Why Her?: Episodes 11-12


Why Her?: Episodes 11-12

You may want to grab a pair of rain boots to assist you slog via all the waterworks, due to the fact now that the truth is out, feelings are operating higher and the tears are cost-free flowing. But along with all the connection drama, comes new revelations about what went down ten years ago.


You know how I mentioned that our major couple could possibly use some angst to offset the yawnfest that is their romance? Yeah, properly, I take it back. This week’s episodes unquestionably delivered on the anticipated pity celebration, but if I believed this couple was uncomfortable to watch when they have been content, then watching them becoming all mopey is downright painful. On the vibrant side, we also study the complete extent of almost everything that occurred ten years ago, so… yay?

We commence on a somber note as Soo-jae grapples with the realization that Chan is Dong-goo. She tearfully asks aloud, “How could I not recognize you?” And thinking about there are back-to-back flashbacks highlighting Chan’s two pretty distinctive faces proper ahead of Soo-jae asks herself this query, I have a really hard time understanding why she can not figure it out herself. (Seriously, the lengths this drama goes to in order to totally ignore this glaringly clear detail is ridiculous, and I preserve hoping that Chan will admit to getting John-Travolta-in-Face/Off-level plastic surgery at some point.)

Though Soo-jae tries to sort out her thoughts, Chan focuses on identifying the physique located at the building web-site, which he suspects is his step-sister JEON NA-JUNG (Hwang Ji-ah). Chan visits his father, hoping he will meet with Na-jung’s mother JI Quickly-OK (Bae Hae-sun) and convince her to offer a DNA sample for the police so they can evaluate with the physique. Chan’s dad, having said that, selfishly wishes to preserve the previous buried, and a disgusted Chan vows to reduce ties with his father — this time for great.

Each Chan and Soo-jae get drunk (separately), but Chan hits the soju a small tougher and instigates a fight with a group of random males on his way dwelling. It is at this moment, as he’s laying on the ground and crying in aggravation, that I located myself feeling the complete effect of his wrongful incarceration. Not only did he devote a year in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, but when he was released, the remaining pieces of his family members couldn’t be picked up and place back with each other. In contrast to his father, who is so rapid to place the previous behind him, Chan can’t neglect the short happiness he felt becoming Quickly-ok’s son and Na-jung’s brother.

Soon after having the anger and aggravation beat out of him, Chan mopes outdoors in the rain till Soo-jae holds an umbrella more than his head. But it is not the content, romantic sort of umbrella sharing so prominently featured in K-dramas. Alternatively, even even though Soo-jae says she’s not prepared to speak about the previous, it is clearly a I’m-returning-your-umbrella-due to the fact-we’re-accomplished sort of moment. As Chan watches her stroll away, he drops the symbolic umbrella, preferring to stand considerably in the rain although a moody OST ballad emphasizes the melancholy moment.

Our major couple’s gloominess continues to permeate just about each second of this week’s episodes, even when they are not on screen with each other. On the surface, Soo-jae wears her cold function facade as she wraps up the building incident and assures Sung-beom that the finest way to quiet the protesting victims and their grieving households is to provide them a pretty generous settlement. When she’s alone, even though, Soo-jae lets her mask slip. Suspiciously, she acts additional guilty than upset that Chan lied about his identity. Hmmmmm…

Chan continues his hunt for the truth and visits NO BYUNG-CHUL (Kim Han-joon), the man who confessed to killing Na-jung, in prison. Chan often doubted that Byung-chul was the actual killer, but he never ever had any proof. Byung-chul, who is up for parole quickly, sticks to his story — such as the portion exactly where he claims he dumped her physique in the ocean exactly where no 1 could locate it. But her physique was uncovered at the building web-site, which signifies Byung-chul lied. He’s not Na-jung’s killer.

