Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 7-8


Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 7-eight

With our favored assassin trapped in a magical mirror with attitude, it is up to her pupil to locate a way back to her. Meanwhile, it is really hard to say what’s much more harmful for our hero: his upcoming duel, or his impending nuptials…



Lore drop time! Lengthy ago, Daeho skilled a drought so intense it dried up Lake Gyeongcheondaeho. When mages carried out a ritual to restore its power, they found an ice stone: one particular that secreted powder utilized to fuel the alchemy of souls. A bloody war for its possession followed, ending in victory for the founder of Songrim. And, his pupil? None other than our resident centenarian Master Lee.

Back in the present, Won’s undertaking dignified, princely points, like pondering about Mu-deok, feeling guilty about Mu-deok, cursing Mu-deok’s ingratitude… To his surprise, when he appears up, the object of his obsession has appeared prior to him. Nevertheless, her seductive manner — and newfound tolerance for cinnamon wine — persuades him that this can not be the graceless maid he knows and longs for. Positive sufficient, when he rejects her, she disappears, leaving behind a crack in a nearby mirror.

Won’s not the only one particular left reeling subsequent to broken glass in the wake of a longed-for visitor. Mirror Mu-deok’s located space in her calendar for Yul, as well. This time, she gets a tiny additional in her attempted seduction, pressing up close — but, recognizing her as inhuman, Yul shoves her back just prior to they can kiss.

Consequently, when Wook arrives to negotiate with JIN HO-GYEONG (Park Eun-hye) on the matter of his missing maid, he’s not the only one particular present to plead Mu-deok’s case with Won and Yul as witnesses, the table’s fairly crowded. Cho-yeon sticks to her guns in labeling Mu-deok a thief. Wook, smelling about fifty dozen rats, asks permission to search for his miscreant employee — in Jinyowon, the family members vault. This is reluctantly arranged, but provided the danger of getting into alone, Yul’s corporation is vital. Won’s corporation, while much less vital, is also secured. Hence, the awkward 3-particular person field trip consisting solely of Mu-deok’s admirers is underway.

Wook’s correct on the revenue: Mu-deok did enter Jinyowon immediately after dodging Cho-yeon’s supervision. But, what’s much more, Jinyowon welcomed her. While the doors only open for these of Jin heritage, they parted at her touch. Watching this, Cho-yeon, immediately after weighing the dangers (pros of rescue, Mu-deok could die cons of rescue, her mother could be mad), had elected to retain shtum and seal the gates. No harm, no foul, as extended as no one particular notices!

At initial, the boys understand tiny other than the truth that Yul, like a reverse homing pigeon, loses all sense of path when panicked. Nevertheless, they quickly uncover the mirror. Alone, Wook listens as it smugly declares all human perception a lie, tempting him with an best vision of himself. Wook, becoming much more a man of action than philosophy, throws a curtain more than the mirror to shut it up.

Huddled sadly on the floor, surrounded by laughing reflections, Mu-deok hears her pupil calling. Solemnly, Wook promises her that if he becomes Gwanju, she’ll be his assistant – something, as extended as she stays. He understands how lost she felt at the news of his marriage. With no her, he feels lost as well. He locations a hand on the mirror. Gradually, from the inverse side, Mu-deok does the very same.

The mirror shakes. Relics rattle, calling, She is right here! The blind girl! The ice stone. Below Mu-deok’s hand, the glass buckles and shatters in a burst of light. And none as well quickly! Just as Ho-gyeong decides she ought to seal the gate for safety’s sake, it opens by itself, revealing Wook — with Mu-deok on his back.

Afterwards, a series of hard conversations are had. Cho-yeon admits shamefacedly to her wrongdoing. A temporarily blinded Mu-deok thanks her cadre of admirers (and also Dang-gu) for their support. Jin and Do-joo squabble more than Ho-gyeong’s selection to close the gate on Wook: confident, it was accomplished out of duty, but, Do-joo fears, by that logic, Jin would sacrifice even her — which he does not deny, even though he admits it would shatter his heart. Meanwhile, Jin and Wook stay estranged. Even as Wook begs for Jin to see him, definitely see him, all Jin can see is his continued recklessness.

Later, Wook, possessing decided to nuke his upcoming nuptials for Mu-deok’s sake, declares bravely to Ho-gyeong that he is not the reputable son of Jang Gang. The death blow to the marriage is dealt when Jin Mu, an illegitimate son himself, approaches Ho-gyeong with an option: why not aim higher, and marry Cho-yeon to Prince Won? Now there’s a pairing.

