Why Her?: Episodes 13-14


Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

As our story enters its penultimate week, our lawyer is blindsided by a shocking secret, even though the rest of our heroes ultimately start off gathering the really hard proof they will need to tie our killers to their previous crimes.


Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

This week’s episodes have left me unable to articulate precisely how I’m feeling, so I’m going to remind every person of the scene from Sensible Prison Living (a.k.a. Prison Playbook) in which Je-hyuk (Park Hae-soo) draws a graph of his life. When he gets to the year he was sent to prison, his happiness line plummets.

Why Her? — significantly like Je-hyuk’s happiness line — has been steadily declining more than the weeks, but following Episode 14, I’ve officially reached the point exactly where Je-hyuk reaches the wall and just keeps stabbing at it to release his pent up aggravation. If you are all caught up on Why Her? then you can likely guess the scene that had me wanting to choose up an ottoman and hurl it out a window.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14 Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

But just before that, in what has turn into a bit of a pattern for this drama, the 1st twenty minutes have been excruciatingly slow, with lots of dramatic music, crying, and the unnecessary use of cell phones to develop metaphorical distance among two individuals who are inside shouting distance of a single one more. It all ultimately culminates with our top couple’s reconciliation.

Soo-jae is not instantly swayed following overhearing Chan’s bold assertion that her faith in his innocence was a lot more crucial to him than her upholding her oath as a lawyer. Chan even insists that their poor deeds somehow cancel every other out, but Soo-jae disagrees. Her failing him as his lawyer is far worse than him hiding his genuine identity from her.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

But then Chan discovers that she has constructed her personal conspiracy white board, and after he knows that she’s attempting to discover his step-sister’s genuine killer, Soo-jae cannot not let him be a component of the investigation. So, I wouldn’t say they are back collectively as a couple, but they’re at least speaking and collaborating on the case once more, which is likely the most tolerable version of their connection.

Now that Soo-jae is speaking to him once more, Chan’s subsequent move is to ask Jin-ki to fabricate an chance for him to meet Tae-kook, and this is when we find out that Jin-ki — in spite of becoming woefully passive for the final ten years — really has a flair for the dramatic (and perhaps even a fondness for Hamlet). Just before he methods down as director and is sworn in as the subsequent Minister of Justice, Jin-ki has the Group eight students participate in a mock trial, and the information of the case are intentionally related to the events from ten years ago.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14 Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

But rather of rehashing the old murder trial, the students are tasked with enacting what would come about if the plaintiff (a.k.a. Chan) have been to attempt and sue the former prosecution (a.k.a. Joon-myung) for his wrongful imprisonment.

Tae-kook is invited to participate as the acting judge for the mock trial, and it ought to come as no surprise that he guidelines in favor of the defendant, stating that the prosecution — at the time of the original trial — was below no obligation to recognize the owner of the unknown fingerprint identified on the weapon when the plaintiff’s (coerced) confession and fingerprints on the murder weapon have been adequate sufficient proof to move forward with the trial.

All this pomp and circumstance just so Chan can get close sufficient to speak to Tae-kook, and even then Chan nonetheless had to chase following Tae-kook’s auto in order to have a private conversation. And what does he do? Throw down the proverbial gauntlet. I just appreciate it when heroes warn the poor guys that they’re coming for them. Who desires the element of surprise?

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14 Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

From this point on, the plot moves forward at a relatively decent clip. The rest of Group eight (minus Yoon-sang, of course) are looped in on the most recent developments, and when news breaks that Na-jung’s physique has been identified, the law students start fueling the on the web speculation and rumors. They want individuals speaking about Chan and Na-jung’s murder since, as lengthy as Chan is in the public eye, he’s (theoretically) secure from Tae-kook’s deadly machinations.

