Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10


Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-ten

Our hero has lastly created it as a mage of Songrim! But, achievement comes at the cost of separation from his beloved master. Amid many admirers jostling for priority, our leads need to identify exactly where their hearts definitely lie.



Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

We commence with Wook reaching the objective of a lifetime. Elated, he bows and swears to uphold Songrim’s guidelines. Even Mu-deok wears her pride on her sleeve: it requires markedly much less cajoling than usual for her to admit that her pupil appears handsome in his new robes. Afterwards, in time-honored student tradition, Wook plans an all-out celebratory bash-up, exactly where the only agenda is obtaining stupendously drunk.

Elsewhere, the mood is much less jubilant. Mu and Ha-sun meet at Daeho’s most preferred date location: that 1 bit of the lake exactly where they toss dead soul-shifters. Being aware of that Wook was born beneath the King’s Star, they bemoan his acceptance into Songrim. We understand that Jang Gang apparently sealed the ice stone owing to moral qualms, reinforced by a flashback of him wailing more than a petrified corpse. Ten years ago, even so, Ha-sun’s faction retrieved the stone, applying a young blind mage to find it: JIN BU-YEON, Cho-yeon’s lost sister.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

It is tempting to believe that is Mu-deok. But this show teases. We move to a boat carrying a different blind lady (Seo Hye-won) with a ribbon about her eyes. Appears prove deceiving: turns out, she’s not only a thief, but totally sighted. Her blindfold carries a flower insignia – an accoutrement we later understand she took from her buddy, Mu-deok, for whom she’s now browsing. Twist upon twist!

Back at Chwiseonreu, exactly where Wook’s individuals are partying, Mu-deok stumbles upon a tipsy Yul. Considerably like a thoughtful Yul, a concerned Yul, and a Yul suffering terrible panic, this Yul is outwardly composed. Inwardly, he’s a disaster. He solemnly informs Mu-deok that he’s lost, and gone astray. Mu-deok, initially missing the metaphorical heft of this comment, requires his hand to guide him. He reminds her of all the instances she’s confessed her appreciate for him, which surprises her ahead of she remembers that yes, she did certainly do that. Even as she breaks out her usual hapless servant act, he plucks a nearby flower and tucks it into her hair as a token of gratitude — whilst Mu-deok is left fearing he definitely signifies it.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Romantic woes abound. Do-joo is frustrated by Jin’s defense of how he attempted to woo Do-hwa. You can hardly blame her: his “courtship” apparently consisted of wordless pining, and the absolute conviction that 1 can convey appreciate through telepathy. Resenting how unclear his feelings are for her, in a match of relatable aggravation, she kicks her shoe into the pond. As she reaches for it, she overbalances… but, this is dramaland, exactly where there’s no shortage of handsome guys to catch you when you fall.

The man in query is Master Lee — self-confessed celebration pooper, and habitual drinker of chastity tea! He’s been drinking much less lately, and tries to persuade himself that is the only explanation he gets flustered upon sweeping Do-joo into his arms.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

At the celebration, panic sets in when Prince Won arrives uninvited. Nevertheless, he’s only there to provide Wook an pricey drink and teeth-clenched congratulations — albeit soon after a tense stare-down. (Oh, the eyebrows!)

Won later confesses to Mu-deok that it was only for her sake he refrained from tearing the location down in anger. Jin’s not the only 1 with a skewed view of courtship: he informs her that the subsequent time she interferes among him and Wook, he’ll kill her. Then, he grins like a smitten teenager when he learns she nevertheless carries the perfume satchet he gave her. To be fair, this is precisely Mu-deok’s style of affection even as she refuses to rescind her loyalty to Wook, she asks soon after his injury.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Across the city, Cho-yeon’s father returns property, accompanied by a blind lady, adding to this episode’s increasing roster of red herrings. Ho-gyeong is agitated: could this be her lost daughter? Nope: Jinyowon’s gate is motionless beneath her hand, and the poor lady is dismissed with small other than a fare property. Distraught, Ho-gyeong broods more than her daughter’s portrait, remembering Bu-yeon’s uncanny capacity to sense power. She examines the blindfold she gave her — 1 decorated with the exact same flower as Mu-deok’s old accessory.

