Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 13-14


Medical doctor Lawyer: Episodes 13-14

Our hero and his allies start to conquer the chessboard, 1 move at a time. The time is up for their enemies, whose underhanded dealings are now spelling their personal downfall. Nonetheless, there are far more secrets lurking in the dark, and some revelations will shake our hero to his pretty core.



Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

It appears like the gang attack is the operate of Guk-gwang, who sneers at Yi-han and yanks the oxygen mask off Yoon-seok. All appears lost, till a car or truck pulls up — omg, it is Jayden and his aide!

Guk-gwang pulls a gun on them, but it does not faze Jayden, who gets into his car or truck and accelerates straight towards Guk-gwang. A bullet lodges itself in his windshield, but Jayden’s crazed grin basically grows wider.

His car or truck does not hit Guk-gwang, but his roundhouse kick does make fast operate of the thug, and Yoon-seok gets taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Yi-han and Seok-young appeal to Assemblyman Im, asking to be place on the list of witnesses for Chairman Gu’s hearing (for the position of Minister of Wellness and Welfare). Nonetheless beneath Chairman Gu’s thumb, Assemblyman Im refuses, but they persuade him — they’re operating to expose Assemblywoman Yoon’s illegal deeds, which would guarantee Assemblyman Im’s presidential candidacy.

Thanks to Soo-hee, the planned assault by Guk-gwang tends to make it onto the news, raising inquiries about Assemblywoman Yoon’s involvement. Detained in custody, Guk-gwang asks to make a contact to prosecutor Kang-ho, but his contact goes unanswered.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

There’s just 1 day left till Chairman Gu’s hearing, and Jayden instructs his aide to sell off their Banseok stocks whilst the rates are nonetheless higher he’ll reclaim them all when the hearing goes awry and the rates drop. As usual, it is higher threat and higher reward with Jayden, huh?

Of course, Jayden’s self-confidence is not conjured up from thin air. Yi-han plans to reveal Ki-tae’s recording in the course of the hearing, so as to expose how Chairman Gu instigated Ki-tae into committing perjury. Seok-young will then indict him publicly at the hearing.

Jayden is shocked that Yi-han’s sharing his plans so openly for the 1st time, and Yi-han admits that he didn’t trust him just before. Soon after all of Jayden’s unwavering help and assistance, even though, he’s inclined to think him.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Do-hyung seeks out Yi-han, imploring him to represent him as his lawyer it appears Banseok intends to reduce him off and have him take the fall for its crimes. He reveals that the removal of Seok-joo’s heart was wholly Chairman Gu’s undertaking — even though Do-hyung did help in the cover-up, of course.

Yi-han agrees to represent Do-hyung, even though on 1 situation. We do not hear what it is, even though, and Do-hyung reports back to Chairman Gu that Yoon-seok is brain dead. (I suppose he’s going to stroll into the hearing tomorrow, healthier and properly?)

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

The 3 healthcare employees who participated in the cover-up of Seok-joo’s death — Do-hyung, Jung-hyun, and healthcare examiner YOON-JUNG (Kim Yoon-seo) — meet up. The ladies are determined to reveal Chairman Gu’s crimes at the hearing, even if it suggests implicating themselves.

Do-hyung requires this in, and then he tends to make a contact. The Banseok safety group enters the space, trapping the ladies inside for the duration of the hearing turns out Do-hyung’s been lured by the guarantee of a directorial position at Banseok.

In the carpark, Do-hyung thanks Chairman Gu for his generosity, and Chairman Gu is smug as normally — as well smug, in truth, to notice the black box camera that is recording their meeting.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

The hearing starts, and Jayden orders the quick promoting of their stocks to commence — but he’s stopped by SUSIE YOON (Park Mi-sook), chief director of Honours Hand. She’s determined that the move is as well risky, and she refuses to let him gamble with their stocks.

Yi-han reveals Ki-tae’s recording at the hearing, accusing Chairman Gu of murdering Ki-tae when he’d outlived his goal. Chairman Gu denies it all, of course, and then a video goes viral on the online.

It is the black box recording, in which Chairman Gu accosts Do-hyung and stabs him in the neck. Ohmygod. Banseok’s stock rates plummet, and Jayden grins in satisfaction.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

We locate out that Jayden had provided Do-hyung a substantial sum of income to backstab Chairman Gu, handing him a fountain pen with a hidden camera. In the carpark, Do-hyung attempted to nudge Chairman Gu into speaking about Seok-joo’s case and revealing his crimes, but Chairman Gu noticed the fountain pen recorder in Do-hyung’s pocket.

Incensed, he’d stabbed Do-hyung on impulse, then ordered his aide to cover up the bloody scene — entirely unaware all the things was filmed by the black box camera.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Meanwhile, Assemblywoman Yoon feeds honeyed lies to the reporters, denying her involvement in illegal activity and pinning all blame on Yoon-seok. Of course, that is precisely when Seok-young shows up with Yoon-seok in tow.

Yoon-seok had kept a ledger of Assemblywoman Yoon’s illegal political funds more than the years, and Seok-young brandishes it for all to see. The name at the pretty major of the list is Chairman Gu.