A funeral is held for Na-jung, and Chan and Quickly-ok discover closure. Quickly-ok apologizes to Chan, explaining that she hated him so passionately since it gave her the strength to retain moving, and after she identified out he wasn’t her daughter’s killer, her anger towards him changed and became a manifestation of her personal self-loathing and guilt for not believing him. Now that Na-jung has been place to rest, Quickly-ok releases Chan from the burden of secretly caring for her, and she officially calls an finish to their tenuous connection.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

Meanwhile, Soo-jae, who did not approve of Jin-ki and Se-pil’s passive strategy to revenge, goes on the offensive and leaks bits of details from the blackmail flash drive to the press. When she meets with Tae-kook subsequent, his telephone is blowing up with calls from Sung-beom and In-soo, who are caught up in newsworthy scandals. Tae-kook ignores them, even though, since Soo-jae commands his undivided consideration.

It is at this point that we find out that Tae-kook was totally in the dark about the kidnapping and rape of Eun-seo. The Second Generation Terrible Trio only known as on him following they had kidnapped Na-jung, and they failed to disclose their crimes from earlier that evening.

As Soo-jae weaves collectively the complete story of what actually occurred ten years ago, we see that Tae-kook is impacted by this details. How can he be assured that he completely covered up his son’s involvement with Na-jung’s murder and Eun-seo’s rape if he wasn’t conscious of all the variables?

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14 Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

Feeling backed into a corner, Tae-kook whips out his trump card: Jae-yi is Soo-jae’s daughter. It is not significantly of a surprise for these of us who have been expecting this plot twist, but the news shocks Soo-jae. She slips into a haze, barely in a position to hear Tae-kook encouraging her to marry Joo-wan (gag). Soo-jae wasn’t fantastic sufficient to be his daughter-in-law eight years ago, but now — following she’s turn into particularly thriving and is sitting on a mountain of blackmail details — is the ideal time for her to join his household and turn into her personal daughter’s step-mother.

She’s nonetheless in a daze when she leaves his workplace, but she’s not so out of it that she does not quit to give Joo-wan a satisfyingly public slap across the face when she sees him in the hallway. The slap is only the starting, even though, since when Yoon-sang overhears Joo-wan telling Hwa-ja that Soo-jae is Jae-yi’s genuine mother, he provides his older brother a strong punch to the face, as well.

Can I be subsequent in line to punch Joo-wan? He’s such an awful individual, but as opposed to Tae-kook — a villain embodying a level of charisma and intelligence that I can begrudgingly respect — Joo-wan is just a coward who makes use of filial piety as an excuse to be a terrible individual and cower to his father’s bidding. He’s the weaker of Tae-kook’s sons, but his loyalty and rank as the oldest son have created him Tae-kook’s preferred — even even though it is abundantly clear that Yoon-sang is a lot more competent and the superior successor.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

Tae-kook can no longer keep away from Sung-beom and In-soo, and when he ultimately agrees to meet with them, they whine, complain, and blame their most recent scandals on his inability to cover them up. Tae-kook calmly drinks and bides his time till Joo-wan arrives with Dang-oh and Shi-hyuk.

Tae-kook confronts the younger trio about Eun-seo’s rape even though their confused fathers watch the exchange. Dang-oh and Shi-hyuk confess to drugging and raping a lady, but neither of them know Eun-seo’s identity since — ugh — there was no will need for them to know her name. Joo-wan, nevertheless, calmly denies any involvement or know-how of the incident, and his dissent riles up Dang-oh and Shi-hyuk, who feel Joo-wan is attempting to keep away from blame and pin the crime on them.

Soon after Sung-beom and In-soo finish beating their disgusting offspring, Tae-kook points to Joo-wan as a model son. He tells the other fools to be like Joo-wan and deny any know-how of a crime if they’re ever questioned. The tiny functionality also served to humble Sung-beom and In-soo, who are effectively contrite following becoming reminded that Tae-kook can either save them or take away every thing he helped them construct.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

Small do they know, Soo-jae is currently chipping away at their empires, but 1st she desires to confirm that Jae-yi is her daughter. She’s understandably suspicious of something that comes out of Tae-kook’s mouth, but Hwa-ja claims she had currently figured out Soo-jae was Jae-yi’s mother just by watching the two of them collectively. She lets Soo-jae have a private moment with Jae-yi on the beach, and Soo-jae exhibits an proper quantity of awkwardness and hopefulness as she spends time with her daughter.