It is this understanding that offers Chan the courage to speak with Quickly-ok when she returns to the law college clinic to apologize for her preceding outburst. Chan reveals that she wasn’t mistaken — he in fact is Dong-goo — and with his identity out in the open, he tries to convince her to speak with the police. He believes the uncovered physique belongs to Na-jung, but Quickly-ok, who is nonetheless in denial that her daughter is dead, causes a further dramatic scene.

Due to the fact Quickly-ok will not go to the police herself, Chan goes digging via her trash to locate some thing containing her DNA, and with a ziplock baggie of Quickly-ok’s hair in hand, Chan tries to convince the police detective to evaluate it to the physique. For the reason that Chan is becoming dodgy about his personal identity, the detective refuses to take Chan seriously. He assumes Chan is 1 of these pesky Gen Z YouTubers — you know, the ones often displaying up with bags of hair and asking for DNA tests.

Chan reaches peak aggravation proper as Mi-rim and Yoon-sang stroll into the space, and they overhear him when he blurts out that he believes the physique belongs to his sister. The detective appears to be taking Chan additional seriously now that he claims he’s a family members member, but Chan panics and runs away when he sees Mi-rim and Yoon-sang.

Getting hit a dead finish in each path he’s turned, Chan is understandably down on himself, so when Soo-jae calls him, he goes operating to her like an eager small puppy, hoping for great news. Sadly, with a literal divide in between them, she officially asks him to preserve his distance. She explains her preceding feelings for him have been a error she never ever would have fallen for him if she’d know his accurate identity. She desires to neglect what occurred ten years ago, and she can not place the previous behind her if he’s about as a reminder. Oof!

Soon after she’s appropriately crushed his heart and sent him on his way, we study the truth: she feels guilty due to the fact she intentionally lost his case. Her mother and brothers have been arrested about the time of the trial, and Jin-ki advised her to make a deal with Tae-kook in exchange for their release.

Yoon-sang goes digging into Chan’s case files, and he figures out that Soo-jae threw the trial. And what does he do with this information and facts? Effectively, he begins by inviting perverted professor Joon-myung to be a guest speaker for the duration of Soo-jae’s class — with out Soo-jae’s permission and with his other victim Se-ryung seated in the audience. Negative type, Yoon-sang.

Reunited, the former prosecutor and public defender hash out the particulars of the case in front of the class, and even even though Joon-myung is disgustingly cocky more than his previous win — in spite of Byung-chul’s later confession proving his case against Dong-goo was incorrect — it becomes apparent that Soo-jae really should have leveraged the unidentified finger print located on murder weapon to offer affordable doubt.

This small impromptu classroom dramatization was all portion of Yoon-sang’s program to get Chan to understand that Soo-jae betrayed him ten years ago, and… wow. Just wow. I honestly do not know what to make of this level of pettiness. Like, why would Yoon-sang publicly embarrass Soo-jae — the object of his affection — in the course of action of attempting to finish Chan’s crush on her? A portion of me wonders — hopes — this is some backwards program to shield them by maintaining them apart. For the reason that if this was all accomplished due to the fact he was jealous… ugh.

Want to know what’s even additional messed up? Not only did Jin-ki advise Soo-jae to shed Chan’s case, but he did so even even though he knew Chan was innocent and strongly suspected Tae-kook covered up his daughter’s rape. Yeah, you study that properly, and if you are something like me, you are wearing a WTF expression comparable to the 1 Soo-jae gave Tae-kook when he told her to marry Joo-wan.

Ten years ago, Eun-seo was at a club with mates and her drink was drugged by Joo-wan, Sung-beom’s son HAN DANG-OH (Park Shin-woo), and In-soo’s son LEE SHI-HYUK (Won Hyung-hoon). Soon after she was abducted and raped, she escaped and ran into Na-jung outdoors the nearby comfort shop.

Na-jung gave Eun-seo her function jacket to cover up, but ahead of she could give Eun-seo her cell telephone so she could get in touch with for assist, the second generation Terrible Trio located her. Eun-seo panicked and ran out in front of a automobile, and due to the fact Na-jung saw almost everything, Joo-wan and his despicable pals created her their subsequent victim.