Meanwhile, Mu-deok’s identity is compromised on two fronts. Yul, immediately after watching her play the bird flute, puts two and two and two collectively: the flute, the soul-shifting, and the mirror observing that he longs for the lady from Danhyanggok, all add up to the irrefutable conclusion that she is Naksu.

Kil-joo has come to a related realization. None as well pleased by Mu’s plans to soul-shift him into the physique of a eunuch, he’s spotted the best chance for blackmail — and a greater physique. Mu-deok is press-ganged by him into taking Wook to an abandoned temple, for causes nefarious.

She just about goes by means of with it, as well. Fortunately, Wook has taken it upon himself to clarify their connection. By clarify, I imply he’s utilized the jade that was going to be his wedding ring to make two egg-shaped charms, symbolizing their undying loyalty as husband and — uh, sorry, master and pupil. This sweet gesture inspires Mu-deok to do the sort point, which, provided it is her, suggests becoming cruel: she tells him she is leaving to rejoin her organization. She admits that she pushed him as well far. He did his very best. But, if they keep collectively, he will die.

Fortunately, Wook’s not one particular to let the prospect of particular death get in between him and his master — for him, that is a frequent Saturday! Also fortunately, it occurs to be raining. Consequently, when Mu-deok returns to Kil-joo alone, turns out, she and Wook concocted a scheme: although she distracts Kil-joo, he’ll turn the raindrops into deadly weapons by means of Tansu.

This functions completely till Kil-joo whips out his Soul Ejector. In a maelstrom of magic, he initiates the alchemy of souls.

The spell can be noticed from as far as Sejukwon. Nevertheless, the light show is much more impressive than helpful, simply because someone’s right here to intercede, and for after it is not our favored assassin. It is the original Mu-deok, seeking far much more understanding than you’d count on of a helpless beggar girl. She pulls Wook close, just prior to his eyes — his personal eyes, in his personal physique — snap open.

… Only to see Mu-deok clutch Kil-joo’s physique in grief, convinced it is him. She rounds on Wook, declaring hopeless vengeance — whereupon Wook realizes just how substantially she cares. It requires a prolonged bout of anguished eye make contact with and a reiteration of the truth that he’s the only one particular permitted to get this close for Mu-deok to think he’s safe… at which point, she hugs him, really hard. And if our ruthless assassin sheds a tear or two, that is in between her and Wook’s shoulder.

Each have forgotten the cardinal rule of soul-shifting: under no circumstances turn your back on a physique. Kil-joo lunges for Wook, and the battle is on. While weak, he catches Mu-deok off guard by revealing that her father was a soul-shifter like her. Stricken, Mu-deok fails to dodge his attack, collapsing to the floor beneath the weight of old childhood trauma and a newfound shoulder wound. Kil-joo retreats, and Wook, at Mu-deok’s urging, offers chase.

Other people, alerted by the spell, search the temple — such as Gwigu. Mu-deok drags herself away by means of the forest. Factors get significant as she’s swept up in one particular of Yul’s attack spells. Thankfully, upon recognizing the now-unconscious maid, Yul scoops her up and requires her to security. But, healing her is not as quick: Yul ought to secretly transfer the wound from her physique to his hand.

Face obscured by a blue scarf, Kil-joo flees towards Cheonbugwan — but, modifications his thoughts. Wook, observing from afar, follows him rather to the palace, exactly where the true Danju ought to reside. Nevertheless, Kil-joo’s stone skin and, nicely, unpleasant watery secretions raise alarm bells for the guards, who spring to attack. He tends to make mincemeat of them.

Now, Wook, whose close to-death scrape has settled his power to the point exactly where his arm is beneath manage, pulls off possibly the coolest move in the series so far. He leaps from a roof, deflects Kil-joo’s sword, snags his scarf, and wraps it about his personal face, all in one particular sophisticated spin. (This will later set a new style trend all through Daeho.) Kil-joo stands no possibility against a second round of Tansu he collapses, stiffening into stone.

Elsewhere, Jin has a misunderstanding to resolve with Do-joo. Factors have been awkward considering that that one particular time he stated he’d let her die if it meant guarding Songrim. What begins as an offer you to let Do-joo slap him ends in Jin cradling her against his chest as he tenderly swears he does not want to hurt her.

