News bites: July 11, 2022

July 11, 2022July 11, 2022

News bites: July 11, 2022
by stroopwafel

Ji Chang-wook

KBS is getting also stingy with character stills for their upcoming drama If You Say Your Want, but I’m content even when we’re just obtaining crumbs. In the 1st character nevertheless for Ji Chang-wook (The Sound of Magic), even though he appears intense (and do not feel I missed that peek of a tattoo sleeve), appearances can be deceiving. The drama is set at a hospice and focuses on the individuals who devote their time to fulfilling the final wishes of youngsters and teens in their care. It is quite heavy topic matter, but the show is billed as a healing drama, so it’ll be bittersweet tears a la Chocolate as an alternative of just straight up discomfort. Ji Chang-wook’s character has observed the dark side of life, obtaining grown up in an orphanage, and then spent time in juvenile detention prior to ending up in prison. He lives only for the present, but when he ends up volunteering at the hospice, he rediscovers his will to reside. Co-starring Sooyoung (Move to Heaven) and Sung Dong-il (Ghost Physician), If You Say Your Want will air in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot on KBS this August. [OSEN]

There can in no way be also significantly Fairly in your life, and In the Soop: Friendcation is proof of that. Featuring Park Seo-joon (Itaewon Class), Choi Woo-shik (Our Beloved Summer time), Park Hyung-shik (Happiness), V of BTS and rapper-songwriter Peakboy, the assortment show will stick to the close friends as they recharge and take pleasure in some downtime collectively. The teaser poster provides us the tiniest hint of the place and vibes (seaside in the winter, laid-back) and it sounds like the fantastic show to loosen up-watch. It will premiere on JTBC and Disney+ on July 22. The only poor news? It is only 4 episodes extended. [Sports Kyunghyang]

Filming for the second season of the hit drama Function Later, Drink Now is underway, and we have a cute photo of the reunited principal cast from the 1st day of filming. Our principal players are back for a lot more friendship and romantic adventures: Lee Sun-bin (Group Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation), Han Sun-hwa (Why Her?), Jung Eun-ji (Untouchable), and Choi Siwon (My Fellow Citizens). The 1st season was notable for its realistic (and hilarious) portrayal of the perils of adulting centered about the lives of 3 ideal close friends. Function Later, Drink Now two is scheduled to be released later this year on TVING. [IMBC]

The official show posters are out for Stock Struck (formerly Ants are Burning). Displaying the joy and despair that comes along with investing in the stock industry, it is a quite apt way to get across the drama’s storyline. 5 “ants” (which is the term Korea makes use of for retail investors) join a peculiar gathering especially for tiny-time investors and finish up obtaining life lessons as they try to make sense of the stock industry. Hong Jong-hyun (My Absolute Boyfriend) is generating his post-army comeback right here, and his fellow investors will be played by Han Ji-eun (Undesirable and Crazy), Jung Moon-sung (The Veil), Kim Sun-young (The Silent Sea), and Jang Gwang (Moonshine). Directed by Choi Ji-young (The All-Round Wife) and written by Im Yeon-soo, the drama will air on TVING beginning August 12. [YTN]

TVING appears to have as a lot of dramas in production as there are days in the week (I’m loving it!), and their newest addition to dramaland is Dear X Who Does not Like Me. Adapted from a webtoon and set on a college campus, an aspiring songwriter stumbles across a mysterious notebook complete of lyrics that have the energy to make individuals fall in enjoy. Although the notebook turns her from a wallflower into somebody who has guys declaring their enjoy for her, every single man’s enjoy only lasts a month. All the though, the one particular continuous in her life is her ideal pal (played by NCT’s Doyoung). This sounds like the sort of light romance I would typically enjoy, but the cast is providing me the tiniest bit of pause as it is created up completely of rookies. Female lead Han Ji-hyo (Tomorrow) and costar Doyoung have the most broadcast practical experience, but this will be Doyoung’s 1st acting function. For the other members of the cast — Kwon Ah-reum, Bang Jae-min, Sohn Hyun-woo, and Kim Ji-hoon — the show will be their 1st acting credit. Fortunately we will not have to wait extended to watch and judge for ourselves, as Dear X Who Does not Like Me premieres July 14 on TVING. [KBS]

The newest trailer is out for Alienoid, and I definitely hope this will get a international release like some of the other summer time blockbusters coming out of Korea this year. The film’s story unfolds in 2022 and the final gasps of the Goryeo dynasty, in 1391. In the Goryeo timeline, Taoist wizards chase soon after a highly effective sword, though in the present timeline, aliens wreak havoc soon after landing on Earth. In the midst of all this chaos, a door opens across time and numerous of 2022’s alien warriors land in a incredibly distinctive Korea. Top the Goryeo roster we have Ryu Joon-yeol (Human Disqualification, Kim Tae-ri (Twenty 5, Twenty One particular), Yeom Jung-ah (Cleaning Up), and Jo Woo-jin (Happiness). In the alien-ridden present we have Kim Woo-bin (Our Blues), So Ji-sub (Physician Lawyer), and Honey Lee (One particular the Lady). I nevertheless cannot very think the cast lineup and even though you cannot rely on casting alone to predict a movie’s high-quality, it cannot hurt to have so a lot of wonderful actors in one particular project, proper? Directed and written by Choi Dong-hoon (Assassination, The Thieves), the action-fantasy-sci-fi adventure will be released in two components with Aspect 1 opening on July 20. [Star News]

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