Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes five-six

This week, our heroine learns that she has a competitive side to her, and she’s prone to generating blunders. But the fantastic issue is that she normally learns from her blunders and in reflection, strives to be improved. But then, becoming competitive could not necessarily be a terrible issue as it also shows that she cares about her clientele, and she is prepared to go to big lengths to make certain that they win, specifically when it is for a fantastic lead to.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

Min-woo’s bias against Young-woo carries on to this week, and till the final minute, it “slips his mind” to inform her that they have been jointly assigned to operate on a case. Their client is suing a rival enterprise for stealing their ATM technologies, and it tends to make for a incredibly exciting case as the lawyers assigned to it are also rivals. Min-woo and Young-woo are each on a 1-year contract with Hanbada, and the race is on to see whose contract gets renewed. So while they’re each on the case, Min-woo has no intention of sharing the spotlight with Young-woo.

At the initial court look, the opposing lawyer argues that the technologies currently exists and a third enterprise was the initial to use it in the Korean market place – while this enterprise has now folded. But Hanbada’s client insists that the technologies is theirs, and it is hard to prove who is ideal.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

Young-woo is not convinced that their client is telling the truth, just as she can not inform if Geu-ra-mi is becoming truthful when she tells Young-woo that Jun-ho likes her. But it is certainly correct, taking into consideration Jun-ho’s semi-aggressive style of playing basketball with his roommate, Min-woo, when he discovers Min-woo’s dismal remedy of Young-woo on the case. Heh.

To assistance Young-woo spot the distinction among lies and truth, Jun-ho presents to play the part of their client and says she really should ask him some concerns. But Young-woo’s initial query is the Geu-ra-mi inspired “Does Lee Jun-ho like Woo Young-woo?” Lol. Jun-ho is taken aback, but he manages to diffuse the tension by saying the query may perhaps be a bit hard for “the client” to answer. Aish! Hiding behind a character to keep away from answering a incredibly clear query? That is unquestionably 1 of the cons of roleplay!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

As a strategy B, Young-woo is armed with the theory of detecting lies by means of physique language from unstable eyebrows, to quivers of the hands and legs. But when they arrive at the client’s factory, they discover out he got into an accident and now has injuries on these 3 physique components! Lol. All hope is not lost even though, as his R&ampD manager visibly exhibits all the telltale indicators of lying when Young-woo concerns him about the technologies.

To substantiate their claim, Young-woo coaches the R&ampD manager to turn into a reference witness. And as a former theater actor, the manager puts up such a spectacular show in court, that even I’m nearly convinced that the technologies is definitely theirs. Therefore, the court challenges an injunction against the rival enterprise, stopping them from promoting their merchandise.

The rival enterprise sooner or later finds an ATM from the defunct enterprise which proves that the technologies currently existed prior to Hanbada’s client “developed” theirs. However, Hanbada’s client currently won provide contracts with all the banks when the injunction was on, so the eventual cancellation of the injunction does not have an effect on them. And Young-woo belatedly realizes that this was their strategy all along.

In retrospect, Young-woo admits that while she knew the truth – one thing Min-woo also pointed out earlier – she turned a blind eye to it mainly because she wanted to win. And as it dawns on her that she had selected competence more than her honor as an lawyer, shame washes more than her.

This drama keeps surprising me in the most effective doable approaches, mainly because it is so uncomplicated to make Young-woo a type of moral compass who does no incorrect. But right here we see her as a flawed character who also tends to make blunders. I definitely liked that it was at the moment when Young-woo was attempting to prove that Min-woo is a tactician, that she realized that she’s not so distinct herself. Who knew her rival could come in handy as a mirror of self reflection?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

Speaking of rivalry, we study that the Taesan CEO has turn into a candidate for minister of justice, but there’s a rumor about her getting a youngster out of wedlock. CEO Tae laughs it off and says it is most likely just an individual who appears like her. (Didn’t we study final week that CEO Han thinks Young-woo appears so considerably like her mother?) But even though CEO Tae denies the rumor, her facial expression tells a distinct story. Hmmmm.