To shield his son, Tae-kook framed Chan for Na-jung’s murder. Chan was released a year later due to the fact a tv documentary was about to shine a light on Chan’s probable innocence, and Tae-kook couldn’t have men and women searching for the truth. So he had Joon-myung coerce Byung-chul into providing a false confession.

Jin-ki and Se-pil justified their ten years of silence by functioning below the belief that revenge was finest served cold — following they had gathered sufficient energy and proof to overthrow Tae-kook and his co-conspirators. Though there is logic to their silence and passive compliance, I’m proper there with Soo-jae in feeling disgusted by them.

Tae-kook is nonetheless unaware that Se-pil and Jin-ki are plotting against him, but following eliminating Byung-chul (prison murder disguised as suicide), he learns that Chan has been going to Byung-chul. Tae-kook is shocked that Chan is Dong-goo, but he appears even additional shocked that he’s nonetheless alive. Purpose becoming: at some point in the previous, Tae-kook had Il-goo run Dong-goo more than with a Truck of Doom.

Wait, what? When did this supposedly come about? Now, appropriate me if I’m incorrect, but I do not don’t forget Chan ever mentioning that he got hit by a truck and was hospitalized for an comprehensive period of time. This all feels a bit unexpected and random. But perhaps he was hit so really hard he had to get reconstructive surgery, and that is how he got the new face?

Sadly, Tae-kook’s attempted murder of Dong-goo will stay a mystery for now due to the fact we jump to Yoon-sang cornering Chan and attempting however once again to drive a wedge in between the eternally faithful Chan, and Soo-jae, the noona everybody desires to date. Yoon-sang does not pull any punches, and — in case Chan missed the point Yoon-sang was attempting to make for the duration of show and inform — he reveals that Soo-jae bartered Chan’s freedom and struck a deal with Tae-kook.

She intentionally lost his trial in order to assist bail her family members out of jail, and as Yoon-sang continues to point out all the approaches a connection in between Chan and Soo-jae wouldn’t function, the camera pans down to his hand exactly where he’s holding his telephone. Soo-jae is listening to each word, and it is quite clear that she believes Yoon-sang is appropriate. She and Chan can’t be with each other due to the fact she abandoned him.

Except… that is not Chan’s take on the predicament, and he claims that he would have accomplished the precise identical factor in her footwear. It does not matter that she betrayed him due to the fact she nonetheless believed he was innocent. That is all he cares about, and he does not care if that tends to make him a foolish gullible idiot.

And so we finish on a good, hopeful message. As cheesy and as unrealistic as it is for Chan to be completely copacetic with the reality that his legal council created an unethical deal and did not honorably represent him in the court of law, I welcome Chan and Soo-jae’s prospective reconciliation. They are additional tolerable with each other than they are apart.

In common, I’m feeling emotionally fatigued following this week’s episodes. I’m not pleased with some of the character improvement and reveals, especially the reality that Soo-jae lost Chan’s trial due to the fact she created a deal with Tae-kook. I would have preferred it if she lost due to incompetence. The loss and subsequent feeling that she failed an innocent individual due to her personal shortcomings really should have been sufficient to initially motivate her to grow to be a far better lawyer, and the (supposed) stillbirth and Joo-wan’s betrayal would have been the catalyst that turned her into a cutthroat lawyer bent on revenge.

Se-pil and Jin-ki have been also disappointing this week. I can not envision what they could or really should have accomplished differently due to the fact Tae-kook is, certainly, a formidable foe who would have totally destroyed them ten years ago. So I fully grasp why they have been biding their time, but you imply to inform me that Se-pil amassed a crap ton of funds and the only factor he and Jin-ki did to atone for their silence was place law college pamphlets in Chan’s mailbox? Rude.

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