Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-eight

Amid all the heated rivalries and shaman shenanigans this week, the Minamdang crew and the police group are forced to function collectively in the face of the realities of violence against girls.


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Thank the drama gods that Su-cheol arrives just in time to save Han-jun from an untimely death by choking. Su-cheol chases the suspicious nurse all about the hospital, but nonetheless loses him.

Meanwhile, Han-jun and Jae-hui rush back to Yeong-seop’s area, but they only catch a couple of minutes with him ahead of he dies. Oh no. Playing his function as the spirit-blessed shaman, Han-jun provides Yeong-seop peace, resulting in a final confession: Yeong-seop seriously didn’t kill anybody.

At the Minamdang hospital area, Han-jun demands an apology, insisting Jae-hui should’ve believed him and even threatening to wash away the DNA material he got from the suspect. He’s so overdramatic that Su-cheol and Hye-jun are feeling so embarrassed. Identical. Jae-hui begrudgingly apologizes, so Han-jun hands more than the DNA material. But regrettably, it does not match with any identity. Properly, issues are not going to be that uncomplicated.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Back dwelling, Han-jun complains about the smelly meals, igniting his clean freak sensibilities and an air purifier PPL. I was questioning when we’ll get these, which do not generally function on me, but Seo In-gook is a fantastic seller that I’m nearly tempted. Damn.

Preparing their subsequent step, Han-jun points out that they will need to get started with investigating the sewer murder victim KANG EUN-HYE (Kim Min-seol). Laughing maniacally, he promises to catch Gopuri ahead of Jae-hui does.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

The subsequent day, Jae-hui and Do-won track down Eun-hye’s buddy who provides them a new lead: Eun-hye is basically a trainee at Joyce Entertainment. They’re shocked, nonetheless, when stated buddy informs them she currently discussed this with a male detective (*cough* Su-cheol *cough*). Appears like our Minamdang crew is 1 step ahead of the police once more.

Back at the cafe, a frazzled lady brings in her “possessed” brother to meet the infamous shaman. Everyone’s scared of the possibility of ghosts, but when the lady brings out a thick envelope of dollars, Han-jun is quickly hooked.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

At the shaman lair, Han-jun prepares for the consultation. Watching from the CCTV, Hye-jun berates him for accepting when they do not have any information on this allegedly possessed guy. But a panic-stricken Han-jun only stares at the CCTV camera — his comms earpiece is missing! Factors get worse when Hye-jun finds a livestream of the session. Oh nooooo.

The unexpected buyers are revealed to be aspect of a show referred to as Fraudbusters, sent in by Jae-hui. As well poor for her, Han-jun nonetheless has a couple of tricks up his sleeves: his profiling capabilities. All all through his interactions with the unexpected consumers, he has been cataloging observations, which includes the hidden camera in the woman’s bag. Our resident shaman just ended up with two far more consumers in awe of him.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Han-jun leads his new converts out to the cafe. There, he confronts Jae-hui and Do-won about their scheme, as they attempt to make excuses.

But the confrontation is abruptly reduce off when none other than Han-jun’s mother arrives, watching the livestream on her telephone and getting out her son is the shaman. Yikes! Poor Deaconess Kim almost faints in shock.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Nonetheless, the trio get back on track. Their subsequent target: PARK JIN-SANG (Baek Seung-ik), the director of Joyce Entertainment and a son of Choekang Insurance’s chairman. The Choekang Group once more!

With a string of criminal records below his belt, Director Park is infamous as “Pain in the Ass” and “MC Genie” whose favored line is “Do you know who I am?” It is a wonder Joyce Entertainment hasn’t gone bankrupt below his leadership. Properly, Hye-jun says the company’s currently in the red, but surprisingly, it got a lot of investments. Who’s placing dollars in a poorly managed business? Sus!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Elsewhere, Do-won privately meets (study: ambushes) Director Park to query him about Eun-hye. It also speedily becomes apparent that they know every other, as Do-won refers to the director’s father as “Uncle.” Are they relatives then? Hmm.

Rattled, Director Park visits an actual shaman. Unbeknownst to him, Minamdang’s dynamic duo has been tailing him. Su-cheol accidentally barges into the ritual and only narrowly escapes by operating away with bananas covering his face. LOL. They take pleasure in the cost-free bananas, but their mission to see the director’s wrist is nonetheless a failure.

So, Han-jun enlists the aid of VVIP client Min-gyeong, who is so adorably excited to get a contact from the shaman. She recommends his solutions to Joyce Entertainment for their upcoming audition, and Han-jun lastly gets a face-to-face meeting with Director Park. He speedily checks the director’s wrist, but he has a discomfort relief patch on. Blast!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, Jae-hui suggests going undercover and joining the audition. Detectives Kim and Na dress up as flashy idol wannabes, prepared to dazzle and frazzle — except they promptly get busted and kicked out.

No matter, Jae-hui and Detective Jang are prepared to go in as aspiring idol duo Han Jenny and Du Jinny. LOL. When did they even get to prepare a efficiency? I want the police group had greater comedic timing like they had right here.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, the director’s stone-faced assistant GU TAE-SU (Won Hyun-joon) recognizes Han-jun. As the audition begins, Assistant Gu gets an order: get rid of Han-jun promptly.

Assistant Gu speedily follows Han-jun to the restroom with a deadly injection. He’s only thwarted when a sparkly pink-clad Jae-hui barges in to demand why Han-jun has offered their audition a pass when he knows she’s there undercover. Shushing her, Han-jun pulls her into a stall, even sitting her on his lap to hide her correctly. Speak about awkward.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Acknowledging they have the very same agenda appropriate now, Han-jun and Jae-hui (lastly!) agree to function collectively. Back at the audition area, the two wink at every other as Jae-hui now pretends to be a wannabe action star, who “accidentally” kicks a coffee cup at Director Park…? The two bicker about their failed program. Scratch that, it seriously is an accident. Oops.