Meanwhile, Cho-yeon’s matrimonial woes worsen. In a move displaying wonderful quick-term sensitivity and supreme lack of extended-term foresight, Dang-gu arranged for the Jin betrothal gifts to be redirected to him. Now, Cho-yeon’s close friends are convinced she’s engaged to Dang-gu. Ever chivalrous, Dang-gu confirms the rumor to save Cho-yeon face.

Reunited, Mu-deok and Wook stand by the cliffside from which Mu-deok after jumped. Nonetheless shaken by the revelation about her father, she asks Wook if he’ll take her right here when she dies. Not, Wook decides, on his watch. He knows the true Danju is aspect of the palace. He knows, primarily based on a loose-lipped comment from Kil-joo, that they have the ice stone — and that it can retain Mu-deok alive.

At this, we’re greeted with a glimpse of the true Danju. Who else but QUEEN SEO HA-SUN (Kang Kyung-hun) — master of glittery eyeshadow, and possessor of the world’s very best impassive sneer?

Nonetheless, our heroes stay in the dark. Their very best hope lies in looking the palace — for which Wook ought to turn into a mage of wonderful renown. Fortunately, the extended succession of close to-death conditions into which Mu-deok has pushed him look to have paid off dividends! Hold undertaking that, Wook grins, and keep by my side. Soon after a second, she smirks back. When once again, I place it to you that their like language constitutes almost killing one particular a further on goal.

Two weeks on, Wook’s duel approaches! A loss suggests, at very best, losing his claim as Gwanju — at worst, death. Out of what I can only interpret as an incorrigible flair for drama, Wook and Mu-deok arrive just as the match is about to be declared forfeit. And what an arrival! Wook stands proud and confident. Mu-deok follows at his shoulder, dressed to match him, with a snazzy new hairstyle to boot. They’re armed with a program: jars of water dot the arena, which Mu-deok will spill, enabling Wook to use Tansu. Unbeknown to them, having said that, Mu has created a counter-move.

The fight starts. Wook, heeding Mu-deok’s guidance, stays on the defensive. It is a rough ride, in spite of his enhanced swordsmanship: Won and his magnificently expressive eyebrows spare no mercy. When Mu-deok discovers all the water jars destroyed, she knows that some thing ought to be accomplished. In a match of desperate ingenuity, she slices open her palm, sending a droplet of blood spinning into the arena.

Wook leaps up and slices it with his sword, smacking out a wave of power to instantaneously KO his opponent. As the audience exclaim in awe, the match is declared for him.

Mu recovers swiftly. He accuses Wook of cheating, demanding to know exactly where he discovered Tansu. Wook stays accurate to his oath, saying practically nothing of Mu-deok. Factors appear grave, till a new voice vouches for him: Master Lee. Cleverly, he swears that he witnessed Wook train, with no one but his maid present.

His word is sufficient for the households of Daeho. Each and every one particular delivers Wook the correct to join them — such as Songrim. But Wook, in a thrilling show of fealty, turns publicly to Mu-deok, asking which he ought to choose.

Songrim, she replies. And so, it is settled.

Alchemy of Souls continues to delight me with its sly humor and tightly-plotted dramatics. These episodes have been awash with tantalizing hints of what’s to come. Is the original Mu-deok Cho-yeon’s extended-lost sister? Indicators point to perhaps. Nonetheless, I feel we can go weirder. Could it be some thing about Mu-deok herself — some thing that hyperlinks her to the ice stone — that tends to make magical barriers crumble prior to her? 1 thing’s for particular: I’m seeking forward to our heroes obtaining newer, larger, much more bombastic techniques to trust every single other with their lives!

1 point I like about these episodes: the female characters are genuinely multifaceted. There’s Cho-yeon, who in any other story would have been the one particular-dimensional, bitchy rival: right here, she’s a spoiled but frightened youngster with complicated family members trauma. There’s Do-joo, whose maternal tenderness is far from one particular-note: it is a uncommon point, displayed touchingly for Mu-deok as nicely as Wook, in spite of their shaky commence. There’s Ho-gyeong, whose unswerving duty to her family members renders her believably calculating. And then, there’s Ha-sun, who may possibly nicely be the mastermind behind it all. We’re under no circumstances encouraged to dislike them — just to revel in their complexity. Here’s to obtaining out what they do subsequent!

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