Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 11-12


Physician Lawyer: Episodes 11-12

Our protagonists make some progress this week, exposing the undesirable guys’ machinations and rescuing a life from their selfish hands. But evil hands have a tendency to grip onto each and every other tighter when faced with danger, and our hero will will need a lot more than just his superhuman surgery capabilities to save lives.


Caught out in the open, Chairman Gu has no decision but to grudgingly accede to Yi-han’s request. Just before they can see Sun-ae, although, Assemblyman Im desires a word with the duplicitous Chairman Gu.

Assemblyman Im confronts him about his strategy to pull a bait-and-switch with a ghost medical doctor throughout his surgery, and Chairman Gu does not even bother denying it. Alternatively, he sneers at the assemblyman — his life is in his hands, so he ought to hold in line.

Of course, that delay indicates Chairman Gu has time to order Do-hyung to inject a lot more sedatives into Sun-ae. Ugh. Yi-han speedily realizes a thing is off, although, and a difficult press of Sun-ae’s finger reveals that she’s in a position to breathe on her personal — in other words, she’s not comatose.

The jig is up, and Yi-han rummages by way of Do-hyung’s health-related cart till he finds an empty sedative bottle. Such a higher dosage of muscle relaxants could kill a individual — which is news to Assemblywoman Yoon, who was told by Chairman Gu that the sedatives have been totally harmless. Whoops.

Sun-ae is transferred to Yi-han’s clinic, exactly where she safely regains consciousness. However, her lung illness has currently broken the majority of her lungs, which indicates she calls for a lung transplant. Jin-woo right away delivers to be a donor, but they will need one particular a lot more — which will probably have to come from her loved ones.

Jin-woo right away begs Assemblywoman Yoon to save Sun-ae, supplying to drop all charges against her. She grudgingly agrees, but she is not happy with just that she demands for Jin-woo to disappear totally from Sun-ae’s life soon after the surgery. Left with no other decision, Jin-woo concedes.

At the board meeting, Chairman Gu announces that he’s resigning from each the position of Banseok Foundation’s chairman and Banseok Hospital’s director. He nominates Hyun-sung as the subsequent director, but ahead of the board can location their votes, Jayden asks to say a word.

He reveals the investment contract among himself and Chairman Gu, pointing out that if the share costs fall, his firm Honours Hand will come to be the majority shareholder and owner of Banseok. On leading of that, Jayden also exposes Hyun-sung’s criminal charges for attempted murder and violating the Health-related Service Act.

Correct on cue, Seok-young strides in to personally hand Hyun-sung his subpoena. With Hyun-sung’s credibility utterly torn to shreds, he loses the vote.

Right after the board meeting, Sun-ae’s lung transplant operation commences. All goes smoothly at 1st, and Yi-han effectively transplants component of Jin-woo’s lung. Nonetheless, undesirable news comes — Assemblywoman Yoon changed her thoughts at the final minute.

She has the audacity to strut into the observation space as if she hasn’t just place her personal daughter’s life in peril, earning her distasteful appears from each Jayden and Seok-young. Correct then, although, Sun-ae experiences pulmonary failure, given that her lungs are not enough to assistance the strain.

Selfish Assemblywoman Yoon refuses to donate her lung till the bitter finish, so Yi-han goes ahead with the backup strategy — transplanting a section of Jin-woo’s healthier suitable lung to Sun-ae’s left. It is a risky surgery with no domestic precedent, but it is their final hope. Fortunately, the surgery succeeds, and each lives are saved.

Seok-young’s detective buddies stake out a gangster boss named GONG GUK-GWANG (Do Ki-seok), who turns out to be involved in cash laundering for Assemblywoman Yoon. The detectives handle to photograph Assemblywoman Yoon’s aide leaving the hideout, and then they notice an further, unexpected visitor — Kang-ho.

It turns out Kang-ho as soon as acquitted Guk-gwang in exchange for a favor, and so he warns him to keep out of jail. In any case, Assemblyman Im utilizes the images of Assemblywoman Yoon’s aide to discredit her throughout a public debate even though he does not know about her cash laundering however, just the association with a gangster is sufficient to tarnish her reputation.

Right after the debate, Yi-han and Yoo-na meet for drinks. (Jayden’s aide is a lot more worried than Jayden himself about the late-evening rendezvous, ha.) Yi-han informs Yoo-na that he will not be operating on her father, given that Assemblyman Im is nonetheless bent on maintaining his ties with Chairman Gu Yi-han refuses to be a ghost medical doctor for Hyun-sung once more.

He asks why Assemblyman Im is nonetheless beneath Chairman Gu’s thumb — by any opportunity, did he illegally get a heart transplant 5 years ago? Offended, Yoo-na acknowledges that he did have a heart surgery, but it was completed in California, not Banseokwon.

She reveals the correct cause for Assemblyman Im’s weakness — he has Alzheimer’s, and no citizen is ever going to place such a volatile candidate in the presidential seat. For now, although, no one particular else knows this truth except for Yoo-na and Chairman Gu. And now Yi-han, as well.

Yi-han reaches out to Assemblywoman Yoon’s overworked and mistreated aide KWON YOON-SEOK (Park Joon-hyuk), asking him to make the suitable decision and expose the assemblywoman’s deeds, but promising that he’ll nonetheless save his life anyway even if he does not. It seemingly gets by way of to him, and he asks Yi-han to come to a secluded property alone.

Nonetheless, when Yi-han arrives soon after shaking off a auto that was tailing him, he discovers an unconscious Yoon-seok and a leaking gas pipe. Urgently, he hauls Yoon-seok outdoors and prepares for emergency 1st help — but suitable as he calls 911, thugs show up and knock him out cold.

I can not say I’m shocked by Assemblywoman Yoon’s selfish hypocrisy, but she definitely went as well far when she took one particular appear at her dying daughter on the operating table and right away began cajoling Yoon-seok to donate his lung rather. Offered what Yoon-seok’s had to do beneath her command, such as stabbing himself to prevent possessing to give testimony, I’m not shocked he could ultimately want to go rogue.

I’m not generally one particular for boardroom politicking, but it was so satisfying to watch Jayden (and Yoo-na!) confidently place the Gu loved ones in their location, suitable in front of all the stakeholders. As substantially as I dislike Hyun-sung, although, I did really feel for him a bit when he ultimately broke down in front of his father — all his life, he’s been attempting to be excellent sufficient, only for his father to frequently belittle him in the face of Yi-han’s capabilities.

It does not excuse any of Hyun-sung’s actions, no doubt, but it does make him somewhat sympathetic. Most occasions, he feels like a youngster acting out since he does not know how else to get focus and enjoy, given that he’s often had to reside in Yi-han’s shadow.

The greatest component of the board meeting was undoubtedly Seok-young’s surprise look, although — how substantially enjoyable is it to see our protagonists operating collectively! I know Jayden has a lot of faith in his allies, sufficient to merely sit back and watch from afar even though they conquer his chessboard for him, but it is so fascinating when they ultimately come collectively.

Jayden’s currently begun to make his moves, if his suave show of approaching Do-hyung at a casino and winning large suitable in front of him is something to go by. A businessman’s greatest weapon is what he has to offer you, and Jayden has that in spades — although how thriving that will be in shopping for Do-hyung’s loyalty is anyone’s guess.

Offered the wide array of personalities and locations of experience amongst our key alliance, I want the drama would come up with a lot more revolutionary approaches for them to combat the undesirable guys, rather of largely treading the identical properly-worn path of its predecessors. I’m anticipating a lot more clever strategizing and deft maneuvers in the final stretch — do not let me down, Show!

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