Double oops. Simply because as the spilled coffee gets on an electric wire, poor Director Park gets electrocuted. It does give Han-jun a likelihood to verify his wrist. But there’s no scar. Mission good results, I guess?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

As the director is taken away in an ambulance, Han-jun, Su-cheol, Jae-hui, and Detective Jang lastly speak to Eun-hye’s trainee buddy. Their new witness tearfully tells them she basically saw Eun-hye dancing and taking her garments off in front of some unidentified individuals. Oh my, poor Eun-hye!

The scared buddy has deleted the video she took and sold her telephone, but she’s in a position to deliver the information of the purchaser. She asks the shaman to inform Eun-hye how sorry she is, and Han-jun provides her comfort. This is the second time this week that Jae-hui saw Han-jun providing peace and closure to tormented victims with his shaman techniques. I hope this indicates she’ll tone down calling him out as a fraud.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Tracking the purchaser to a remote island, they all arrive at the very same time, with the guys (except Na-dan) receiving sea sick from the boat ride. The two sides do their most effective to convince the telephone purchaser to hand more than the device. Han-jun provides a looot of dollars, although Jae-hui threatens legal action. Of course, dollars wins, so Han-jun gets the telephone.

But Jae-hui cannot give up that conveniently. She steals the telephone from Han-jun, prompting a wild chase across the beach. Hye-jun basically sighs at them although enjoying a drink.

They only cease when Hye-jun informs them they’re stuck on the island for the evening, so she’s the only likelihood they have to access the telephone and they could as nicely just share the info. I seriously believed they’d accidentally throw the telephone into the water and drop the proof. Su-cheol even got his pants ripped to reveal vibrant red boxers! How is the telephone secure amid all that chaos?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

No matter, the two groups lastly get to watch the incriminating video, and the ladies are righteously angry with its contents. Meanwhile, Han-jun compartmentalizes and zeroes in on 1 of the males in the video.

The subsequent day, the two teams go their separate techniques. The police understand that Eun-hye regularly goes by way of a particular train station, exactly where they lastly locate her address. Her landlady reveals Eun-hye came to Seoul with her “uncle.” It turns out this so-referred to as uncle is the very same man the Minamdang crew is tracking down: JEON GYEONG-CHEOL (Hong Wan-pyo), the acting chief of Jjokmun Gang.

Han-jun and Su-cheol method “Madam Wang,” with whom Su-cheol is forced to flirt with so they can get far more info on the gangster. They get a place, but Han-jun decides to make a pit cease at the Han River to give his sister some backup.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

At the river Hye-jun slams a bat on her new boyfriend’s vehicle following catching him cheating. The angry boyfriend is about to hit her, but fortunately, he gets distracted by Han-jun and Su-cheol, who arrive by way of a reenactment of the iconic mist-filled hero stroll in The Lonely Shining Goblin. LOL.

“They’re your angels of death,” says Hye-jun. Precise, mainly because our dynamic duo quickly gets the guy begging on his knees for mercy. We even get Hye-jun eyeing Su-cheol with interest following he threatens her now-ex. This small loveline of Hye-jun and Su-cheol is so cute!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

The subsequent day, the Minamdang crew heads to the gang’s hideout. Following identifying far more victims, they develop into even far more determined to cease the gang.

They raid the hideout — in correct Minamdang style, of course. That indicates Shaman Han-jun donning his shiny gold hanbok, waving his fan and bells about, and threatening the gang with a vengeful spirit — except it is seriously just Na-dan dressed up as a girl, Hye-jun offering a voice with AI tech, and Su-cheol bringing in smoke for that total haunted impact. My favored components of this show are seriously the Minamdang crew going complete shaman mode to bring their elaborate schemes to life!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

Following Han-jun sticks talismans on the door, they’re in a position to lock up the spooked gangsters and head straight to exactly where Gyeong-cheol is. The acting chief basically bump into the dynamic duo, but Han-jun is hilariously distracted with teasing Su-cheol.

The gangsters are nonetheless no match for the angry Su-cheol. As Su-cheol turns to Han-jun, the latter placates him with some pocket dollars, so the former is rapid to forgive and overlook. Did Han-jun just… purposefully rile up Su-cheol to get rid of the gangsters speedily?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

A couple of minutes later, the dynamic duo has hung Gyeong-cheol upside down more than some deadly spikes, threatening to let go if he does not answer truthfully. But Han-jun learns Gyeong-cheol does not know significantly, but he asks anyway if he knows Gopuri.

Sadly, that is the precise moment Jae-hui arrives. As they squabble, the gangster prepares to hit Han-jun on the head. Jae-hui tries to cease Gyeong-cheol — except she ends up tasing Han-jun rather. Hit however once more, poor guy!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

In this week’s final epilogue, we see what occurred with Eun-hye in the video. The lady in the chair is the 1 who ordered Eun-hye about and who later ordered Assistant Gu to kill Han-jun. And she’s apparently a shaman?! Just as we believe we’ve got issues figured out, there seems far more threads that we will need to unravel. Damn.

This week, we saw so quite a few situations of violence against girls, and it was a series of uncomfortable but eye-opening truths about the reality of dangers girls face each day. It is all the far more uncomfortable realizing there’s a big possibility that the mastermind behind Eun-hye’s murder is also a lady. Here’s to hoping that the Minamdang crew will often have a inventive scheme up their sleeves to catch the poor guys!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 7-8

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