Film Review: Suicide Forest Village (2021) by Takashi Shimizu

Following the good results of the initially film in the Village of Terrors series, the legendary J-Horror director followed up the original Howling Village with his second entry in the series &#8220Suicide Forest Village.&#8221 Employing a lot of of the very same crew that produced the original so considerably enjoyable and set in the forest of Fuji, exactly where many urban legends such as suicide spots fly about with the motif of a actual psychic spot, this second entry in the series sets the stage for the third film to come later this year.

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A mysterious cursed box is identified in Jukai Village, situated in the hidden creepy element of Jukai Forest. Any person that enters the region can by no means leave. Thirteen years later, two sisters, Hibiki (Anna Yamada) and Mei (Mayu Yamaguchi) are investigating numerous missing persons in the region. Are they meant to be there, or does some evil spiritual energy draw them? Making use of their powerful spiritual sense, Hibiki, her sister and their childhood pals discover an ominous box by opportunity.

There&#8217s really a lot to like with &#8220Suicide Forest Village.&#8221 The film is at its finest in detailing the good atmosphere of the forest in addition to the most important central mystery surrounding the titular region. There&#8217s a lot of folklore offered about the use of the forest as a common internet site for suicides and strange deaths which serves to entice Hibiki rather conveniently into investigating. That supplies an excuse to investigate the cursed region and uncover the mystery about why it&#8217s haunted. This investigation not only uncovers the dark secret of the forests&#8217 history with the use of the cursed box and its which means but also the family members legacy of mental illness that crops up. With this section also major into the backstory of the village and how it got cursed, this all has a lot to like about it. On prime of that, these scenes handle to produce some decent jump scares which includes the cursed video get in touch with with her pals or the go to to the hospital to go to an injured pal which aids to influence additional of the storyline although also providing these jump scenes with the ghosts.

As nicely, &#8220Suicide Forest&#8221 manages to stick to this up with an array of impressive and chilling haunting scenes. The opening video of the Youtube star going by means of the forest on a Livestream with her fans delivers up some startling imagery, with the forest seemingly coming to life to attack her reside on camera. The later scene exactly where Hibiki, Mei, and their pals handle to discover the cursed box only to be met with tragedy moments consists of a similarly startling sequence that comes off rather nicely. A trip by means of the woods with the group exactly where Hibiki is attacked by malevolent trees but no 1 is conscious of it by means of the situations involved in rescuing a trapped pal, likewise has some freaky visuals present, and a later sequence with a crying infant wailing in the distance keeps up the eeriness of the scene. That becomes a prominent aspect all through the second half of the film which is focused additional on speedy chilling setpieces or visuals to denote the curse has taken hold as the atmosphere about the character comes to life in chilling signifies. The frantic finale, providing all sorts of enjoyable scenes from the group of hikers encountering the deformed bodies left behind, the visions of what occurred to the original villagers that began the curse, and the final confrontation with the spirits of the forest, all come with each other to give a lot of likable elements right here.

Whilst there&#8217s a lot to like, &#8220Suicide Forest&#8221 does have some minor troubles. The most significant element involved is the sluggish and drawn-out pacing which delivers up various scenes that don&#8217t require to be there. A trip to the hospital that centers about Hibiki getting treated for schizophrenia and other mental troubles that sidelines her as the lead character in favor of Mei could&#8217ve supplied one thing, had it been applied for something other than baseless psychological jargon attempting to clarify the healthcare situation plaguing her. Given that this section needs Hibiki to be below lockup for the duration of the study, switching characters to the significantly less expressive and just commonly lifeless sister does the film no favors by bringing her into the forefront rather than the side character she was just before. A further element for the dragged-out pace is the require for various flashbacks explaining the cursed forest and how it came to be identified in the present day. A single retelling of the legend involving the locals tormenting and killing the undesirable ones and causing the curse to come into play would&#8217ve produced additional sense than stopping the pace 3 unique occasions to reveal additional of it. That&#8217s in particular accurate because the only issue the later revelations add to the folklore is additional gruesome gore in the tortures shown to be afflicted upon other people. With these elements creating the film far longer than it requirements to be, they&#8217re sufficient to knock this 1 down in spite of the good capabilities right here.

A commonly enjoyable and enjoyable middle segment in this series, “Suicide Forest Village” manages to include sufficient positives in a good mystery and some chilling ghost action that does offset the handful of flaws present. Fans of this variety of genre output or the inventive crew’s prior efforts will definitely delight in this work.



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