Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 3-4


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes three-four

There are ups and downs this week, and faced with the reality of her scenario, our heroine stumbles. But she’s not 1 to remain on the ground for lengthy, specially with the assistance method about her who are usually there to support her uncover her footing.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

As Young-woo settles into factors at function, additional situations are assigned to her. And the initial case of the week is a tragic 1 exactly where a set of parents witness their younger son allegedly beating his older brother to death. The defendant, who is charged with bodily harm, is also on the spectrum – though he’s on the additional serious finish of it – and that is 1 of the causes Myeong-seok desires Young-woo on the case.

On questioning the defendant about the incident, he gets riled up and they cannot get by way of to him, so Young-woo borrows a web page from her dad’s playbook. As a youngster, the only way her dad could properly communicate with her was by utilizing legal terms because she was really interested in the law. And because the defendant is the most significant Pengsoo fanboy, Young-woo figures that is the greatest way to attain him.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4 Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

Along with Myeong-seok and Su-yeon, Young-woo offers a hilariously committed efficiency of the Pengsoo soundtrack at their subsequent meeting with the defendant. And when he loved the efficiency, he gets riled up once more when asked about the incident. But Young-woo suspects that the victim may have essentially attempted suicide and what the parents witnessed was the defendant attempting to save his brother and not assault him.

When Young-woo and Jun-ho set off to uncover proof to assistance her claim, they run into an old classmate of Jun-ho’s, and we study he volunteers at an organization for persons with unique desires. It is most likely why he’s so all-natural in his interactions with Young-woo it is nearly as smooth as the unintentional waltz they dance, initial exiting the revolving doors final week, and now looking for proof in the victim’s bedroom.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

Young-woo and Jun-ho uncover proof to prove the victim’s death was a suicide, but the parents vehemently refuse to acknowledge it. Apparently, they’d rather throw their innocent younger son below the bus than acknowledge that their older son killed himself mainly because he was stressed out from the pressures of health-related college. And because the parents have properly placed their younger son in the crosshairs, netizens have a field day firing off at him, and other autistic persons by extension. Sigh!

Even at court, the prosecutor brings up Young-woo’s autism in an try to discredit her as obtaining a type of bias to the defendant because they’re each on the spectrum. Thanks to that, even when Young-woo figures out how they can get the defendant off the hook, his father nevertheless desires her off the case. And Young-woo sadly agrees that it is for the greatest if she measures down from the case.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

But when she feels negative about it, Myeong-seok feels even worse and measures away from the case in solidarity. Yet another lawyer at the firm carries on with the proceedings, and the defendant gets off with a probation. But the feeling of inadequacy washes more than Young-woo, and she decides to resign.

Although I didn’t anticipate Young-woo to quit this early, I can comprehend why she did. She is quite considerably adjusted to her life as a person with autism, but this case reemphasizes to her the weight of the disability she and other persons on the spectrum bear. The weight, at this point, is nearly as well crushing thinking of how considerably she loves the law, and how the prejudice against her prevented her from serving as an lawyer on this case.

So far, apart from the initial eyebrows raised by some of our significant characters, they haven’t treated Young-woo any differently, and it is quick to assume that absolutely everyone on the spectrum is in a related scenario. But I like that with this case, the drama showed us a distinct shade of the spectrum to remind us that not absolutely everyone gets as considerably consideration as Young-woo does, and neither are they all geniuses and as independent as she is.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

Despite the fact that Young-woo has now resigned, she’s nevertheless not free of charge from legal troubles, as the father of her greatest buddy, DONG GEU-RA-MI (Joo Hyun-young), is about to go into debt thanks to his conniving elder brothers. Following receiving compensation on land left to him by their father, his brothers deceived him into signing away the lion’s share of the revenue to them and left him to spend the inheritance tax all by himself – which is even additional than the quantity of revenue he got.

