Jinxed at First: Episodes 11-12


Jinxed at 1st: Episodes 11-12

New revelations burst out left and proper, overturning quite a few of our characters’ beliefs about each previous and present – and informing their very carefully-laid plans for the future.


Per Seul-bi’s directions, Yoon-ho swipes a USB from his former gang boss’s abandoned possessions and delivers it straight to Su-kwang. The video file it includes shows the true particular person who ordered the hit on Su-kwang – not Chairman Sun, but his brother, Il-joong.

But that is not all. The particular person tasked with the murder itself was none other than the fisherman who saved Su-kwang, whom he now considers a father figure. So why didn’t he stick to via, and why did he assist Su-kwang begin more than with a new identity?

Nicely, that ties into a entire slew of confessions about what truly went down 22 years ago. Essentially, almost everything we have been led to think is incorrect. And to go along with all the topsy-turvy twists, our characters’ motivations and responses are all turned upside-down and backwards, as well.

Now Min-joon is the 1 attempting to manage Seul-bi’s every single move, and his father is the 1 attempting to listen to what Seul-bi and her mother truly want. Su-kwang is the 1 attempting to uncover and remain with Seul-bi no matter what, though Seul-bi tries to convince him to go back household.

The reveals tumble out steadily more than the course of each episodes, so that by the finish I’m not completely certain who knows specifically how a lot, but the gist of the story is as follows.

As Seul-bi hinted final week, Hyun-tae, the man who believes he’s her father, is not truly her father. (3 guesses who is.) Upon becoming pregnant, Seul-bi’s mother Mi-su hypnotized Hyun-tae into believing they have been in really like and expecting a youngster with each other so he would assist her run away. When on the run, they briefly stayed with Su-kwang and his mother prior to a get in touch with from Chairman Sun’s father convinced Hyun-tae to turn Mi-su more than in exchange for money.

But it was a trap, as the then-chairman ordered the fisherman to intercept them and kill Hyun-tae. Mi-su stopped him by reading the future – Su-kwang’s tragic future, to be precise – and providing him two directions: go household proper now and cease his son from burning the home down, and then repay her 20 years later by saving the young man he would be ordered to murder.

Now, seeing a alter in Chairman Sun’s actions and attitudes, Mi-su confesses to him that Seul-bi is his daughter. But if Seul-bi also knows, it does not alter her hostility toward him 1 bit.

When he tries to be as good to her as probable, she deflects his gestures with biting sarcasm and pointed comparisons about him and his brother – all rather refreshing, except that it feels like the show is attempting to make us think Chairman Sun was in no way evil, only misunderstood and misled.

The entire half-siblings factor tends to make Min-joon’s obsession with Seul-bi even far more frustrating and uncomfortable, but apparently no one thinks it critical information and facts for him to know. Rather, Mi-su provides him vague warnings that he and Seul-bi can in no way be with each other. (Soon after all, if Min-joon knew the explanation, we’d have to uncover some other supply of conflict, wouldn’t we?)

So Min-joon continues pursuing Seul-bi. Following up on a request he produced prior to, he asks to be her boyfriend and tries to lean in for a kiss. To his modest credit, he sees that she’s not content and right away stops, apologizes, and promises not to attempt once again if she does not want him to.

Oddly sufficient, my favored scene of the week did involve Min-joon, even though. He and his fiancée shared a sweet moment at his mother’s grave exactly where they reminisced on shared memories of her, and it felt like a genuinely touching bit of connection in between two true folks.

Meanwhile, getting discovered who actually attempted to kill him, Su-kwang embarks on a program to take Il-joong down, with the assist of not only Yoon-ho, but also Mi-su and Chairman Sun. To that finish, Chairman Sun hires him as his new assistant, and Su-kwang requires Mi-su to check out Hyun-tae so she can lastly set him totally free of the hypnotism she place on him all these years ago.

They also check out Ok-jin, who once again warns of Seul-bi’s imminent and dire fate, adding that the only way to break the cursed cycle of the shamans is to destroy Geumhwa Group and reduce off the chain entirely.

And they’d far better hurry, mainly because Seul-bi is displaying the 1st indicators of becoming a witch. When Il-joong requires her to his father in the mental hospital, wanting to know when the patriarch will die and how he can get his hands on Geumhwa Group as his inheritance, Seul-bi all of a sudden turns dark and ominous, announcing that 1 of the former chairman’s descendants will take the curse for her.

Later, in a wild, uncontrollable match of tears and laughter, she lunges at Min-joon, declaring him the 1 doomed to bear her curse. Yikes.

Su-kwang is there to hold her back, and comforts her just after she returns to herself. Then they lastly address exactly where they stand: she’s attempting to uncover a way to defend him, herself, and her mother as soon as and for all he asks her not to place herself in far more danger than important just for his sake.

Obtaining produced up, they share tender kisses that Min-joon sees via the crack in the door. He appears far more hurt than angry, and gradually turns away.

But now, onto the plotting, mainly because our lead players are cooking up a bunch of schemes to engineer (hopefully) content endings for themselves and their mates.

Twice, Seul-bi calls in favors from the marketplace shopkeepers to do what they do finest: be loud, annoying distractions and maintain Il-joong from receiving his hands on critical folks and information and facts.

Then, making use of 1 of Seul-bi’s visions, the group has Ok-jin method Il-joong and convince him to invest in a corporation that is about to have its assets frozen. Il-joong and Dong-sik are subsequently plunged into debt and legal troubles, which means they’ll probably be forced to sell their shares in Geumhwa Group. So a lot for their huge plans of taking more than the corporation.

But what Chairman Sun does not recognize is that Su-kwang, Seul-bi, and co. haven’t saved Geumhwa Group – they’re setting events in motion to bring it crumbling to its knees forever.

It is a bit really hard to see one thing as boring and seemingly tangential as stopping corporate takeovers getting the essential to saving Seul-bi from her personal magical powers, but provided all the time we continue to commit with the shopkeepers, I guess I shouldn’t be as well shocked.

Nonetheless, I’d like a bit far more clarity on why Seul-bi cannot – for instance – uncover a priest of her personal to break her necklace. Why wouldn’t the final remaining descendent of the shaman line renouncing her powers in that way proficiently “cut off the chain,” as Ok-jin described it?

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