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Group What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for extra (or agonizing when there was no extra), and what created you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At the moment covering: Yumi’s Cells two

Alchemy of Souls: I am nonetheless loving this show and how it is just throwing itself in the lore. Also, the entire “F4” element is most likely my preferred point about this drama. Or is it devoted puppy Wook? Or the moments the drama just builds in for the sheer squee? Or is it the when-are-you-going-to-occur romance that I am just gobbling up the crumbs of?

Cafe Minamdang: Okay, perhaps the secret sauce for me and this drama is to watch it late at evening, for the reason that I absolutely laughed a lot this week. Also, how does Seo in-gook go from goofy to swoony in a literal millisecond?! He kills me.



At the moment covering: Jinxed at 1st

Alchemy of Souls: Oh my gosh, Episode 7 just dialed my adore for this show alll the rest of the way up. Mu-deok and Wook kill me with their comprehensive and utter devotion to every single other, but there had been also lots of small issues this week that added up to make my preferred episodes of this show however. Like a possible begrudging friendship in between Wook and the crown prince (please, I will need this to occur), Yul becoming Yul, and each and every moment of the entire mirror incident. I do want the fourth (and only female) Season had been a small extra likable, but all the things I adore about Alchemy continues to outweigh all the things I do not by a lengthy shot.



At the moment covering: Extraordinary Lawyer Woo

Hyperlink: Consume, Enjoy, Kill: I lastly get the kiss I wanted, but then Da-hyun decides to give in to noble idiocy? This is all Lee Jin-geun’s fault. But fortunately, although he attempted to run, he couldn’t hide from his fridge destiny. He will not be missed!
PS: Jihwadong is a weird spot.
PPS: Is Gye-hoon’s restaurant opening any time quickly?

It is Gorgeous Now : We have lastly gotten into makjang territory. This is why do not like when background siblings enter the key story, for the reason that they do absolutely nothing else apart from upsetting the balance of issues. Hae-jun’s brother and sister-in-law are not good persons, and Mi-rae’s aunty was truly annoying. Calling Mi-rae’s mum out in front of every person was a genuine jerk move, and I hope she’s delighted now. Ugh!

The Uncanny Counter: Adorable Jo Byung-kyu, red tracksuit uniforms, and superpowers? I can not think I waited this lengthy to watch the drama. Seriously, what was I pondering? I loved each and every minute of my 3-day binge, and now I can not wait for the second season. They are producing a second season, proper?



Yumi’s Cells two: I adore every person in this show (and Jinyoung is killing it) but I nonetheless really feel this season lacks a thing that the original had. The cells are only successful when they’re utilized to show choice-producing — we can have an understanding of why a character behaves a specific way following we’ve observed all the deliberations taking place in their heads. Final season was genius for that cause. This season we see much less believed processes as they’re occurring. Alternatively, the cells are utilized to reveal issues that currently occurred (because the sequences are out of order), which tends to make them much less essential as a storytelling device (and the general impact much less satisfying). Nonetheless, even if the show is going the trope-y route at the finish, I’m loving each and every minute of the adore triangle.

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