Yumi’s Cells two: Episodes 11-12

Our heroine has a thoughts to maintain clear of her exes, but fate has other plans in retailer. With relationships re-ignited, new challenges are faced, and we have all the things from jealous stand-offs, to heavy suspicion, to correct-hearted confessions.


Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

So. I have no thought what this drama is undertaking correct now, and I’m not certain if that is a very good or a undesirable issue, either. Yumi’s Cells is about Yumi, yes, but what type of message is the drama crafting as we head into the final week? Why do I really feel like we have 5 feasible endings at this point, and no indication of which one particular it could possibly be? We only have two episodes left to see which of these 5 endings truly happens… is that sufficient time for the writers to convince us that the ending they pick is the correct one particular?

Portion of why the drama feels haphazard correct now is that it is spinning an awful lot of plates — even though we’ve fundamentally dropped the writing plate in favor of our primary romance (which has gone complete-fledged triangle mode) and side romance.

We linger on that side romance — Handle Z and Ruby meeting, flirting, and dating — for way as well lengthy. I’m made use of to the drama undertaking this with side characters, and I did like the arc, but also, does this matter sufficient correct now to give it 20+ minutes of our valuable airtime? We will need to resolve Yumi, Bobby, and Woong, and why the drama is juggling all 3 of them.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

At the start out of our episodes, Yumi’s internet novel continues to skyrocket, which we’re led to think is genuine — only to later see that Woong has a dozen accounts that he’s been employing to post relentless compliments of the story (and its writer). It is sweet, but also it feels like it undermines Yumi’s correct accomplishment, which we know is a issue, so why make it appear like it is thanks to Woong and his Chief Concentration cell?

Meanwhile, Yumi is busy avoiding — and then not avoiding — all the neighborhood spots exactly where she could possibly run into Bobby. She does properly for a lengthy time, till one particular unsuspecting day (when dressed awfully by Style Terrorist, natch), she runs into Bobby at the ubiquitous Mauritius Brown PPL coffee shop.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

But the drama plays this moment beautifully. Yumi recognizes his scent just before he even speaks, and the shock, adrenaline, and emotion in their initial exchange in months is actually wonderful. Yumi is focusing on appearing nonchalant, but it does not take substantially for ever-smooth Bobby to break down her defenses by way of a gale force wind in her village.

Following her outdoors the coffee shop, Bobby says he missed her, whilst Yumi claims she didn’t miss him. “Liar,” he says, and oof I do not know why I’m swooning really so challenging, but this scene actually got me. I went from wishing Yumi would flee the scene (with her foot cells obedient), to squeeing when Bobby pulled her in for a hug and she sobbed in his arms. This is valuable regardless of outcome they each required the closure.

I was also glad to see some insight on Bobby right here. Ultimately, we can see the devastation his breakup with Yumi brought on, and how he brushed off Da-eun with out a second believed, bitterly questioning why he was ever worried about her causing tremors in his village given that Yumi was the one particular who shook him to the core. Bobby also thinks back to how freely he trusted Yumi to go stop by Woong in the course of the rice cooker incident, and he wonders, “What would have occurred if Yumi trusted me like I trusted her?” Wham! That actually hit me. The boy’s not wrong…

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

We study through Yumi’s cells that soon after their coffee shop reunion, she and Bobby decided to attempt dating once again, and the drama picks up its swift pace, boomeranging back into dating life. But, of course, their history follows them.

Yumi is committed but also tentative, whilst Bobby appears slightly removed and unsure. Also troubling is the reality that Sensitivity is the one particular who produced the choice, with Explanation and Appreciate lost in space (actually) soon after the windstorm of Bobby. Not certain if that bodes properly or not. (Also terrifying was when Yumi briefly saw him as the paper doll she when did from season 1.)

