Film Review: Abigail Harm (2012) by Lee Isaac Chung

Extended ahead of “Minari”, Isaac Chung had directed 4 function motion pictures, with “Abigail Harm” getting his most experimental, in a style that has just about absolutely nothing to do with the award winning 2020 title, as it unfolds like a kind of urban fairy tale, inspired by the ancient Korean folktale “The Woodcutter and the Nymph”.&nbsp

&#8220Abigail Harm&#8221 is screening at Hong Kong Arts Centre, as aspect of Cries and Whispers: Film Retrospective of Lee Isaac Chung 

The titular lady has a rather uncommon profession, as she reads to blind folks, such as a rather cheeky older man who only desires to hear the dirty components, played by “Rocky”’’s Paulie, Burt Young, in a fictionalized New York. A single day, a stranger seems in her apartment, played by “Minari”’s Will Paton, direly wounded and asking for enable. To thank her for her care, he narrates a story about a creature who comes to Earth and loses his powers when he removes his robe. Abigail, in an work to make his story correct, enters a decrepit constructing, exactly where she stumbles upon a naked Asian man taking a bath. She proceeds on taking care of him, at some point bringing her to her apartment, and a rather uncommon partnership starts, despite the fact that the man does not look to have any type of communication expertise.&nbsp

The narrative of the film can only be justified by means of a fairy tale prism, which Lee Isaac Chung truly plays with, as the narration by Paton and the complete demeanor of the two protagonists suggests. The detachment from reality truly performs in favor of the film, enabling Chung, who also functions as DP, to present a series of quite intriguing photos, each in the dreamy apartments Abigail visits and in the rundown constructing she meets the young man that alterations her life.&nbsp

The second intriguing aspect comes from the way the partnership unfolds, with Abigail at some point opening up to the young man about her father and the way he shaped her life, but also due to his all round attitude, which truly mirrors that of a type of domesticated animal, at least to the point when he begins to speak. In that regard,’s overall performance is fairly fitting, in resonance with the outwordliness of the complete story, whilst the bloody scene, which functions as the dichotomy for his transformation, is truly the most memorable in the film. On the other hand, the movie’s most significant attraction is Amanda Plummer’s overall performance in the titular function, with her portraying a rather multileveled character with gusto, primarily anchoring the film from starting to finish.&nbsp

At the identical time, although, there is a particular detachment one particular feels to the story, to the point that it tends to make it quite complicated to really feel any type of empathy for the characters or their lives, even in the scene exactly where Abigail opens up. The proceedings, and specifically the ending with its back and forths also look to make quite tiny sense, whilst the handful of realistic scenes, such as the stroll in the city, seem disconnected from the rest of the narrative.&nbsp

Probably if one particular had study the original story ahead of, the film would make far more sense as an adaptation, but primarily, the only point that is definitely worth right here is the decaying beauty of the constructing the two protagonists meet and Plummer’s overall performance. Ergo, “ Abigail Harm” serves largely as a testament of how a great deal Lee Isaac Chung progressed as a filmmaker in “Minari” than something else.&nbsp



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