Ji Chang-wook seeks healing in KBS

July 13, 2022July 13, 2022

Ji Chang-wook seeks healing in KBS’s If You Want Upon Me
by tccolb

It is time to dig out these tissues boxes once more simply because the promos are heading into complete gear for KBS’s melodrama If You Want Upon Me and when Ji Chang-wook (The Sound of Magic) cries, I cry.

Inspired by the true-life Dutch foundation, who strive to fulfill the final wishes of palliative individuals, the drama imagines a hospice in South Korea who aims to do the similar. In this story, Ji Chang-wook plays Yoon Kye-rae – a man who lives day-by-day with no dreams for the future. He’s described as a “broken grown-up child” and has a habit of finding tattoos to really feel the discomfort. But his jaded heart is shaken when he meets people today at the hospice and hope begins to develop inside of him.

The teaser starts with our hero finding hit in the face and we briefly flash back to the violence in his childhood. Back in the present, Sooyoung (Run On) asks him about satisfied moments in his life. But Yoon replies that he does not have any. As we see him finding into additional fights, he wonders how his life turned out this way and desperately pleads, “Let’s attempt living an ordinary life like other people today. We’re permitted to do that!” The video then speedily closes on a teary-eyed Yoon.
Written by Jo Ryung-soo and directed by PD Kim Yong-wan (The Cursed), KBS’s If You Want Upon Me premieres August ten in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

Through Maeil Kyungje (1), (two)
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