Joo-won is on a mission to find his memory in Netflix

July 12, 2022July 12, 2022

Joo-won is on a mission to obtain his memory in Netflix’s Carter
by tccolb

It feels like eons considering the fact that we final saw Joo-won (Alice)! He’s lastly back in his 1st post-army project, Netflix’s upcoming (and incredibly action-packed) film Carter.
The story sets off with Joo-won as the titular Carter, a man who wakes up a single day with a cross-shaped marking on the back of his head, and no memory of who he is or how he got there. Lacking clues and unsure of who to trust, he embarks on a hazardous mission to reclaim his identity and survive.

The trailer opens with Carter waking up to a telephone contact and locating himself in instant danger. The mysterious caller offers him an ultimatum: cooperate or die. Carter desires to know why he’s getting chased, but only receives an additional threat in reply. In the chase sequence that follows, we see Carter operating and fighting his way via diverse opponents and there is absolutely no shortage of action, combat, and gravity-defying fight scenes. The teaser comes to a close as the action ramps up, with Carter attempting to escape exploding vehicles and planes.
Directed by Jung Byung-gil (The Gray Man, The Villainess), the Netflix film Carter releases subsequent month on August five.

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