her only remaining loved ones member, Ok-quickly spirals into despair, demanding the whereabouts of her grandson from the police and the villagers alike. As the teaser draws to a close, Ok-quickly vows that this time, she will not just sit idly by.
Written by newcomer Jo Beom-gi and directed by Song Yeon-hwa (The Red Sleeve Cuff, When I Was The Most Lovely), Wild Boar Hunting premieres on August 1. The 4-episode drama will air Monday nights more than the course of a month.

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