Seok-young orders the emergency arrest of Assemblywoman Yoon, and she’s taken into custody, proper in front of the reporters. Chairman Gu is arrested by Seok-young, as well, and the two are driven away in a police car or truck.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Yi-han quickly notices that Chairman Gu’s gaze was educated on Do-hyung’s fountain pen, and he meets with Jayden to ask him about it. Jayden readily admits to providing Do-hyung the fountain pen, as properly as tempting him with income.

Even in the wake of Do-hyung’s death, Jayden is not remorseful more than his selection Do-hyung would’ve gotten away with a slap on the wrist if he’d been left to the law to deal with.

Yi-han asks why Jayden is so hell-bent on revenge against Banseok, nearly as if he has a private vendetta against Chairman Gu. Inviting him to locate out, Jayden officially breaks their partnership — Yi-han’s as well unwilling to get his hands dirty in the name of vengeance.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

In the interrogation space, Chairman Gu readily admits to all his charges, all so that he can swiftly wrap up and move previous Seok-joo’s case. Seok-young refuses to let that slide, even though, and she gets increasingly worked up questioning Chairman Gu — till a sharp discomfort in her chest has her doubling more than to catch her breath.

Oh no, it appears like she has the very same hereditary heart illness that Seok-joo suffered from. Kang-ho, who had a mini redemption arc immediately after Yi-han convinced him to proper his wrongs and testify against Chairman Gu, gives to take her off the case. Even so, Seok-young’s determined to finish it herself, and she asks Kang-ho to hold her situation a secret from Yi-han.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Banseok’s shareholders convene in a board meeting, exactly where Jayden outlines his plans to restructure Banseok and take away the cardiothoracic division totally. He frames it as a logical response to all its scandals, and Hyun-sung’s protests hold no weight against that argument.

There’s 1 individual missing at the meeting, even though, and that is Jayden’s aide MICHAEL (Kim Tae-gyeom). Upset by the monetary loss brought on by Michael’s refusal to stick to guidelines and sell the stocks, Jayden’s selected to discipline him by shutting him out.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Of course, that opens up an avenue for Yi-han and Seok-young to probe into, in order to locate out far more about Jayden. Betrayed by Jayden’s cold dismissal immediately after all the things he’s carried out for him, Michael reveals what he knows.

5 years ago, Jayden came to Korea to invest in the Banseok Foundation, but he was involved in a car or truck accident. He underwent emergency surgery at Banseokwon, and Yi-han flashes back to that fateful evening — when Chairman Gu had informed him that the patient on the operating table had just been in a car or truck accident.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

At a press conference with regards to his presidential candidacy, Assemblyman Im abruptly starts displaying symptoms of Alzheimer’s. As they watch the televised broadcast, Yoo-na admits to Jayden that this is the purpose Assemblyman Im can not reduce ties with Banseok.

She reveals that she’s been swapping out her father’s medicine for wellness supplements, so that his symptoms will recur and protect against him from becoming president. This way, she can stay just as Jayden when told her — not a president’s daughter, or Hyun-sung’s wife, but basically Im Yoo-na.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Yoo-na gives Jayden a pill, downing 1 herself it is the very same drug he provided her back then. She wonders if she’d passed out back then due to an sincere error by Jayden, or if it had all been element of his program. Prior to he can take the pill, even though, Hyun-sung barges in.

Angered that he’s been produced a fool of, Hyun-sung attacks Jayden with a golf club, but his clumsy moves are no match for the evasive Jayden. Yi-han and Seok-young arrive just in time to break up the fight, and Jayden laughs that Yi-han need to have let Hyun-sung kill him that is the only way he can get revenge.

Yi-han does not rise to the bait — rather, he reaches out and tears Jayden’s shirt open. There’s a surgery scar operating straight down his chest, clear as day, seemingly confirming Yi-han’s suspicions that Jayden has Seok-joo’s heart.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14 Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

Effectively, I can not say I’m shocked. But once again, this show’s predictability is its greatest disservice, which tends to make it really feel like the characters — and the viewers by extension — are basically becoming led along by the plot.

Take Michael for instance you’d consider that an individual as properly-versed in the art of manipulation as Jayden is wouldn’t basically cast aside his aide with no a second believed, regardless of how materialistic he is. But of course the plot wants an insider to reveal data, and what’s far more easy than getting a proper-hand man betray his master?

There are so several far more revolutionary strategies that Jayden’s previous could have been brought to light, but of course the show chooses to take the quick way out and tread the path of least resistance. It is not terrible, by any suggests, but it is bland and uninspired storytelling.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

I’m also not a fan of how Seok-young’s illness was shoehorned in at the final minute, basically to throw one more wrench into the functions and manufacture a brewing conflict among her and Yi-han. Probably it is simply because I’m barely invested in their connection, but I want the show didn’t employ such a melodramatic and overused trope.

In any case, it is clear our final faceoff will be among our steadfast hero and his capricious frenemy. As we move into our finale week, all I can do is hope that the show has a handful of tricks up its sleeve I’m searching forward to a tense battle of wits, not a cliche facsimile of it.

Doctor Lawyer Episodes 13-14

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