Ji Sung tries to find Adamas before time runs out

July 21, 2022July 21, 2022

Ji Sung tries to discover Adamas just before time runs out
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With the premiere now just more than a week away, tvN’s mystery thriller Adamas has been pushing out extra promos, which includes a new poster and video teaser, as effectively as new stills.

Who requirements only a single when you can have two tortured heroes? And the cherry on major is that they’re each played by Ji Sung (The Devil Judge)! Taking on the roles of twin brothers, crime novelist Ha Woo-shin and prosecutor Song Soo-hyun, the mission is to discover their stepfather’s actual murderer and absolutely free their biological father, who was wrongfully convicted of the crime.
This suggests obtaining “Adamas,” the essential clue to the murder, which is somehow connected to the chaebol group Haesong. But it is tricky to inform if their daughter-in-law Eun Hye-soo – played by Seo Ji-hye (Kiss Sixth Sense) – will be buddy or foe for the twins.
One more wild card is Lee Soo-kyung (Law College), who plays regional news reporter Kim Seo-hui. While she is passionate about upholding justice and desires to support the twins, she appears to be hiding secrets of her personal as effectively.

The video teaser starts with a funeral and a flashback as a single of the twins narrates, “Mother’s dying want, an anonymous letter, the murder weapon that disappeared, Adamas” followed by a text screen that reads: “The younger brother who searches for proof.” We stick to Novelist Ha as he tends to make a take a look at to the head of Haesong. Introducing himself, he asks if Haesong’s give is nonetheless open, and when they can start out the interview. The chief housekeeper briefs him on their protocols.
We then reduce to Oh Dae-hwan (The Red Sleeve Cuff), Haesong’s “problem solver,” who has a suspicious conversation about witnesses causing problems and no matter whether suicide is improved than going missing. On cue, Novelist Ha runs into daugther-in-law Eun Hye-soo who warns him: “In this property, the extra you know, the extra you are at threat. You place your self in extra danger appropriate now.” Ha is then confronted by chief of safety Heo Sung-tae (Insider), who puts him at gunpoint and demands to know his identity.
A text screen then introduces us to the subsequent hero: “The older brother who searches for the actual culprit,” as Prosecutor Song is shocked to finds allies to support his case. Director of police unique investigations, Choi Deok-moon (Medical doctor Lawyer) explains his motive: “Do you know how a lot of presidents had been placed in that seat by Haesong? We’re attempting to place an finish to that era.” But our young Reporter Kim delivers a easier explanation: “I know. That particular person is innocent.” Song then queries his biological father Jo Sung-ha (Lovers of the Red Sky) in prison, “If you had been wrongfully accused, why did you confess?”
We then return to Eun Hye-soo, who continues her warning: “You’d improved hurry if you want to catch the actual culprit. Time is not on your side.” Amid an action-packed sequence, we also get a series of text screens reading: “A diamond arrow covered in blood. Steal Adamas. Two but a single. Twin brothers hunting for the truth.” The teaser comes to a close with Prosecutor Song promising Reporter Kim that he’ll support her, just like she helped him. He declares, “It’s my turn now. I’m going to make confident to catch him.”
With writing by Choi Tae-kang and PD Park Seung-woo directing, Adamas premieres subsequent week on July 27 in tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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