Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 13-14


Hyperlink: Consume, Appreciate, Kill: Episodes 13-14

We currently knew this neighborhood was a mess, but it is even worse soon after understanding specifically what secrets the residents have been harboring. Thanks to the actions of numerous of the adult residents, a single tiny girl who could’ve been saved was left to fend for herself. Our tormented chef finds himself at a crossroads as he struggles below the weight of the truth about what occurred to his tiny sister.


The neighborhood ajummas and ajusshis appreciate to gossip, and Jin-geun’s death offers them a hot subject. I can not even blame them for suspecting Da-hyun and household provided each their odd behavior and the truth that they type of did kill Jin-geun and place him in a freezer as soon as. Gye-hoon is not left out, either, considering the fact that absolutely everyone knows he and Da-hyun are collectively.

Gye-hoon, as usual, blames himself for not obtaining the complete story about Gye-young prior to Jin-geun was murdered. To distract himself, Gye-hoon cooks a mini feast for the restaurant personnel and Da-hyun’s household. I appreciate that they really feel the require to go about the table, each and every assuring the other individuals that they didn’t kill Jin-geun.

Now that Jin-geun is dead, Eun-jung is adrift. She’d been living for revenge, and without having it, she does not know what to do with herself. Hopefully, with him gone, she’ll commence to truly reside once more.

On a random note, could folks be much less casual about their security in this drama? Even understanding there’s a killer loose, folks just go about by themselves soon after dark. Eun-jung and Da-hyun each go wandering about the neighborhood at evening – Eun-jung is even tipsy!

Moving on, with the entire Jin-geun-dead-in-the-freezer (once more) predicament, Da-hyun and Gye-hoon uncover themselves in connection limbo. Gye-hoon requires the initiative and says he does not want to break up. He gets unusually vulnerable, admitting he was only surviving prior to he met Da-hyun and started to reside. Gye-hoon earnestly asks her not to abandon him. Due to the fact there’s no way Da-hyun can break up with him now, they finish up back collectively. So that breakup lasted all of a day.

Meanwhile, Won-tak gets himself into a spot of difficulty. He sees Chief Seo harassing his dad once more, and this time, he can not stand by. Won-tak beats Chief Seo up, consequences be damned. He then resigns, by no means providing a purpose for his behavior. Chief Seo heard Eui-chan get in touch with Won-tak “Se-jin,” so he puts it collectively.

We currently knew Chief Seo is type of awful, and he marks our 1st adult who didn’t support Gye-young when he had the likelihood. In flashback, we see that Gye-hoon had promptly gone to report his sister missing soon after feeling her worry, but Chief Seo actually laughed him out of the station. And then, of course, he went soon after the incorrect man for about two decades.

In a further secret reveal, we lastly find out what Bok-hee has been hiding from Da-hyun all this time. When she realized Da-hyun was missing back then, she frantically searched and identified her unconscious on the street. A man was leaning more than her with a weapon.

Each Jung-ho (the cop friendly with Bok-hee) and halmeoni arrived at that point. Whilst Jung-ho was attempting to hold the man off, Bok-hee hit him more than the head, killing him. Rather than reporting it, Jung-ho convinced her to bury the truth to guard herself. He assured her that Gye-young’s case was entirely separate due to the fact they didn’t uncover her soon after a search. That, sir, is an extremely flimsy argument.

So now we’ve got a single cop who ignored the case till it was as well late and a further who irresponsibly didn’t report a further tiny girl going missing the exact same evening. Then there’s Bok-hee who stayed silent. If only they had been the only ones to play a function that evening.

The most upsetting of them all, for me, was the shifty neighborhood ajusshi Dong-nam who at present lives in the residence the girls had been held in. Following Gye-young got left behind by Da-hyun, she went up to Dong-nam on the street and asked him to save her from a poor man who was following her. As an alternative of assisting her like a decent human, Dong-nam LEFT HER THERE. Who even does that?!

Feeling guilty, Da-hyun ends up telling Gye-hoon the truth about what her mother did. He’s stunned and for as soon as, he can not overlook his feelings understanding that Gye-young might’ve been saved if Bok-hee had reported the incident. When Bok-hee comes to apologize, he refuses to forgive her he desires her to reside in regret forever.

Gye-hoon is understandably exhausted and prepared to leave the neighborhood (and perhaps Da-hyun). I imply, it is not like his restaurant has opened anyway. He tends to make a trip household to see his mom who is getting a great day. She tells him not to be concerned about her and to get in touch with his dad – he does not require to let their fighting influence him. Gye-hoon nonetheless hasn’t told her his dad is missing, anything I practically forgot about amid every little thing.

Meanwhile, the killer (whose name is Young-hoon) does his personal reconnaissance thanks to Jin-geun attempting to save his personal skin by promoting Da-hyun out. Young-hoon approaches her all neighborly and tries to suss out if she remembers him like Jin-geun mentioned she likely does. Fortunately, he realizes she does not completely have her memories back, and he leaves her alone for now.

Jung-ho is not so fortunate. The two of them are close pals and have been for decades. Following understanding from Bok-hee that Da-hyun and Gye-young had been kidnapped collectively, Jung-ho begins reinvestigating. He lastly remembers that Young-hoon provided to support search that evening. Especially, he’d provided to search that residence, and Jung-ho had let him.

Young-hoon realizes that Jung-ho has place two and two collectively, and he kidnaps him. He shares that the man Bok-hee killed was just a pawn. Young-hoon then admits that he did “hurt” Gye-young, but if Jung-ho had searched that residence himself, he would have identified her nonetheless alive.

Elsewhere, Dong-nam tries to ease his personal guilt and rid himself of the specter of Gye-young. He tells Gye-hoon the entire story about how Gye-young had asked for his support but he left her there. His excuse? He was as well tired to support a person else.

Gye-hoon is at the finish of his rope, barely holding it collectively at this point. Da-hyun gets a ping by means of their hyperlink and calls him frantically. He says he misses her, so she runs to him. We finish this week on them embracing. So I guess they’re not breaking up soon after all.

And we lastly have the complete story of what occurred that evening when all the adults refused to take duty, leaving a tiny girl to die. People today can be terrible.

I had quite significantly forgotten about the mystery of what the heck occurred to Gye-hoon’s dad. Did the killer off him as well? Possibly he got as well close to the truth.

And then there’s the genuine mystery of the entire drama: will Gye-hoon’s restaurant ever open? Poor Jin-hoo is the only a single who appears to care – soon after all he’s endured in this neighborhood as the only a single with zero connection to what’s going on, the man deserves to open a restaurant in peace.

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