Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 3-4


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes three-four

This week, we find out how our motley crew of shamanism frauds came collectively, and we also witness our generally really serious detective finding all tangled up in her difficult feelings for a specific profiler-turned-shaman.


We continue suitable exactly where we left off final week. Though Jae-hui breaks into the cafe, the Minamdang crew sets up a trap for Inspector Jung Cheong-gi with the support of hotel CEO Lee Min-gyeong. In a secret meeting, Min-gyeong asks Inspector Jung to hand more than his telephone so Hye-jun can hack into the telephone and track his communications.

Back at the cafe, Jae-hui barely gets away from getting caught, head-butting Han-jun and wounding his forehead. Poor Han-jun woke up briefly only to when once more be KO’d by his sister’s smelly feet.

The subsequent day, rookie detective Na visits Cafe Minamdang for a consultation with the infamous shaman. Stalker Jae-hui insists on joining him, but she begins off her take a look at with a series of embarrassments soon after she thinks Han-jun is heading her way, only to understand he just desires to admire himself in the mirror.

Then she gets pushed onto Han-jun, caught in his arms (comprehensive with romantic leg lifted up), but then subsequently dropped to fall on the floor. Ouch, the secondhand embarrassment is true.

Nonetheless, through the consultation, Jae-hui calls Han-jun out on the bullcrap he’s spewing, asking him how he even ended up getting a “shaman.”

This reminds Han-jun of Minamdang’s beginnings soon after he got out of prison two years ago. Following his sister picks him up, they head straight to Su-cheol’s private investigation agency — except it appears much less like an workplace and much more of a dumpster complete of shaman artifacts.

They get into a tearful reunion just as a consumer comes in ahead of promptly turning about to leave due to the fact of all the statues and shamanism tools. Han-jun captures her focus soon after claiming she’s right here to locate her runaway son. To the consumer, it appears he’s the true deal, but in truth, Han-jun merely overheard her speaking about her dilemma on the telephone.

Impressed with Han-jun’s so-known as “abilities,” the consumer promises to spend any quantity they ask for. Blinded by the prospect of simple dollars, Han-jun promptly puts on his act.

Making use of the now familiar tactic with Han-jun as the mastermind, Hye-jun as the hacker, and Su-cheol as the brawn, they rescue their initially customer’s son from college bullies and loan sharks. Right here they also meet Na-dan, who insists on joining them.

Seeing the accomplishment of their initially case, Han-jun suggests they pose as shamans in order to draw out Gopuri, a.k.a. the true murderer of Prosecutor Han Jae-jeong. 1 of the only clues they have about the culprit is how he was holding a gopuri knot (i.e. a knotted cloth employed to comfort the dead) when Jae-jeong died, top them to assume the culprit is either into shamanism or a shaman himself.

Every person is on board — even if Hye-jun enumerates a lot of demands that Han-jun grudgingly agrees to — but Hye-jun reminds her brother that their mother, a Catholic deaconess, would protest with his selected occupation. So he proposes to hide their shaman business enterprise behind the facade of a cafe, the name of which is aptly thrown collectively by means of a misunderstanding — and some handy wordplay about their excellent appears. Therefore, the birth of Cafe Minamdang.

Back to the present, Jae-hui continues to ask Han-jun so numerous concerns, it is as if she’s interrogating him. Han-jun tells her she is not certified to be a detective for getting so blinded by her prejudices. Undeterred, she straight-up accuses him of getting the cause why her brother was murdered, asking him if he’s sorry at all.

In a uncommon moment of honesty, Han-jun admits: “I often am. I’m wracked by guilt each evening. But I never ever produced a mistake… I would apologize and inform the loved ones it was my fault.” Nevertheless, Jae-hui is not happy and promises him she’ll arrest him if he gets out of line.

The subsequent day, the Minamdang crew follows Inspector Jung to his meeting with the vice chairman. When they arrive, Han-jun and Su-cheol prepare to confront the inspector, but they promptly understand they brought the incorrect bag of gear, thanks to Na-dan who believed they have been really going to be exorcizing — this kid is as well naive, but adorably so. He can get away with something with that charming smile.

Nevertheless, all they have now are shaman tools and robes when they need to have actual weapons. Caught by the vice chairman’s goons, what else can they do but Operation Beethoven? Also recognized as throwing Su-cheol to the wolves and cheering him on from the security of the car or truck! Sorry, Su-cheol, but you fought them off properly.

Ultimately, Han-jun and Su-cheol comply with the vice chairman’s goons to the pit exactly where they’re arranging to bury Inspector Jung alive — how crazy are these individuals?! Excellent issue the Minamdang duo, now dressed up as ghosts, arrive just in time to make weird haunting noises to confuse the goons and proceed to knock them out with gongs and bells. It is really bedlam!

Interrogating Inspector Jung (for the Nth time), they practically get a heart attack soon after a masked Na-dan arrives to warn them that the police have arrived. It is so funny how significantly of a scaredy cat Han-jun and Su-cheol are when they supposedly deal with ghosts and the supernatural globe.

The aforementioned police are really Jae-hui and Prosecutor Cha Do-won, who have been tailing them from the commence. Jae-hui desires to go in, but Do-won tells her he’ll get a warrant initially, so they cannot use it against her once more. Sensible considering, but honestly each time I see Do-won, I just assume he’s as well good, and I do not definitely have a excellent feeling about these as well-good guys in these kinds of dramas. Please do not be a negative guy, Do-won.