Nonetheless, Yumi does what she thinks is the correct issue, and when Handle Z throws her into Woong’s path (once again), she tells him outright that she’s dating. Right here — somewhat regrettably — we have Woong and Bobby in a pissing match. It is humorous and the writing is wonderful as usual, but I didn’t actually come to Yumi’s Cells for this…

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

Though Woong and Bobby are exchanging loaded words (i.e., fishbones, rogue arrows, and later complete-on warfare), Yumi turns up and quiets the entire issue down, siding and leaving with Bobby. Why does this all really feel so not-really-strong, even though? Why is Woong nevertheless about, and why is Yumi so soft towards him? And why is she obtaining terrifying dreams of becoming chased by zombies?

Yumi and Bobby continue to (attempt to) date, but their appreciate dance gets even much more awkward as we attain the final stretch of this week’s episodes. Yumi desires to strategy a specific day for Bobby’s upcoming birthday, but he tells her he’s off to the U.S. on a organization trip. The announcement and the trip are each really abrupt, and there’s such a massive and rapid-moving chasm involving the two in the course of the week that he’s away (in reality, ii’s providing me Twenty 5 Twenty 1 vibes, and that tends to make me nervous).

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

Then it gets a tiny crazy… due to the fact Yumi spots Bobby in the back of a taxi. In Seoul. When he mentioned he was in back-to-back meetings in the U.S. factory. Whattttt! My brain went correct exactly where Yumi’s did: why did he lie? What is he hiding? Who is he meeting?

Tension is super flippin’ higher as she follows Bobby all the way back to his apartment, and boldly utilizes his passcode and walks correct into his apartment. What will she come across? I didn’t know what to count on, but what we located out was certainly not it.

No Da-eun. No cheating. Just a super sad lie. Bobby is standing in his dimly lit kitchen, and when he moves towards Yumi we see a bandage on his head and a cast on his leg. Apparently, he was in a auto accident on the way to the airport the week just before and under no circumstances told her. Yumi is as hurt as I would be, but it becomes a beautiful moment exactly where they are each lastly sincere with every single other. Yumi asks if he lied due to the fact he regrets receiving back with each other, whilst Bobby admits he didn’t inform her due to the fact he believed she regretted get back with each other.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

With tears in each their eyes, they recognize the doubt they’ve had in every single other’s intentions as a consequence of attempting to choose up exactly where they left off. And now that they’re lastly sincere, their correct feelings come out. Just after a passionate kiss (*fans self*) Bobby says, “Yumi… let’s…”

Oh the delay, it is torturous. Let’s break up? I could possibly have been squinting whilst I waited for him to finish his line. “Let’s get married,” he says. Cue: a lengthy montage of the two gazing at every single other whilst I sit in shock. Delighted shock, but also nevertheless shock.

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12 Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

That is one particular issue I certainly didn’t count on. And, even even though Bobby has won me correct back more than, I’m pretty certain the drama will not finish with these two happily ever soon after. Yumi’s important cells are nevertheless lost in space, and even though the two have reached a new level of closeness and emotional intimacy, I’m nevertheless not certain.

The drama really feel absolutely free to convince me subsequent week — and I half hope they will, due to the fact I’m fine with a wedding and a happily ever soon after couple — but if that is exactly where we are going, why did we will need Woong back in the story? And why the story’s sympathetic portrayal of him?

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

All of these mixed feelings — and mixed signals — from the drama leave me substantially confused. And like I mentioned just before, I’m not certain if it is a very good confusion, or one particular that tends to make me wonder exactly where the story is going, and if it will make sense and be buyable when we get there.

Out of the numerous feasible endings rolling about in my head, there is of course the one particular I do not even want to mention, and that is a cliffhanger and a possible third season blowing in the wind. Just after generating our way by means of 90% of season two, I can legitimately say I hope they finish the story right here. I have enjoyed season two by means of and by means of, but it does not have really the identical magic as just before, and I worry much more the story is stretched, the thinner it will turn out to be. Come on, Show, let’s finish sturdy!

Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes 11-12

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