Fantasia Film Review: Next Door (2021) by Yeom Ji-ho

Becoming caught in an unpredictable and unsafe predicament is a superior foundation for quite a few genres, as it opens up quite a few possibilities, even a blend of quite a few genre conventions, for the story to continue. At the similar time, particularly when getting confronted with a tight price range, it can be utilised really correctly and economically provided the appropriate script and talent as a visual storyteller. In the previous, Korean filmmaker Yeom Ji-ho had really a handful of possibilities to harness and create these capabilities, with his quick function “Mosquito”, “Toilet” and “Equalizer” to his talents when it comes to building characters and predicament. His function debut “Next Door”, which currently screened at festivals such as New York Asian Film Festival 2021 and Bucheon International Superb Film Festival 2022, if additional proof of these certain capabilities contemplating the story of one particular man getting trapped in a stressful predicament is half thriller, half comedy, with quite a few tense and downright ironic moments.

&#8220Next Door&#8221 is screening on Fantasia International Film Festival

For 5 years, Chan-woo (Oh Dong-min) has been attempting unsuccessfully to enlist in the Korean police force, and even although his landlady is nevertheless supportive of him, his parents’ patience is operating thin, and he has come to be one thing of a operating gag amongst his peers. Even so, this time, he has sworn to himself, he will pass the test, so he has been studying most of the year, surviving only on fried rice and staying away from alcohol and parties. His only problem, apart from the boiler in his apartment not operating correctly, is the noise from his subsequent door-neighbor, a young lady who clearly has a lot of arguments with her boyfriend, resulting in quite a few complaints from him as properly as other tenants.

His mood adjustments upon discovering out he lacks the funds in order to meet the deadline for his application, so that Chan-woo has to get in touch with one particular of his mates to ask him for some cash, who, in return, demands he joins him for some drinks. On the subsequent morning, Chan-woo wakes up to a grim sight, simply because, aside from obtaining a poor hangover, subsequent to his bed he finds the physique of a man, his head surrounded by a pool of blood. To make matters worse, he notices it is the apartment of his noisy neighbor, and with her in all probability on her way back dwelling, he also has to get back to his apartment, avoiding his landlady and other individuals.

Despite the fact that the foundation of his function could probably not be much more minimalist, Yeom Ji-ho does his most effective with the components of this certain story, as a result making a definitely entertaining and funny film. One particular of the most crucial aspects right here is the major overall performance by Oh Dong-min, displaying Chan-woo as a particular person trapped in an uncommon and unsafe predicament, but not as the butt of the joke, so to speak. His struggles are understandable, as are his faults, producing him a character you normally discover your self rooting for, particularly when he shows his capabilities as an investigator and setting up a crime scene to get out of a mess he (presumably) has developed himself. At the similar time, the actor’s talent for physical comedy and slapstick adds a great deal to the humor of the function, as a result resulting in quite a few pretty funny moments.

Apart from the performances, “Next Door” also has some wonderful set design and style to offer you its viewer. Even though emphasizing the emotional state of the characters, it also creates a sense of tension and chaos as the protagonist starts to don’t forget what occurred final evening ahead of he blacked out, by way of his personal recollection or by way of other individuals telling him. The blend of comedy and thriller is highlighted with the continual action in the background, mainly by way of noises of other neighbors, a worker attempting to fox the boiler in the other space or other tenants complaining about the sounds coming from the apartment, exactly where Chan-woo attempts to piece collectively the events of final evening and how he could possibly be in a position to get out of this predicament. Director Yeom Ji-ho, along with cinematographer Jae-min Park and sound designer Jeong-won Yang, handle to generate a busy, hectic and stressful atmosphere, stressing the not possible predicament the most important character is in.

In conclusion, “Next Door” is a suspenseful, and really entertaining blend of thriller and comedy. Yeom Ji-ho has developed a function which presents suspenseful and funny moments, thanks to its wonderful lead performers as properly as its all round design and style and sense of timing.



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