Kim Se-jung shows her heart and strength in Today

July 18, 2022July 18, 2022

Kim Se-jung shows her heart and strength in Today’s Webtoon
by tccolb

Far more promos have been released for SBS’s workplace drama Today’s Webtoon, featuring our adorable heroine Kim Se-jung (Company Proposal) as the judo athlete turned webtoon editor, Ohn Ma-eum.

Exploring the inner workings of the webtoon sector, the story follows Ohn’s development as she starts her new profession as a rookie editor. Sharing her journey is fellow rookie Gu Joon-young – played by Nam Yoon-soo (The King’s Affection) — who also has a lot to discover. Guiding them each as a mentor is managing editor Seok Ji-hyung, who is played by Daniel Choi (Ghost Detective).
In the newly released stills, we also get a peek at Go Chang-seok (Memorist), who requires on the function of our heroine’s dad and higher college judo coach, Ohn Ki-bong.

The new teaser starts with Ohn Ma-eum finding prepared for a judo attack as she narrates, “The future normally brings the unexpected.” Lo and behold, her “opponent” turns out to be her quickly-to-be-boss, editor-in-chief Park Ho-san (Monstrous) and she belatedly realizes her error. Fortunately, Park shows appreciation for Ohn’s passion and believes she’ll operate challenging if she’s hired for their group.
In response, Ohn pledges to place her complete heart into the operate and not bring about difficulty for the group. Downing drinks at the operate dinner afterwards, she cutely comments on the sweet taste and that they cannot go household. The group is then  shocked when Ohn effortlessly piggybacks her drunk fellow rookie Gu. In the intermittent text screens we study: “The judo athlete who dreamed of finding a gold medal becomes a webtoon editor?!”
Back at operate, managing editor Seok inquiries what it indicates to be a accurate editor and we watch Ohn attempt her greatest to help a single of the company’s writers, Im Chul-soo (Alchemy of Souls). The teaser then comes to a close with Ohn hanging her new operate ID badge subsequent to her judo medals. She explains that she does enjoy judo, but she loves webtoons just as substantially.
Premiering July 29 in SBS’s Friday-Saturday slot, production for Today’s Webtoon is led by a group of 4 with PD Jo Soo-won (Pinocchio, Thirty But Seventeen) and PD Kim Young-hwan co-directing alongside writers Jo Yeh-rang and Lee Jae-eun.

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