When the DNA test comes back as a good match, Soo-jae drafts up a contract to give to Tae-kook. Not only does Soo-jae refuse to marry Joo-wan, but she also requests complete custody of Jae-yi and stipulates that Tae-kook should withdraw his managing rights of TK Law Firm and appoint her as the CEO in order to preserve her silence with regards to Jae-yi’s correct maternity.

Tae-kook argues that she’s asking for as well significantly, but this is exactly where Soo-jae reveals her personal trump card: she has a paternity test proving Tae-kook was the father of So-young’s child, which is a strong motive for her murder. She provides him two hours to sign the paperwork.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

As Soo-jae tends to make her dramatic exit, we see the secretaries outdoors Tae-kook’s workplace scrambling to answer the phones, which are blowing up with individuals asking about the most recent scandals to hit Sung-beom and In-soo — all is going according to strategy. Though the poor guys function to do harm handle, their consideration and sources will be diverted from Na-jung and Eun-seo’s case, and Group eight has been really hard at function interviewing old witnesses and collecting their prime suspects’ fingerprints to examine to the unidentified fingerprint on the murder weapon.

That evening, Soo-jae agrees to have dinner with Chan, but when she pulls up outdoors his location, Joo-wan calls. Jae-yi has gone missing. Chan, who saw Soo-jae drive off abruptly to go assistance search for Jae-yi, worriedly hops in a taxi and follows her, but his driver is reduce off and he loses Soo-jae in site visitors.

Though Joo-wan performs with the safety guard to comb via the CCTV footage, Hwa-ja and Soo-joo split up to search for Jae-yi on foot. Soo-jae decides to start off with Jae-yi’s college, and on her way there, she ultimately answers Chan’s frantic telephone calls and tells him exactly where she’s headed.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14 Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

Confident sufficient, Soo-jae locates Jae-yi at her college, exactly where she’s selecting flowers for her mom. Earlier that day, Hwa-ja told Jae-yi that she would be going to the United States with no Jae-yi, but Jae-yi — who loves her mom a lot more than her father (and who wouldn’t?) — ran away since she believed her mom didn’t appreciate her. She believed if she picked flowers her mother would take her to the United States. Oh, my heart!

Soon after speaking to Jae-yi, Soo-jae calls Hwa-ja to let her know she identified Jae-yi. She also tells her to place off her trip to the United States, and it is clear that Soo-jae is reconsidering her custody arrangement for the sake of Jae-yi’s happiness. Thank goodness, since I actually believed this drama was going to gloss more than the entire taking-a-tiny-girl-from-the-only-mother-she’s-ever-identified factor. Whew! Crisis avoided. Or so I believed.

Just when I wanted to give this drama credit for undertaking some thing correct, it turns correct about and pisses me off.

Dear Beanies, sweet tiny Jae-yi spots her parents across the street. And she’s so eager to reunite with them that she rushes into site visitors, in spite of her established worry of crossing the road.

And Jae-yi is hit by a bus. This drama just Truck-of-Doomed a tiny girl.

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

And for what cause? So we could after once more see Seo Hyun-jin’s excellent acting variety as she cries hysterically more than her dead daughter’s physique? So we can watch Chan show up just in time to witness the gory aftermath and then be an awkward penguin with no understanding of why Soo-jae is a lot more distraught than the dead tiny girl’s (presumed) mother?

A great deal like the suicide from Episode 1 that got replayed more than and more than, this feels like one more stunt intended to shock the audience top up to the finale week. I totally loathe every thing about this writing selection, and I do not have faith that this gratuitous death will have any considerable influence on the story or Soo-jae’s character improvement in the final two episodes. But on the vibrant side, there’s only two episodes left. So, yay?

Why Her?: Episodes 13-14

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