Later, an alcohol-stupefied Wook is carried to Songrim’s gate. With his newly-reissued spirit plaque, entry presents no difficulty. Nevertheless, Mu-deok is denied. Songrim’s guidelines prohibit private servants. Meanwhile, Wook can not leave till he completes simple instruction. Anguished, Mu-deok can only watch as her pupil is torn away from her.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Wook is tended to by HEO YUN-OK (Hong Seo-hui), heir to Sejukwon, who has carried a critical torch for him ever due to the fact he rescued her from a rampaging Kil-joo.

Meanwhile, stubbornly perched by the gate in the pouring rain, Mu-deok is greeted by Yul, who has brought her an umbrella: he knew she’d refuse to leave. But, even semi-conscious, it is Mu-deok for whom Wook calls. And by now, we know Mu-deok’s patterns when she huddles like a drenched cat in the rain and mutters about murdering Wook, what she definitely signifies is she misses him quite significantly.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Subsequent morning, Wook is determined to attain Mu-deok. He appeals to Jin, who will not hear it. He promptly complains to Do-joo alternatively, moaning ostentatiously about Songrim’s regulations, with the air of a youngster expecting his guardian to create a stern letter to the teachers. No dice. Do-joo insists that Mu-deok is happier without having him.

Elsewhere, Mu-deok despairs as Do-joo returns, alight with hope that Wook and Yun-ok are in appreciate. Nonetheless, according to her, Wook only has eyes for a lady he described as a bird’s egg in a tree. Mu-deok, cradling the egg-shaped charm Wook created for her, knows that this can only be 1 particular person.

The problems with metaphors is that they’re anyone’s game. Do-joo is convinced the “bird’s egg” will hatch into an egret, sophisticated sufficient to suit Yun-ok. Mu-deok snaps caustically that it could develop into a vicious eagle — 1 that will fly away. The crux of the matter is, while Wook and Mu-deok might appreciate 1 a different, Mu-deok can not let that compromise her freedom.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

At Songrim, Wook masters simple instruction in practically the time it requires to provide a cheeky grin. Getting rejected by twelve masters has its advantages! But, when he confidently demands a check out property, Jin stops him in his tracks: his final job is to study a book written by Songrim’s founder, Seo Gyeong. The catch? Its pages are blank. Reading them calls for about a year of magical concentrate. Privately to Yeom, Jin confirms what we could possibly have suspected: he has no intention of teaching Wook. He’s just stalling for time till Jang Gang comes property. It is the cruelest blow in a series of cruel blows.

Joke’s on Jin, even though Wook’s resourceful. If they will not let him out, he’ll just leave. This is awfully difficult on Yun-ok, who visits just in time to watch the object of her affections exit through the window. Once again. Nonetheless, she’s superior sufficient to cover for him, shutting the door and pretending they’re in uninterruptible conversation — for 4 complete hours.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Back property, Mu-deok is delighted to hear that a man from Songrim is expecting her — only to locate Yul. He’s right here to, uh… retrieve his umbrella! Oh, it broke? Effectively, in that case, he’s right here to let her purchase him a new 1! Regardless of this getting the most awkwardly stalled errand identified to man, there’s space for a tender moment as Mu-deok worries about the leg Yul broke extended ago in Danhyanggok. Nonetheless, it is clear exactly where her loyalties lie when she stops to purchase Wook’s favored sweets for Yul to provide. Why? He gets cranky without having snacks!

Down the street, the not-so-blind thief from the final episode is caught stealing trinkets. She leads her pursuers on a merry chase, gleefully overturning chicken crates as she flees. (I like this newcomer — she’s got panache!) Unexpectedly, she spots Mu-deok, who, to her surprise, shows nary a hint of recognition — or any sign of her former blindness. No time for inquiries: she’s cornered by a group of thugs who recognize her as SO-YI. It appears like the jig is up — till her attackers are swept aside by a mage valiantly wielding an umbrella: Yul! So-yi accepts Yul’s improvised weapon as a walking stick, and goes on her way.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Alas, her luck is quick-lived. She’s swiftly abducted by an unseen figure, dropping the umbrella as she goes. Her abductor? None other than Jin Mu, who has plans to take down Ho-gyeong…

Wook arrives property, only to face disappointment — Mu-deok’s out. But, she’s found a way into Songrim: there’s a leaflet marketing for servants. When she learns Wook’s back, she races as quickly as she can — to locate he’s currently left. Nonetheless, all is not lost she catches him returning by boat. Breathless, she calls out to him from the bridge. She throws the leaflet out to him, promising to attain him quickly. Watch their faces light up in sight of 1 a different: I defy you to inform me that is not what appreciate appears like!

