Documentary Review: Soup and Ideology (2021) by Yang Yong-hi

Continuing the exploration of her life as a Zainichi Korean, Yang Yong-hi presents the third portion of a trilogy that started with “Dear Pyongyang” and continued with “Sona, the Other Myself”, with “Soup and Ideology” focusing on her mother and a history of hers she revealed right after having therapy for an aneurysm.&nbsp

&#8220Soup and Ideology&#8221 is screening as portion of Women Direct. Korean Indies! – Korean Women Independent Film Series at the Hong Kong Arts Centre

The events narrated, which is truly how the film starts, concentrate on her memories of the Jeju four.three uprising, which she knowledgeable when she was 18-years-old, among 1948 and 1949, and was the major purpose she had to leave Korea for Japan after and for all. Right after this very first scene, even though, Yang requires a step back and goes back to a time prior to 2009, the year her father died, in order to share some memories of him and her mother with each other, with his will for her to get married but take no Japanese or American husband emerging as the most hilarious, but also indicative of his mentality element.&nbsp

A short history of the Zainichi Koreans in Japan is followed by her shattering household story, and especially the approaches her brother, Kono, was forced to reside for North Korea, in a series of events that led to him suffering from bipolar disorder and at some point dying. The look of the director’s boyfriend, truly a Japanese man named Kaoru Arai, brings a breath of cheerful air in the film, in particular by way of the way he promptly hits it off with her mother, ending up taking care of her as if she was his personal. The scenes exactly where he tells the men and women who want to invite her to a demonstration of a funeral off and the ones he is cooking for her are the most indicative, though the truth that there is generally laughter when the 3 of them are sitting with each other, emerges as the most entertaining aspect of the film.&nbsp

Quickly, nevertheless, her mother becomes sick, with the couple, who reside in Tokyo, obtaining to go to her every single month in Osaka, which at some point brings us to the story presented in the very first scene of the film. The going to of the members of the four.three Study Institute sheds a bit much more light to the mother’s back story, though Yang and her fiance at some point choose to take her mother to Jeju. The presentation of the events following the Second Planet War are then presented in animation, along with the mother’s story, which brings us to the documentary’s finale.&nbsp

Yang Yong-hi’s work focuses on assisting men and women have an understanding of each and every other, and it is this aim the entire narrative moves towards, as it explores the lives of the Zainichi Koreans by way of the story of her mother. The “universal” aspect of the film performs very nicely, benefitting the most by the directorial strategy, and especially the editing, which connects the quite a few various kinds of footage (animation, interviews, dwelling video scenes, archival components and so on) in a way that final results in a really attractive story. At the similar time, even though, at moments, the film appears also private (as in the extended boyfriend scenes), primarily functioning as a dwelling video, in an concern that also extends the film to just about two hours, a duration that is absolutely also lengthy for a documentary.&nbsp

This, nevertheless, is the only concern with “Soup and Ideology” which emerges as a rather exciting film, especially in the way a private story is implemented to speak about historic trauma, identity, and the idea of Zainichi Koreans in basic.&nbsp



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