This opens up to our subsequent case, exactly where a North Korean defector is charged with injury resulting from robbery, and she has to leave her daughter at an orphanage pending the time she’s released from prison. An overly passionate Su-yeon is in charge of this case, and Myeong-seok tasks Young-woo to operate with her, so that she can calm Su-yeon down and avert her from receiving also emotionally invested in the case. I imply, Su-yeon is currently in an “unnie-dongsaeng” partnership with the defendant.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

The defendant and a buddy of hers had gone to gather her funds from a debtor, and from the bruising on the debtor’s face, it is clear that she was a victim of domestic abuse. But the defendant and her buddy triggered such a ruckus that the landlady had to get in touch with the police. And when her buddy had shown up for the trial and received a 4 year sentence for the victim’s injuries, the defendant had fled.

But the only explanation she fled was mainly because there was no 1 else to raise her 3-year-old daughter who would have forgotten her if she had gone to prison at that time. But now that her daughter is eight and in a position to keep in mind her face, she has turned herself in. Her maternal instincts remind Young-woo of a mother whale, and Young-woo declares that rather than a 4-year sentence, they will get probation for the defendant. Welp, appear who is now emotionally invested in the case herself!

Jun-ho, on the other hand, is emotionally invested in Young-woo, and he drunk-admits to Min-woo that he likes an individual in the workplace. He even gets slightly upset when Min-woo does not even look at Young-woo to be amongst the possible candidates of his affection. Awww. My man has fallen so challenging, and I’m going to require him to in no way get up once more lol.

Meanwhile, as Young-woo and Su-yeon continue with their case, they summon the robbery victim as a witness in the present trial to testify that her injuries at the time of the incident have been from her husband’s assault and not from the defendant, but she claims to not keep in mind.

The medical professional who gave the diagnosis on her injuries in the initial trial is also named in as a witness, and he maintains that the injuries have been triggered by the defendant. But he does absolutely nothing to hide his bias against North Koreans, and the jury’s opinion sways towards the defendant.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

However, the medical professional is also an executive of a group of physicians who are clientele at Hanbada, and they take their small business elsewhere immediately after lawyers from Hanbada place him on the stand. And when it is fantastic riddance for me, it is terrible small business for the firm, and Myeong-seok gets the flak for not reeling his rookies in. Young-woo and Su-yeon are apologetic, but as the cool boss that Myeong-seok is, he tells them not to be concerned and to do their most effective on the case regardless.

But regardless of their most effective efforts to exonerate the defendant, she insists that she went to the victim’s residence with the intention of receiving her funds back at all fees, and her case is fairly considerably sealed. The judge calls for a recess to give the jury time to attain a choice, and that is when Young-woo comes up with the claim that the defendant can’t be charged with injury resulting from robbery mainly because she didn’t get the funds.

Young-woo and Su-yeon attempt to convince the judge to resume the hearing, but he refuses their request even immediately after Young-woo pleads with him to take the defendant’s circumstance with her daughter into consideration. And outdoors the court, as Young-woo reflects on the maternal instincts of mother whales, she rhetorically wonders if her mother wouldn’t have abandoned her have been she to be a whale.

The jury comes to a unanimous choice on a 4-year sentence for the defendant, but she is sentenced to probation as per the judge’s ruling. A single of his motives for this ruling is the defendant’s confession of her crime – which is the most fundamental explanation for mitigation, and the rookie lawyers can’t think they forgot that! Speak about becoming also focused on the massive image and overlooking what is hiding in plain sight. Heh.

To celebrate their win, Young-woo and Su-yeon go buying, and CEO Tae is a buyer at 1 of the shops they pay a visit to. And even though they do not see every single other, we see that just like Young-woo, CEO Tae also has the habit of organizing and lining issues up properly…

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

It is exciting how with every single case we study one thing new about Young-woo, just as she learns one thing new about herself, and it is only a matter of time prior to she finds out who her mother is. I imply, at this point, the drama has all but admitted that Young-woo and CEO Tae are connected, ideal?

But for now, rather than be concerned about how Young-woo will deal with challenges relating to her mother, I will just bask in the euphoria of a like-smitten Jun-ho, and eagerly wait for subsequent week’s episodes to see how my ship will sail.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 5-6

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