Upon getting the warrant, Jae-hui and Do-won arrive to witness Han-jun and Su-cheol in complete shaman garb conducting an “exorcism” (a.k.a. some random crazy-hunting dance) of evil ghosts (a.k.a. Na-dan and Hye-jun attempting to hold a tied up Inspector Jung quiet). Honestly, I cannot think Seo In-gook somehow pulled off that vibrant and poofy outfit. Then once more, he is Seo In-gook.

Jae-hui does not think them a single bit. But the vice chairman’s goons corroborate the exorcism story — due to the fact for them, they did get “haunted” by “ghosts” who are funnily adequate also the ones exorcizing mentioned ghosts.

Elsewhere on the estate, Vice Chairman Shin is hallucinating and operating away from his victim’s ghost (who was just definitely just Na-dan and Hye-jun in disguise). He ends up getting arrested with the proof discovered on his particular person. The Minamdang crew also encourages the goons to surrender to allegedly dispel the evil spirits lingering about them, which they readily do, lol.

From afar, Inspector Jung watches them get handcuffed, prompting him to support Han-jun. He calls his boss, a former superintendent turned director of a building enterprise, who allegedly ordered him to tamper with the proof of the Choi Yeong-seop case.

Han-jun, Su-cheol, and Inspector Jung go to the superintendent’s residence, but gasp! He just went into shock and died on arrival. Following investigating, Han-jun concludes that the caffeine-allergic superintendent was murdered with caffeine overdose.

Fearing for his life, Inspector Jung asks Han-jun about his guarantee to support him get away on a ship. Han-jun does make excellent on his guarantee — except the ship he was speaking about was the swinging pirate ship in an amusement park. The Minamdang crew ties him on the swinging ship and dances away, leaving him for the police to locate. The gang is so hilariously petty! LOL.

When he figures out that Gopuri is almost certainly close to the superintendent, Han-jun asks CEO Lee to appear into Choekang Constructions. She promises to do so, but just ahead of he leaves, CEO Lee insists he verify the briefcase containing his payment charge. Inside, he finds a prenuptial agreement, when CEO Lee kneels in front of him to ask him to marry her. Haha, everyone’s just so in like with him.

Han-jun and Su-cheol bring the dollars-filled briefcase to the hospital and give it to the hit-and-run victim’s wife. They advise her to use it for the hospital costs and her children’s college tuition and not to accept settlement from the vice chairman. Aww, our crew definitely are excellent individuals at their core.

That evening, Jae-hui is on a further stake out at Minamdang, but gets caught by Han-jun, who she punches in surprise. How numerous occasions has she currently assaulted him, poor guy. Also, I know he jokes about it, but what she’s undertaking is definitely stalking… and I do not assume I’m as well comfy with how it is continuing. I hope it stops quickly. Possibly just cooperate?

Effectively, Jae-hui does apologize for the punch (not so significantly the stalking), but she promptly brings up what she definitely wanted to go over: why did Han-jun absolutely free then support arrest the vice chairman? Han-jun merely says it was all in service of his VVIP client.

They continue bickering like an old married couple — or perhaps a pair of kindergartners who do not know how to deal with crushes — till Han-jun warns her not to fall in like with him. To his (and the eavesdropping Su-cheol’s) surprise, Jae-hui says, “Stop generating me do that then!”

At dwelling, Jae-hui is so frustrated about how she was misunderstood – she’s not in like! But he’s good! But he’s also a nutcase! We get it, girl, you are just in denial. Jae-hui’s not depicted as as well ghost-like this week, displaying a much more childish vibe specifically about Han-jun, and I’m enjoying seeing a new side to her character.

Providing themselves a day off, the Minamdang crew enjoys some BBQ, even if the cafe’s sales are decrease than usual. Just as Han-jun pouts about getting it but nevertheless missing it (it getting a new wristwatch, not the culprit), he gets a contact from a further VVIP client about ghosts in her kitchen. Han-jun decides to accept the case to get paid.

The Minamdang crew rapidly figures out that the ghosts are just youngsters looting for meals and traces them into the sewer. Su-cheol does catch a single of the youngsters, but he regrettably gets mistaken for a kidnapper, so Jae-hui gets known as to arrest him.

Claiming there’s a further kid in the sewers, Han-jun suggests the police really should verify. But Jae-hui insists he really should come with her, even bringing out protective gear. Ever the clean freak, Han-jun tries to get out of it, complaining all the way. He’s only forced to go due to the fact Jae-hui threatens to arrest him for the hidden camera in his glasses, which is, you know, illegal.

They do locate the other kid, but not just that. Han-jun discovers a trail of gopuri knots top to… a dead physique?! It is the similar M.O. as Jae-jeong’s murder, and as the episode closes, Han-jun and Jae-hui understand that the culprit they’ve been hunting for is when once more on the hunt for victims.

This week didn’t have as numerous comedic moments as the final, because it felt like all the setup we missed in the initially episodes was pushed to this week. That is not necessarily a negative issue, but the pacing got a tiny off-kilter. I’m hoping subsequent week’s episodes will get us closer to the Gopuri case and the truth behind it all.

As often, Seo In-gook performs his part so brilliantly. He goes from comically animated to straight-faced and really serious in half a second — so significantly that it is in some cases jarring — but he’s definitely the a single who keeps me hooked.

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