Five drama recommendations… for a summer heatwave


5 drama recommendations… for a summer season heatwave

Summer season is right here, at least in some components of the planet, and with it comes suntans, ice cream, and a superior K-drama in your air conditioned living area (hopefully). Anything dramas are usually superior at is evoking the mood and tone of the season they take location in, so right here are some of our favourite dramas for summertime feels… and also a tiny one thing if you are currently more than summer season and want to cool down as an alternative (study: blizzards and books).


Fight My Way (2017)

Absolutely nothing says summer season far more than a rooftop rendezvous. With clear skies overhead and a sparkling city as the backdrop, it is the ideal location to get out of a sweltering apartment and attempt to beat the heat. Fight My Way is a single of my favorites not only for its story, but its use of setting to inform that story. 4 mates barely finding by reside in a beat-up developing in neighboring units but commit most their time outdoors — sitting on the steep climb of the outside stairs or sleeping out beneath the stars. The rooftop is a location for confessions and kisses, as properly as drinking away the troubles of an adulthood that hasn’t gone as planned.

Aside from the airless apartments, Fight My Way is complete of heat for other factors. As Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) and Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) progress from life-extended mates to lovers, it is not just the sun that has them in desperate will need of a fan. By day, the two commit their time flirting about in colorful track pants, set against an even far more colorful Busan. By evening, Dong-man enters the ring as a mixed martial arts fighter, spraying sweat into a stifling arena. I’d propose Fight My Way any day of the week, but I believe it is a ideal summer season watch — so extended as you can deal with Park Seo-joon in tight t-shirts without the need of overheating.


Woohoo Waikiki (2018)

It is in the name — this show is the hilarious summer season romp that will have you clutching your sides in peals of laughter just 5 minutes in. There’s no shortage of wacky facial expressions and silly physical humor, produced even far better by how totally the actors commit to the farcical comedy. The 3 guesthouse boys (or 5, if you count each seasons) are so endearing in their earnestness that it is really hard not to root for them, weird quirks and all. And I enjoy that the girls have spunk, also — whether or not it is guarding a infant with all their could, or getting two seconds away from smacking a dumb boy in the face, heh.

What definitely elevates the show is the rock-strong chemistry of the cast you do not doubt for a second that they’ll have every other’s backs come hell or higher water, even as they’re trading petty insults and tossing pillows. Beneath the endless humor is a tale underscored by its characters’ sincerity and determination, producing it the ideal really feel-superior summer season watch. –@solstices


Stove League (2019)

I associate summer season with baseball, a sport I only watch when featured in inspirational underdog tv and film stories. If you are something like me and are a sucker for down on their luck athletic teams who rise to victory when a new coach — or manager — swoops in to save the day, then Stove League is a binge worthy K-drama that you will need to verify out. But, to be sincere, this drama does not specifically scream summer season or hot climate since “hot stove league” refers to baseball’s off-season, and the bulk of this drama — as the title suggests — happens for the duration of the colder months top up to the subsequent season.

The Dreams are far from getting a dream group. In reality, they’re ranked dead final in the league at the begin of our story, but new basic manager Baek Seung-soo (Namgoong Min) is about to alter factors up. Appropriate out the gate, he’s producing risky trades and angering a lot of players and fans, and his lack of baseball practical experience tends to make absolutely everyone query his unorthodox choices. So when the climate featured in this drama might be cool and mild, tempers and tensions are surely hot as Seung-soo requires the Dreams from zeros to heroes.


I’ll Discover You on a Stunning Day (2020)

At times in the middle of summer season the factor you want most is winter. I’ll Discover You on a Stunning Day is perhaps the most anti-summer season drama I can believe of, set in the snowy countryside, among the cozy confines of a neighborhood bookstore and the surrounding wintery woods. Park Min-young, in what I believe is her very best part, and Seo Kang-joon are regularly bundled with sweaters, scarves, and snow boots as they trek the terrain, attend book club meetings, and get acquainted — at some point assisting every other come to terms with their incredibly tricky pasts.

The landscape (and leads) in this drama are supremely wonderful and the slice-of-life really feel puts you ideal in the story. It is really hard not to catch a chill, as the harsh, cold exterior is a continual metaphor for the cold realities of the characters’ lives. Nevertheless, it is a story about enjoy, loved ones, loneliness, and forgiveness — a mix that’ll make your heart melt and leave you with feels for days, just like a heavy snow. If you are searching to cool down absolutely, this is your drama.


Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

When the climate gets warm, I begin daydreaming about the beach, the sound of ocean waves, and a trade paperback novel. If there was ever a K-drama that seemed like it was plucked straight from the pages of a beach study, it would be Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, a light and fluffy romance about an out-of-touch city gal falling for the neighborhood smaller town hottie.

But beyond the romance among our lead characters Yoon Hye-jin (Shin Mina) and Hong Doo-shik (Kim Sun-ho), this drama is also a enjoy story committed to smaller town life. The quaint seaside village of Gongjin — and this summertime drama — capabilities quite a few hot climate pastimes (e.g. surfing, beach picnics, watermelon, and outside grilling) that are going to make you want to take a spontaneous trip to the beach. But for me, on a far more private level, the slow-paced Gongjin and its town matriarch produced me nostalgic for the lazy childhood summer season vacations I spent at my grandmother’s home. –@daebakgrits

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