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

As the 125th Songrim interviewee, Mu-deok’s got extra competitors than she bargained for. Do-joo decides that is absolutely nothing a small bribery will not repair. Regrettably, the maidservant (cameo by comedian-actress Kim Hyun-sook) to whom she gifts an pricey scarf rats her out to Jin, whereupon items get nasty. He reprimands Do-joo for abusing their friendship. Amid tears, Do-joo snaps back that they will need no longer be close. In the culmination of two episodes’ worth of failing to use his words, Jin attempts an apology… only to plod by way of it so gradually she’s currently left.

Meanwhile, Master Lee, as enigmatically useful as ever, visits Wook. He lets him on to a secret: the blank book is essentially a appreciate letter. Seo Gyeong was writing to a blind lady, intending her to study it with her heart. If Wook discovers the initial word, the rest will comply with.

As Master Lee leaves, he encounters Do-joo, who thanks him profusely for his aid the other evening. Yeom watches in disbelief as his ascetic, plainly-dressed master accepts a pink silk scarf as a token, while stuttering bashfully in the face of Do-joo’s — properly, almost everything. Honestly, I’m starting to believe Master Lee’s chastity tea is just sugar water.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

The Songrim servant contest starts! Mu-deok need to compete against hundreds of hopefuls, starting with a written exam on all items domestic. At Songrim, Yul, Dang-gu, and a going to Won place their heads with each other more than a copy of the test, pooling their logic (and, probably extra considerably, Won’s attendant’s laundry knowledge) to accomplish what they are adorably constructive need to be a excellent score. Won, revealing that beneath his grumpy exterior lies a heart of — properly, of confused longing for Mu-deok — aids smuggle the answers to her.

As Mu-deok aces category soon after category, Wook functions equally difficult to facilitate their reunion. The book is a appreciate letter it need to be addressed to its recipient. Even though his subsequent encounter with Jin is as fraught with trauma as ever, it gives the final piece of the puzzle: Seo Gyeong knew a blind lady named Jin Seol-ran, the future founder of Jinyowon. As Mu-deok embarks upon her final challenge, Wook watches the text bloom ahead of his eyes.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Mu-deok’s final test is a race — and it is painful. Staggering beneath the enormous jar on her back, she slows, almost toppling. She misses the effortless athleticism of the physique she lost. But, she also remembers her efforts to cease Wook from providing up — telling him he need to do a thing, no matter how damning the situations. And so, she sprints. With tremendous work, she breaks previous the runner ahead of her, beating him to the finish line by a hair — ahead of passing out.

I’m a blubbering mess by the time Wook and Mu-deok reunite. Sitting close, they talk about the letter Wook deciphered. Mu-deok can not fully grasp the reasoning. An invisible letter that was most likely under no circumstances sent? It is cowardly. Amused, Wook agrees: Seo Gyeong ought to have delivered the letter like Mu-deok did. With the air of a man playing his trump card, he produces the leaflet she threw. If a letter delivers your feelings, he motives, it counts. Mu-deok has the appear of a lady utterly caught. Wook continues — what he study was, I will do something to be capable to see you. So, he’s going to reply.

Mu-deok braces herself, afraid. But all Wook does is return the leaflet. I missed you as well, he says.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

Whew! People, this is the slow burn to finish all slow burns, and I am wild with anticipation. It is clear Wook and Mu-deok fully grasp the depth of their personal feelings, and are even starting to fully grasp every single other’s — obliviousness is not the problem. Nonetheless, for all that Mu-deok fears fitting her life about a companion (blood feuds are a solitary company), she and Wook are currently halfway there. I can not cease pondering about the plain delight they each show upon seeing every single other — how effortlessly they match with each other, and how difficult they attempt for 1 a different. Just about every episode, they are drawn into a deeper understanding of 1 a different.

Communication was this week’s theme, with most of our supporting cast failing to get their message across. Jin, in particular, resembles an invisible appreciate letter, under no circumstances sent. He’ll demonstrate his feelings for Do-joo a million methods ahead of suffering to voice them, and he’ll do something for Wook apart from provide an explanation. Yul can only definitely contact out to Mu-deok through vague allusions to a previous she can not be confident he knows is hers. Meanwhile, Master Lee can not even stutter out a sentence in front of Do-joo! Ultimately, all this miscommunication will unravel — for now, I can not wait to see how complex it gets.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 9-10

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