Premiere Watch: Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me, Remarriage & Desires

July 13, 2022July 13, 2022

Premiere Watch: Dear X Who Does not Adore Me, Remarriage &amp Desires
by missvictrix

July has been as well quiet in terms of dramas, but our initial premieres of the month are right here! This week we have a youth fantasy drama from TVING, and a revenge satire from… Netflix?

Dear X Who Does not Adore Me

Time slot: Thursdays
Broadcaster: TVING
Genre: Rom-com, fantasy
Episode count: ten
Motives to watch: The jury is nevertheless out on TVING productions (at least to me, they nevertheless appear to be a bit all more than the location in terms of good quality), but their subsequent venture is a cute tiny youth rom-com that screams I could have been a internet drama. It is not just the format (which consists of brief 20-minute episodes released in batches of three-four per week), but also the all round vibes: a rookie cast in a thin-ish story that will most likely act as a car to see how our cast does carrying the weight of a drama. In the lead we have NCT’s Doyoung and Han Ji-hyo (who’s only had bit components in dramas like Tomorrow and Company Proposal so far), joined by other newbies like Kwon Ah-reum, Bang Jae-min, Sohn Hyun-woo, and Kim Ji-hoon. Set on a college campus and revolving about a book of song lyrics that act like a appreciate potion, this one particular could actually be a cotton candy gem, or the internet drama you wished you didn’t click on when you had been browsing YouTube at 2AM.
TLDR: TVING, Doyoung, campus drama, magical song lyrics, super rookie cast, hit or miss (but please be cute!)
Remarriage &amp Desires

Time slot: Friday (single drop)
Broadcaster: Netflix
Genre: Revenge, melo, satire
Episode count: eight
Motives to watch: Kim Hee-sun is back on our screens super rapid following Tomorrow, in all probability thanks to the reality that Netflix produces their content material way in advance of release. She’s joined by Jung Yoo-jin (who I appreciate from Romance is a Bonus Book), Park Hoon (who I appreciate from Memories of the Alhambra), and Lee Hyun-wook (who I do not appreciate from Sunbae Do not Place on That Lipstick). The setting is a super elite marriage agency that matches up prospective couples primarily based on their wealth and other stats (or must I say specs). They’re the upper crust of the upper crust, and a thing tells me they do not basically care about emotional honesty or appreciate. The drama is promoted as a revenge melo that goes all in on the satire, but I’m just questioning if Netflix can pull off a thing that is enjoyable and cutting at the similar time.
TLDR: Queen Kim Hee-sun, Netflix, marriage agency, revenge, super elite 1%, eligible (but questionable) bachelors, vases will most likely break
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