Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes 7-eight

As we come to our midpoint this week, we discover a wide variety of relationships — no matter if it is the 1 amongst the residents of a smaller town, that of parent and kid, close friends, coworkers, or even lovers. When the chips are down and secrets are revealed, how will the persons in these relationships manage it?


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8

When the residents of a town choose to file a lawsuit against the proposed building of a highway passing via their town, our lawyers at Hanbada are hesitant to take on the case simply because the winning price is low. But the town’s representatives do not back down and virtually drag the lawyers to check out their town. (And this is just random, but a section of the town is named Ki-young, just like Myeong-seok hehe.)

Significantly to Min-woo the mismatch-maker’s delight, Young-woo offers up her seat in the middle for Jun-ho and Su-yeon to sit collectively on the trip to the town. And as they arrive, I see why the representatives insisted that the lawyers spend a check out. It is such a beautiful location with delightful residents who are proud of the majestic Hackberry tree that stands on a hill in the town. However, its designation as a all-natural monument was denied and it’ll be chopped down if the highway building occurs.

As our lawyers climb the hill, Young-woo trips and the fall rips a element of her jacket. This leads to a swoon-worthy moment exactly where Jun-ho covers her with his personal jacket – and this does not go unnoticed by Su-yeon. Later on, Su-yeon asks if Young-woo hasn’t noticed that Jun-ho likes her. But Young-woo replies in the adverse, and says it is not uncomplicated for somebody to like her simply because she’s autistic. If only you knew, sis.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8

Back to the case, CEO Tae tends to make her very first look in court as the senior lawyer on the opposing side, and Young-woo is wowed by her aura and her defense in court. I imply, I would be also. The lady is excellent! But Young-woo’s fascination with CEO Tae upsets her dad, and he goes to confront CEO Han for hiring Young-woo just to use her existence as CEO Tae’s illegitimate daughter (thanks for the confirmation, Show) against CEO Tae. I seriously wanted to think that CEO Han took Young-woo in simply because of her prospective as a lawyer. Sigh!

Young-woo’s dad painfully tells CEO Han that he will ignore her scheme simply because there’s no other firm prepared to accept an autistic lawyer. And he begs her not to place Young-woo on any case involving CEO Tae. As he leaves, he bumps into Young-woo and Min-woo, and Min-woo realizes that Young-woo’s father is CEO Han’s law college senior. He then accuses an oblivious Young-woo of getting into Hanbada through nepotism, and leaves in a huff. Pffft.

And even though Min-woo is upset at Young-woo, Su-yeon directs her aggravation at Jun-ho. She tells him to be clear with Young-woo if he seriously likes her and to quit confusing all of them with his unconfessed feelings. Lol. She completely offers off the if-you-hurt-my-pal-I-will-haunt-you power, and this is 1 of the motives why she’s like a spring sunshine to Young-woo.

At the subsequent court look, our lawyers argue that 1 of the building assessments was performed following the arranging stage rather than just before as stipulated by the law. And CEO Tae’s try to argue against this is foiled by Young-woo’s precise recollection of the date and footnotes of this assessment amidst the mountain of proof submitted to the judge. Whoa! It is CEO Tae’s turn to be impressed by Young-woo.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8

Back in the workplace, Young-woo requires Geu-ra-mi’s tips and asks to touch Jun-ho to verify if she likes him. Seizing the chance, Jun-ho leans in closer, and she closes her eyes… *swallows*. But my excitement is quickly dampened when Young-woo learns from Dad that she got into Hanbada through nepotism. She tells him that she’s an adult and does not like when he intervenes in her life. And elsewhere, Min-woo uploads an anonymous post on Hanbada’s bulletin board on the unfair hiring practices at the firm.

Min-woo seriously chose violence, didn’t he? Unfair hiring practices? Pfft. What’s unfair is Young-woo not obtaining a job due to discrimination in the very first location! And this may possibly be my bias speaking, but if it is by abilities, she’s greater at the job than Min-woo is. If she was incompetent, it is a diverse story. But she has regularly established herself, so what else does he want? Min-woo and his inferiority complicated ought to take a number of seats, please.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8

Of course, Su-yeon smells the rat behind the anonymous post and calls Min-woo out. She loudly defends Young-woo to the other personnel and privately tells Young-woo to smack Min-woo upside the head for writing the post. That is excellent tips, Young-woo, take it!

