Yumi’s Cells two: Episodes 9-ten

Items hit the fan in a massive way, and let’s just say our heroine and her cells may well by no means be the very same. But possibly that is okay? On the other side of heartbreak lies some thing else totally, and our budding writer’s really hard function and dedication is rewarded.


Exactly where do I start off! This week seriously puts us by means of the wringer, as we see the consequences of the earthquake Bobby felt at Da-eun’s departure from his life. Yumi goes to stop by Bobby on Jeju for Christmas, decorates his trees, buys a cake, and then heads household to discover Da-eun staring forlornly at the trees. Yumi’s radar goes up — as does mine — and for the duration of this complete exchange I was waiting for some thing to be revealed.

Did Bobby attain out to Da-eun right after she left? Did they somehow meet? Did she not go to Busan at all? Did she remain on Jeju? Did they kiss? But no, none of these factors occurred.

So what did occur? Yumi learns that Bobby is leaving his epic property for an apartment closer to function, and ditz that she is, Da-eun wonders tearfully if it is simply because of her confession to him. It appears she didn’t feel her schoolgirl crush would have any effect, but when she sees that it did, she’s shocked. And Yumi is shocked. But I’m not positive if I’m shocked? Really, I do not know what I’m feeling.

Yumi confronts Bobby on the matter, and we when once again see his cells scramble to hide the truth (not a terrific point to see repeated). In attempting to answer her query about Da-eun, even though, Bobby and his superb command of words backfires when he hesitates for as well extended. In that moment, you can hear their connection crumble.

Though I do not pretend that Bobby feeling some thing towards Da-eun is in any way okay, it is not like he was opening the door to it. As soon as his village felt the earthquake and he realized he was vulnerable to her, he created a quite bold move away from the temptation (I imply, it is not like he was moving to be closer to Da-eun, like I suspected at very first). I see this as a superior point, as Bobby took firm action in the ideal path, but Yumi has the opposite reading: that it is an admission of guilt.

We see Yumi’s cells scramble to attempt to forgive Bobby as he tearfully begs her to remain, and Enjoy shreds earlier memos about factors Yumi will not tolerate in a boyfriend in order to make this connection final. But it is not sufficient, and neither is Bobby’s sincerity. Yumi’s cells renounce all her previous requirements except one particular: she will not tolerate a man who’s shaken by yet another lady, even for a second. With that as the remaining normal, Bobby need to be broken up with.

And so, right after creating us fall in enjoy with ideal Bobby who inspired Yumi to pursue her dreams and gave her so a great deal enjoy and self-confidence for one particular year one particular month and 17 days, this is the ending we get? To quote Yumi herself: -_-

Just before Yumi’s fated trip to Jeju, we find out a bit additional about her novel — which is a net novel named “My Enjoy Muse” — and new life as a writer by way of her interactions with the illustrator that she’s closely operating with. He is recognized as Manage Z (Pyo Ji-hoon) and they butt heads like crazy (and, in Yumi’s imagination, really actually).

The complete point is played for colour and comedy, but this drama is of course as well nuanced to leave it at that, and what’s at stake is Manage Z’s criticism of Yumi’s story: the honesty in between the major couple is unrealistic.

At the time, Yumi brags about the honesty and openness in her personal connection, defending her function. But this hurts even prior to the breakup with Bobby, considering that we know how a great deal his cells want to retain Yumi from discovering out particular things… and it stings even worse afterwards.

As anticipated, even though, the breakup becomes fuel for Yumi’s writing profession. Right after Enjoy went berserk and attempted to torch the whole village (that fire-breathing rage mode was precisely what I was feeling as well lol), she was replaced as the prime cell. The writer cell requires the spot, and quickly Yumi’s village is unrecognizable, with a castle for Writer getting erected, Stingy turning into the providing tree, and Style becoming a “fashion terrorist.”

I’m thrilled by Yumi’s good results — we quickly meet her a quick time later as an up-and-coming net novelist who’s gaining recognition by the day — but also, this Bobby chapter has ended so quite speedily that it feels like the door has been slammed shut in our face. Did Bobby just exist for Yumi to get exactly where she is now — additional mature, additional skilled, additional devoted to her writing? Why does he really feel like a mere plot device now, rather of a character we had been beginning to realize?

If Bobby disapparating from the story felt like a shock, I was even additional shocked to have the story turn back to Woong. Gone is the broke extended-haired geek now he’s a sleek and productive game enterprise CEO with a freakin’ 3-piece suit.

As it turns out, fate is at function. Manage Z has gained recognition simply because of the good results of Yumi’s net novel and his subsequent contract? To draw characters for Bow-wow Time two! Manage Z becomes the hyperlink that lets Yumi and Woong’s worlds connect once again — very first understanding of each and every other’s good results, and then meeting once again, with Woong’s heart all aflutter, and 40 kilos of lingering feelings in his metaphorical trunk lol.

So… is this exactly where we’re going, Show? Is this why we by no means seriously got to know Bobby, and why we blasted by means of that connection at a breakneck speed? Is this why it appears like the show will certainly only have two seasons? Due to the fact the ending was about Yumi and Woong discovering their way back to each and every other?

They had me by means of the Bobby breakup, and Yumi devoting her power to her writing. I loved seeing her adjust and develop as a consequence of the factors she went by means of, and the peek we get into her life as a writer is just what I didn’t know I wanted. Why can not we linger there? For a second, it felt as if the drama may well land on the sentiment from season 1 about Yumi getting the heroine of her life, not reliant on a hero. Does she seriously need to have a fated enjoy connection to make our journey with her worthwhile?

As if juggling this course correction wasn’t sufficient to deal with, as our episodes close this week we find out that Bobby is back from Jeju and operating in Seoul once again. I sincerely do not want the final two weeks of our drama to be about these two guys attempting to win her heart back. I could choose up any K-drama and get that. I want this story to be about Yumi — who she is, and who she is becoming. But prior to I turn into the rage cell myself at the believed that we will not get that, I’ll withhold judgment on the drama’s new trajectory till we know exactly where we land.

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