Young-woo gives to introduce her to an additional lawyer because she’s at present not practicing. But initial, they want to get the present contract Geu-ra-mi’s father signed for reference, so Young-woo, her dad, and Geu-ra-mi take a road trip to the countryside exactly where Geu-ra-mi’s parents reside. On the trip, we study that Young-woo and Geu-ra-mi became good friends in higher college following Geu-ra-mi stood up for Young-woo who was becoming bullied.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

To deal with the case, Young-woo sends her buddy to Myeong-seok, and then to Jun-ho when Geu-ra-mi does not see Myeong-seok in the workplace. Young-woo describes Jun-ho as tall and excellent-seeking, but Geu-ra-mi briefly errors him for Min-woo who she thinks is the excellent-seeking 1. Heh.

When Myeong-seok returns, he refuses to take the case mainly because the opportunity of winning is low, but it is genuinely just a ploy to get Young-woo back in the workplace. And it performs mainly because Young-woo temporarily returns to take up the case! And when Jun-ho is so really delighted about her return, Min-woo is not pleased and he requires it up with Myeong-seok, mainly because he feels she’s becoming offered unique remedy. But Myeong-seok defends Young-woo and tells Min-woo to study from her tenaciousness.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

The elder brothers deny deceiving Geu-ra-mi’s father in court, and the judge desires proof to prove the contract was signed primarily based on their deceit. Her mother remembers that a neighbor was about when the brothers brought the contract to Geu-ra-mi’s father, and they drive back to the countryside to ask if he overheard the conversation in between the brothers. Fortunately, the neighbor just so occurred to be “retying his shoelaces” on the terrace and managed to listen in on the conversation. Lol.

Geu-ra-mi chooses to commit the evening with her parents as an alternative of returning to Seoul with Young-woo and Jun-ho in order to give them some “privacy.” And as they take in the sunset on a nearby beach, Jun-ho (who has been feeling negative about his old classmate mistaking Young-woo as 1 of the persons he volunteers for) asks why Young-woo resigned.

She replies that when she’s functioning as lawyer Woo Young-woo, it feels as if she’s just autistic Woo Young-woo in people’s eyes, and they’ll shed if she’s on their side. But Jun-ho tells her that he desires a lawyer like her on his side, and she’s touched.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

Regrettably, the conniving elder brothers purchase off the neighbor and at the subsequent court look, he denies hearing the conversation. With no other proof, Young-woo comes up with the really vibrant concept of Geu-ra-mi and her father provoking the elder brothers to the point of receiving assaulted. As a outcome, they’re capable to cancel the present contract below a provision of the civil law that states that when the recipient commits a crime against the giver or his quick loved ones, the giver can cancel the present contract.

And because there’s no proof that the fight was incited, the judge approves the request and the contract is cancelled. Ha! The conniving elder brothers are not the only ones who can do away with proof. Myeong-seok compliments Young-woo on her resourcefulness, and Min-woo (who is also present in court) appears to lastly comprehend why Myeong-seok told him he could study from Young-woo.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4 Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

Following the contract is cancelled, the brothers come to apologize to Geu-ra-mi’s father who proves that he’s a much better particular person than I am by forgiving them and agreeing to equally share the revenue with them. And with a thriving resolution to the case, a delighted Young-woo officially returns to Hanbada. Yaaay!

Young-woo should have been feeling quite bummed out about her resignation, and I’m so glad she’s back. Jun-ho’s words on the beach should have reassured her that in spite of her autism, she’s a useful lawyer to her clientele, and combined with her subsequent win in Geu-ra-mi’s father’s case, I feel she required that validation.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4 Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

Jun-ho has been quite intentional towards Young-woo, from tiny factors like holding the elevator door for her, to becoming her whale discussion buddy, and the greatest component about it is that his actions are sincere and not out of pity. It is the identical for other characters like Myeong-seok, who respects and stands up for Young-woo’s skilled skills, and CEO Han who saw her possible and insisted she reapply to Hanbada following HR rejected her initial application.

And I feel that when Young-woo’s character is genuinely lovable on her personal, it is also the patience and thoughtfulness of the other characters towards her that blends effectively with her charm to give us this warm-hearted and enjoyable drama.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 3-4

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