Remarriage & Desires: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


Remarriage &amp Desires: Episode 1 (Initial Impressions)

Is marriage a union of appreciate, or is it a contract of wealth and ambition? Burned by a traumatic betrayal, our disillusioned heroine has no interest in the affluent organization that provides a second attempt — that is, till her previous comes back to haunt her.



The drama opens with KANG NAM-SHIK (Kwon Hyuk) standing atop a rooftop, searching forlorn. His telephone, left behind on his desk, rings with a get in touch with from his spouse SEO HYE-SEUNG (Kim Hee-sun).

Nam-shik methods onto the ledge, and a pair of manicured hands attain for his back. But the hands are not there to save him — they shove him suitable off. (What a chilling bit of symbolism.)

We rewind back, and Hye-seung jerks awake just as prosecutors knock on the door. They’re right here to seize the home and its things, and as she follows them, she notices a golf scorecard in the car’s trunk. On it are the names of her husband and a further lady, and there’s a golf ball with their initials, as well.

Recalling that Nam-shik had lied about playing golf with enterprise executives on his birthday, Hye-seung’s confronted with the truth of her husband’s adultery.

Nam-shik’s in hot water at perform, as well — he’s been utterly played by his mistress JIN YOO-HEE (Jung Yoo-jin), who seduced him into purchasing stocks below her name and subsequently framed him for assault and blackmail.

Yoo-hee feeds this lie to Hye-seung as nicely, and Nam-shik returns household to a divorce agreement on the table. Pushed to the brink with no 1 who believes him, Nam-shik calls Hye-seung 1 final time to apologize and admit the truth.

That is the final she ever hears from him — Hye-seung rushes household, only for Nam-shik’s physique to come crashing down on a automobile suitable in front of her.

We skip ahead to 2022, exactly where Hye-seung is now functioning as a teacher at an academy. She receives a text congratulating her about her new membership at Rex, which puzzles her because she didn’t sign up for it.

Effectively, it turns out her mother did it on her behalf — Rex is an elite matchmaking service for the top rated .1 % of South Korea, led by CEO CHOI YOO-SUN (Cha Ji-yeon).

Hye-seung’s determined to make it on her personal, but her dinner with her old university professor quickly turns awry when he reveals his lecherous intentions. She instantly excuses herself, but she runs into old classmate CHA SEOK-JIN (Park Hoon) in the restaurant’s hallway.

He provides Hye-seung his enterprise card, but she’s as well humiliated to remain for a appropriate conversation. Seok-jin might have been rebuffed by the arranged marriage candidate his father introduced him to, but he appears considerably a lot more impacted by Hye-seung’s hasty departure.

We’re introduced to Lee Hyung-joo (Lee Hyun-wook) through a sailing escapade and a lavish pool celebration if there’s 1 issue for confident, it is that this guy is loaded.

Hyung-joo is the CEO of a game improvement enterprise as nicely as the 30th richest man in the nation, but there’s 1 small bump on his great track record. He’s divorced, and he has a young son from his prior marriage.

Hyung-joo’s mother is adamant that he remarries, even going as far as to sign him up for Rex, so he ends up meeting with Yoo-sun. Hyung-joo has no interest in remarrying, because he no longer has any trust in girls, but Yoo-sun’s great with her words.

She describes remarriage like a enterprise pitch, pointing out the profit and reputation that Hyung-joo stands to acquire from it. It operates, and Hyung-joo officially joins Rex.

His specifications for a companion are easy — he does not care for their previous, and he’s open to decrease-level members. All he asks for is that his potential spouse can hold a great conversation with him.

With his illustrious background, Hyung-joo’s caught the focus of Yoo-hee, who even slips a Rex manager an envelope of dollars to assure that she gets matched with him. Ever the gold digger, this 1.

Hye-seung heads to Rex to ask for a refund on her membership, and whilst she waits in the lobby, she hears a incredibly familiar name. Whirling about, she accidentally knocks a vase off its show, and the crash as it hits the ground mirrors the plummeting of her heart as she recognizes an all as well familiar face — the mistress that ruined her marriage.

Oof, that is 1 way to get your traumatic previous shoved back into your face, just as you believed you have been ultimately selecting up the pieces and attempting to move on. I really feel for Hye-seung, who’s just attempting to do the very best she can for herself and her young daughter.

The idea of Rex is an fascinating spin on the thought of political marriages as a enterprise tactic, because it goes previous the realm of a private alliance and turns it alternatively into an upfront competitors. Yoo-sun’s eloquence keeps her clientele reassured and happy, but does she definitely have their very best interests at heart? Is the dollars all she’s right after, or does she deliberately arrange the marriages in a way that serves an ulterior motive?

This very first episode was a slick and intriguing premiere, but I’m left wanting to know a lot more about our central characters. Hyung-joo appears like a man of decent character beneath all his wealth (what a far cry from Lee Hyun-wook’s character in Mine, haha), which tends to make me curious as to why his ex-wife left him.

I’ve created a robust distaste for Yoo-hee currently, but I’m interested to come across out what drives her. Is it purely materialistic greed, or is there anything a lot more underneath her facade? And as for Seok-jin, we barely got to see him this episode, but he seemed to show genuine concern for Hye-seung — which tends to make me wonder if they shared a deeper connection in the previous.

I didn’t assume I’d be this drawn in by the drama, but I am — there’s anything compelling in the way it draws its tension tight, like a taut string 1 millimeter away from snapping. Probably that is an apt way to describe Hye-seung, as well she’s buried her discomfort the very best she could, but it is clear her wounds are nevertheless gaping and raw.

She’s no match for the cunning Yoo-hee, not suitable now, but I’m eagerly anticipating her rise as a formidable opponent, if only to give Yoo-hee a taste of her personal medicine. May well the R in remarriage stand for revenge — I’m rooting for you, Hye-seung!

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