As our highway case continues, Hanbada convinces the judge to hold an onsite verification in the town, but of all days, it chooses to rain on the day of the verification. Hanbada and Taesan lawyers show off with their branded umbrellas, but all Young-woo can see is the drawing of a dolphin on the judge’s umbrella. Awww.

However, the Taesan lawyers have gone ahead to convince a excellent quantity of the townspeople to consent to the building and now it appears like the representatives are just functioning for their personal interests. The judge trips as they climb the hill (and Young-woo presents to give him her jacket lol) and the rain tends to make the atmosphere gloom, so the onsite verification is a total bust for Hanbada.

The sun comes out quickly following the judge leaves, and the race is on amongst Taesan and Hanbada to get the highest quantity of consent types for and against the building. CEO Tae lastly remembers Young-woo as the rookie lawyer who caught her eye in the wedding dress case, and tries to scout her to Taesan. (Any individual else obtaining some Pinocchio deja vu right here? Just me? Okay.)

Min-woo desires to know what they talked about and Young-woo asks if he’s going to post it on the bulletin board once more. Left to me, I’d have rubbed my scouting offer you in his face. Tsk. Young-woo truly attempts to smack him, and warns that she will do it for true the subsequent time he messes with her. But with the nepotism point going on, she tells her dad that she’s switching firms to Taesan. And that is when he blurts out that CEO Tae is her mother.

The news is so jarring that Young-woo trips from the stairs and lands in the hospital. And even though there, Dad tells her his story as the son of a poor farmer who fell in adore with the daughter of a wealthy household. CEO Tae was against maintaining their child, but Dad begged her to have the child and promised to raise Young-woo on his personal. Dad also agreed under no circumstances to take the bar exam so they do not run into every single other, and now he regrets it simply because if he became an lawyer, he could have hired Young-woo when no law firm wanted to take her.

When Dad tells Young-woo that her mother abandoning her was political, she realizes the Hackberry tree may possibly have also been denied monumental status for political motives. So she goes with Jun-ho to investigate this, and they finish up speaking about that day in the workplace – when she ran out without having kissing him. (What? But she currently closed her eyes!!) Anyway, Young-woo confesses her heart price was seriously higher that day and she thinks she likes him.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8

As it turns out, the application for monumental status wasn’t even filed in by a penny-smart pound-foolish employees at the provincial workplace. But Young-woo sees that the employees has the similar dolphin umbrella as the judge – the dolphin getting the logo of a enterprise that rewards from the highway building. And just as the judge is about to dismiss their case, Hanbada files a motion to challenge the court below issues of an unfair trial. This is all coincidental, but Young-woo quotes CEO Tae’s words about the human thoughts getting weak in the face of cash. CEO Tae is impressed once more, but this time, the feeling is no longer mutual.

Young-woo tells CEO Tae about their connection and says she cannot leave Hanbada and her dad to move more than to her mother’s side. And as they speak, excellent news comes in that the tree has been offered monumental status and the highway building would have to be diverted from the planned route. When CEO Tae asks if Young-woo resents her, Young-woo admits that she seriously wanted to meet her mother when and it was good to have spent time with her on the case. And with this, Young-woo says her goodbyes and walks away, leaving CEO Tae in tears.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8

Whilst I attempted to place myself in CEO Tae’s footwear, and recognize her selection at the time, I cannot come up with an excuse for her. More than the weeks, we’ve noticed a couple of indications that she’s not absolutely unaffected by her selection to abandon her daughter (and I suspect she was also in the tinted automobile when Young-woo was dropped off). So why, just when, couldn’t she attain out?

I cannot consider how Young-woo need to have felt to understand that the lady she was so fascinated by is truly her mother, but props to her for handling the predicament maturely. It is 1 of the testaments to how nicely her dad raised her, and I do not feel he ought to be concerned as significantly simply because his child girl is in truth, an adult. Apart from, regardless of her mother’s absence, Young-woo will generally be surrounded by adore from him, and from the other excellent persons in her corner.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 7-8

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