Film Review: Go Back (2021) by Seo Eun-young

The situation of domestic abuse against young children frequently presents itself in cinematic kind in South Korea. This time,  it comes masquerading as a mystery in director Seo Eun-young’s sophomore function “Go Back”, an work that raises far more than 1 social problems in addition to the violence young children face at house at the hands of their parents or key caregivers.

Go Back is accessible from Echelon Studios

On her morning jog 1 day, newly enlisted policewoman Ji-won comes across a suspicious lady sat on a park bench, with blood on her sleeve and a tiny girl in tow. This lady turns out to be Oh-quickly, a social solutions worker who, just like Ji-won at her job, is extremely motivated to do the appropriate point and enable the young children place below her watch. A single such kid takes place to be Bo-ra, who receives abuse from her father and finds comfort in Oh-quickly, who desires to enable Bo-ra but has her hands tied due to the incredibly restricted energy vested in her by law. When a kid is kidnapped 1 day and the kidnapper demands an odd ransom of only 1000 won from just about every Korean citizen, the police’s suspicion quickly falls upon Oh-quickly.

Attributes like “Miss Baek” and “My Initial Client” have, in current years, cast light onto the situation of domestic violence against young children in Korean society and Seo Eun-young mostly attempts the very same right here. The dire situation of these young children and their helplessness is explored, although also attempting to delve into why some adults grow to be such tormentors. This latter appears like a needless path, even if Seo treats it far more like a quick detour, as in some cases there is no justification required to an act so despicable. As opposed to some performs of its types even though, the narrative right here does not rely on sensationalism and excuses itself from displaying the abuse in its explicitness, an strategy that performs in its favour, leaving the concentrate solely on the adult characters and their actions.

The actions in this case are that of Oh-quickly as a social worker and Ji-won as a police officer, each attempting to do the appropriate point. By way of Oh-soon’s arc, the really serious situation of minimal energy offered to the social service workers and how the law properly restricts them from intervening even in circumstances exactly where blatant abuse is provable is after once again rightly raised, generating it really feel like an situation that desperately desires official interest but by no means gets it. It also offers an chance to comment on the law’s inability to present help not just to the victims but also the social service workers, even when earnest officers like Ji-won want to enable. Also, Ji-won’s storyline also manages to cast a light on the male-dominated nature of not just police perform but Korean society in basic. In spite of that, Seo fortunately offers her females sufficient determination and strength to take choices and adhere to them by way of on their personal, by no means letting them succumb to needing a male’s enable, in the end generating the narrative really feel virtually feminist in a constructive way.

Even with also numerous points to bring across, Seo by no means forgets that her function is foremost a mystery and although it may perhaps not be especially fresh or unpredictable, with a couple twists at the finish feeling especially dubious, it manages to be an powerful mix with the commentary and final results in an entertaining thriller. She is not interested in a quickly-paced narrative even though and lets it requires its time to unfold, providing an virtually arthouse really feel to it, which ends up accentuating the atmosphere. The very same arthouse sensibilities are also extended to the technical elements, with Jung Ki-wook’s cinematography and the music each reminiscent of top quality indie productions.

“Go Back” is also enhanced thanks to the superlative perform from its leads, with each Park Ha-sun as Oh-quickly and Ha Yoon-kyung as Ji-won having ample scope to flex their expertise and give impressively measured performances. Nearly like a mirror, each characters get moments exactly where they have their hands tied, exactly where they lash out or take matters into their personal determined hands, but it is the scenes that the two share that finish up becoming the most memorable. A single can virtually absolutely count on a top quality overall performance from a kid actor in a Korean production of this sort and confident sufficient, tiny Gam So-hyun does not disappoint as Bo-ra, portraying her trauma and struggle splendidly.

Substantially like a quantity of other current productions, “Go Back” not-so-subtly hides its commentary inside a narrative guised as entertainment, this time as a mystery whodunit, but exactly where Seo Eun-young’s perform succeeds that some do not is that it by no means loses sight of either of its motives, resulting in a pleasurable watch with potent messages.&nbsp



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