Film Review: High Risk (1995) by Wong Jing

Just after functioning collectively in the reside-action version of “City Hunter”, Jackie Chan and Wong Jing had a falling out in which Chan went on to disown the film as effectively as attack Wong by means of the press. In return Wong, had a go at Chan by means of this action comedy starring Jacky Cheung as a fraud who is a cowardly womanizing action star dressed in a yellow jumpsuit. In addition, he also had a field day spoofing just about most if not all of the Hollywood’s action films imaginable.

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The film kicks off with a bunch of college youngsters trapped inside a bus with a time bomb ticking away, even though Kit Li (Jet Li) is attempting desperately to disarm it. Though he manages to reduce the appropriate wire, the bomb nevertheless goes off a couple of seconds later killing all the youngsters such as his wife and son. The tragic expertise was so traumatizing for Li that he left the bomb disposal squad and he ultimately became a bodyguard and secret stunt double for Frankie Lone (Jacky Cheung) a well-liked neighborhood action film star. Meanwhile, a quite tv reporter Helen (Chingmy Yau) who is performing a scoop on Lone discovers that he is a phony who does not do his personal stunts and is hence keen to expose him.

Quickly forward to a neighborhood luxury hotel exactly where there is a jewelry exhibition in progress and a wrap celebration for Lone’s most current film is getting held. Producing an entrance is a group of terrorists headed by “The Doctor” (Kelvin Wong) who was also accountable for the college bus bombing which killed Li’s household. In no time at all, the prolific Wong promptly turns the entire production into a “Die Hard” clone in which fearless Li and a reluctant Lone swing into action to save the day.

Though Jacky Cheung’s portraying of Frankie Lone can be extremely annoying and silly most of the time, Lone turns out to be the most intriguing character immediately after all. In addition, Cheung manages to steal the show from Jet Li with a efficiency which is each funny and exuberant. In truth, the movie’s finest moments come from him in particular throughout his rip-roaring final fight with henchman Kong (Billy Chow) which is an intriguing mixture of Jackie Chan’s boxing and Bruce Lee’s kung fu designs.

In contrast, Jet Li plays his character pretty straight but it is good to see him exhibiting his physical moves as observed in his thrilling hotel fight exactly where he utilizes nearby objects to his positive aspects. Having said that, he is significantly less convincing when it comes to gun shootouts, in particular when he just rolls about or hides behind cane furnishings even though dodging the terrorists’ machine gun bullets which regrettably renders him into getting a far-fetched superhuman.

Likewise the supporting cast is wild and memorable spotting dark shades and extended hair Billy Chow is virtually unrecognizable playing henchman Kong. “The Doctor”, the leader of the terrorists portrayed by Kelvin Wong is a suave, effectively-dressed but cold-blooded character. His companion in crime Fai Fai, played by Valerie Chow, is a just as sinister and eerie. The desirable Chingmy Yau turns up as the lively tv reporter in addition to sharing fantastic screen chemistry with Jet Li as his like interest. Elsewhere, veteran Wu Ma has a short but convincing function as Frankie Lone’s father.

Fundamentally a comedy to begin with, “High Risk” turns into a complete blown off-the-wall action flick and Wong is undoubtedly inventive in his extremely violent action division. As quickly as the radicals gatecrash the hotel, bystanders are either gunned down or reduce in half by helicopter blades. Furthermore, there is a bunch of colorful characters spread by means of the entire production a single terrorist even equips himself with a bag complete of venomous snakes and lizards so he can throw them at the unsuspecting hostages. Interestingly, this is a couple of years ahead of Hollywood’s “Snakes on the Plane” (2006) starring Samuel L. Jackson. Nonetheless, credits ought to go to action choreographer Corey Kuen Kwai who does a superb job of bringing the carnage and the equally exhilarating martial arts action to the screen with the restricted price range.

With this production plus his every thing goes and at instances crude and silly method, Wong is definitely aiming to excite his viewers. In the finish, this is a frantic action comedy with a strong climax which tends to make it strangely entertaining although somehow mismatched and clumsy in its general execution.



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