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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for far more (or agonizing when there was no far more), and what created you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



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Alchemy of Souls: I’m operating out of techniques to say, “This show just tends to make me so satisfied!” Mu-deok and Wook pining for every other right after a single evening apart? Adorable. The 3 boys placing their heads collectively to take the entry test for her? Gold. The bridge scene and the two of them lastly realizing they’re currently madly in enjoy with no concept when it began? Wonderful. Side note, even though: I have to confess that till this week, I actually had no concept if Wook’s dad was dead or just *away*… Glad I lastly got that query answered!



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Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: This continues to be my preferred drama of the moment, and I’m very satisfied that the show is building the friendship involving Su-yeon and Young-woo. It would have been so uncomplicated for them to make Su-yeon the stereotypical imply girl character, but rather Min-woo has turn into Young-woo’s workplace antagonist. Even even though I come across his anonymous forum posting annoying and petty, I do like that his actions are the outcome of his insecurities. They could have had his feelings be rooted in prejudice and the belief that Young-woo is unqualified to be a lawyer mainly because she’s autistic, but he essentially acknowledges Young-woo’s talent and sees her as a genuine threat. So when once more, I have to give this show props for its good representation of ASD.

Remarriage &amp Desires: I was not expecting to get sucked into this drama mainly because it is not my usual cup of tea, but right here I am. I’ve only watched six out of eight episodes, but I’m hooked on all this more than-the-leading dating and revenge plot.



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Equal: A Korean musical set in 17th century Europe, throughout the era of witch hunts and the Black Death? A plague medical professional who turns to alchemy in order to save his terminally ill finest buddy? Sign me up. Ever considering that the two-hander started streaming on the internet at the begin of this month, I’ve been totally hooked. With just about every functionality I watch, I uncover subtle information I hadn’t noticed prior to, which genuinely speaks to its deft foreshadowing and intricate plot. The musical numbers are so evocative and complete of symbolism, providing a compelling rumination on grief, humanity, and the which means of one’s existence. The magic of theater lies in how no two performances are specifically the very same, and it is so intriguing to watch the distinctive actors’ interpretations of the very same characters. I have to say the pair I like most is Kang Seungsik and Shin Hyucksu — the former proved specifically why he’s my preferred singer, and the latter is an absolute gem. (The musical runs till August 14 sadly, Hyucksu does not have any far more shows, but I’d undoubtedly advocate any of Seungsik’s pairings!)



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Hyperlink: Consume, Enjoy, Kill: The whole neighborhood failed Gye-hoon and his sister, and I will not blame him if he packs up and leaves for superior. His restaurant hasn’t opened anyway, so there’s absolutely nothing tying him down. Except Da-hyun. Sigh.

It is Wonderful Now: I do not get why Mi-rae’s paternal side is producing such a major deal about her mum’s adoption. I know the aunt is greedy, but what’s the grandmother’s excuse? Does it modify the reality that Mi-rae’s mum has been absolutely nothing but the finest daughter-in-law ever? Anyway, it pleased me to see Mi-rae and her brother stand up to their aunt for slapping their mum. Kick that lady out of the residence, please!

The Witch is Alive: I believed I knew which of the females was going to do what, but appropriate now, absolutely nothing is going as planned and I do not feel my prediction is appropriate. I know Ma-ri does not want to divorce her husband, but gosh! She deserves so a lot superior than that man. All 3 females deserve superior, essentially.

Remarriage &amp Desires: Lee Hyun-wook playing a superior guy was such a pleasant surprise, and we require to see far more of him as a superior guy in dramaland. It is been a even though considering that I hated a character as a lot as I did Yoo-hui, and her punishment wasn’t adequate for me. Hyung-ju and Hye-seung’s romance created me want far more, and that wedding scene had me screaming my complete residence down! General, it was a superior watch.



Yumi’s Cells two: I’m underwhelmed with the finale but I’ll require a handful of days to sort out what specifically I was hoping for. It is sort of the ending I wanted but how it played out felt off. No matter what, I am so sad to see these characters go. I was genuinely moved by the interactions involving Yumi and Woong this week. Following all they’ve been by way of collectively, they deserve to just be uncomplicated about every other. Also, Bobby taking care of a sick Yumi created me recognize that I am going to require a Yu Bobby spin-off show pronto. Just place him collectively with any random female lead and I will watch them play residence all day.

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