Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 9-10


Hyperlink: Consume, Appreciate, Kill: Episodes 9-ten

There’s progress on several fronts this week as our couple requires a step closer to every single other and a lot more clues to their previous are revealed. The reunited classmates all have their personal factors to seek out the truth, even if the answers could contact into query every thing they believed they knew.


Just after the impromptu reunion, Jin-geun’s words shake up everybody. Gye-hoon can not quit considering about how Jin-geun stated Gye-young was hurt that day prior to she was taken, and Da-hyun is bothered by Jin-geun’s implication that she was there that day, also.

Won-tak is bothered by Jin-geun’s suggestion that his father is innocent, even though Won-tak is determined to place the previous behind him. When he passes his father in the street, Won-tak walks by without the need of a word. He also warns Gye-hoon that he does not intend to be friendly with him, even even though they utilized to be most effective buddies. He appears to resent Gye-hoon for his part in Won-tak’s (or Han Se-jin, at the time) father’s fate.

Meanwhile, Gye-hoon learns that Jin-geun was telling the truth – Gye-young did hurt her leg that day. He visits Eui-chan who blames himself for not providing Gye-young a ride following seeing she was hurt.

Even though Gye-hoon tries to figure out what occurred to his sister, Da-hyun begins to regain hazy memories involving a red gate in an alley. Ever considering the fact that she was a kid, she’s had this recurring nightmare involving the gate. Her grandmother would normally comfort her and inform her, “Don’t turn around” she ought to normally move forward. Now, Da-hyun decides to be proactive and see if she can uncover the gate. She sees a single that is equivalent, but it is not red. (Did she neglect about paint?)

As they every single attempt to uncover the truth in their personal methods, Gye-hoon and Da-hyun’s feelings are in complete swing. They have some moments exactly where they nearly take a step forward, but they by no means do. That is, till Gye-hoon opens up in a uncommon show of emotional honesty.

He shares that he came back to Jihwa to uncover his father. Ooh, yet another mystery. Ever considering the fact that Gye-young went missing, his father devoted his life to discovering her. I had assumed his parents had been divorced considering the fact that his father was by no means about, but his father in fact just spent all his time chasing down leads, leaving Gye-hoon to take care of his mother alone.

Final he saw him, Gye-hoon begged his father in tears to come house due to the fact he and his mom required him. But that wasn’t sufficient, and his father left, regardless of Gye-hoon’s threats by no means to speak to him once more.

Not too long ago, Gye-hoon got a contact from the police who discovered his father’s wallet in Jihwa. Gye-hoon hadn’t been capable to get in touch and now assumes the worst due to the fact there’s no way his father would go off the grid when they’ve currently had a single family members member disappear.

Poor Gye-hoon has had to shoulder so considerably alone, primarily single-handedly raising himself and maintaining his family members with each other. It is sad to see that his parents had been so obsessed with discovering a single youngster that they neglected the other. No wonder he’s afraid to bring everyone else into the mix.

Gye-hoon tells Da-hyun he does not have the courage to be pleased. She leaves, unable to get him out of her thoughts. And then, she has a flash of a hazy image and burst of emotion. Oooh, is she feeling the hyperlink now also?! She rushes back more than to the restaurant exactly where she finds Gye-hoon in tears.

When he sees her, he rushes to her and kisses her. Lastly! They’re adorably awkward following the kiss. He apologizes. She assures him he shouldn’t be sorry in reality, he did a excellent job. HA. Generating matters worse, Jin-hoon walks in and they all stare awkwardly. Then, he just turns and walks back out.

The subsequent day, Da-hyun is giddy. But she deflates when Gye-hoon treats her as usual and appears like he’s going to pretend practically nothing occurred. Fortunately, they speak it out, and he admits he does have feelings for her. He says he’ll most likely want to run from time to time, but he promises to attempt. And he does. It is so good to see him smiling and taking infant measures toward happiness.

Gye-hoon is prepared to inform individuals they’re dating, but Da-hyun warns him that they have to hold it from her mom for now. Bok-hee has produced it abundantly clear that she does not want Da-hyun dating or having also close to Gye-hoon. Her argument that it is due to the fact he’s arrogant is not convincing.

In the midst of Gye-hoon and Da-hyun’s new couple bliss, Jin-geun hangs more than them like a shadow. One particular evening, Gye-hoon talks to him on the telephone. Jin-geun takes place across a person in the alley whilst they speak, and he appears oddly afraid. The man tells him to ask Gye-hoon how his father is carrying out. (I’m guessing this shady man is the culprit.) Just after that contact, Jin-geun goes into hiding.

It requires some convincing, but Gye-hoon enlists Won-tak’s assistance in attempting to figure out the truth behind who seriously took Gye-young. They go to a single of the cops from the case, and he shares that he does not think Eui-chan is the culprit.

Back then, they discovered out that Eui-chan was secretly functioning at a bar to make ends meet and the blood on his garments was most likely from a fight with a client. Also, the witness who stated he saw Gye-young get into Eui-chan’s automobile was pressured to say that by Chief Seo who is determined (nevertheless) that Eui-chan did it.

Won-tak is horrified to recognize that his dad may possibly be innocent, feeling guilty for how he disowned his father who must’ve been going by means of hell. He’s out for Chief Seo’s blood, but Gye-hoon manages to speak him down for now. He reminds Won-tak that he can nevertheless apologize to his father and make issues suitable.

Elsewhere, Da-hyun deliberates more than sending Jin-geun a message, accidentally pressing send and promptly tries to delete it. But it is also late – he saw it and finds her alone in the library. He’s terrifyingly irate that she’s attempting to assistance Gye-hoon uncover out the truth but comforts himself by saying they can by no means be with each other. She’ll find out why quickly sufficient. He does not say considerably a lot more than that, but he does mention a red gate, confirming Da-hyun’s fears that she was there that evening.

Da-hyun ends up telling Gye-hoon the truth that she might’ve witnessed some thing and could’ve been the final individual to see Gye-young. We finish on an image of a gate… that is no longer red. So yeah, it was painted.

With this odd neighborhood, nearly everyone could be the culprit. I just wonder who had such a hold more than Jin-geun who by no means has shown any worry prior to. He was oddly respectful and nervous about the man.

At least we’ve confirmed that, whilst Won-tak could be troubled, he’s most likely not a person to be worried about. I’m glad he’s beginning to assistance and hopefully let go of some of his anger. I was shocked he told Min-jo without the need of prompting that he was classmates with the other Jihwa little ones – I guess he’s no longer hiding his identity.

And then there’s the hyperlink which Da-hyun appears to be feeling now also. I discovered it odd that it was a single-way, but if it really is two-way, why did it take her so considerably longer to really feel it? It appears to coincide with her memory returning, so I’m guessing it is but yet another piece of the puzzle of that evening.

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